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how to turn a guy on

Question Posted Saturday August 20 2005, 8:40 am

What are some things that turn on a guy whenever a girl does something?
[Example: Biting ear, kissing neck?]

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PyschoDiva answered Sunday August 12 2012, 11:45 pm:
One of the major ways is to ask your guy what his turn ons are. Cuddling is a nice way to turn a man on if done a certain way. Spooning is another way if you both are into it. Making out is one of the sexiest ways to turn a guy on especially if you are on his lap you can feel rises out of him in more ways than one.

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sweetjeans24 answered Sunday September 4 2011, 3:36 pm:
Tease him! Start kissing his lips and use tongue. Swirl your tongue in all different ways; 8's, abc's, shapes, etc. Push your body into his. Make sure you're sitting on his lap and your legs around his waist. Tug his hair a bit while playing with it and begin kissing and biting down his jawline. Rub his back and sides and chest under his shirt and then take it off. Kiss his collar bone and rub his inner thighs really hard and don't touch his area. Then rub your hands up his body and kiss his chest. Kiss down his body to wear his boxers start and go to undo his pants but just move back up while still kissing and he'll end up moving your hand. Drives. Guys. Wild.

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cynthiaa621 answered Wednesday October 27 2010, 7:32 pm:
im youngg, si only have little experience in turning a guy on. but one thing ive noticed is that being on top, leaning in for a kiss butnot going through with it ALWAYS turns on a guy. all you have to do is lean in for the kiss, touch his lips, but DONT kiss him. &just before his about to kiss you, move back. it always leave them wanting you that much more. when hes on top with his shirt still on, put your hands on his hips and slowly rub him from hips to chest. move back down to his hips and slowly move his shirt up then bac down. go down to his pants zipper and first unbotton his pants. stop for abit &then slowly pull down his zipper, but dont do anything. it makes the guy crazy that you wont go any farther. hope i helped in the fore-play part. :)

[ cynthiaa621's advice column | Ask cynthiaa621 A Question

LeseRi answered Wednesday June 30 2010, 2:46 pm:
What turns my boyfriend on when we make out is when I straddle his waist, that really gets him going. He also likes it when I run my hands under his shirt and up to his chest. Also when hes on top of me I lift his shirt and lightly brush my fingertips up and down his sides, that gives him the chills real bad, its kinda funny. My guy also likes it when i kiss his neck and then lick him. PLUS you should tickle them, my boyfriend is ticklish on his hip bone

[ LeseRi's advice column | Ask LeseRi A Question

Mikami100 answered Saturday December 27 2008, 1:50 am:
Well what turns on my fieonce is when I take him to my room or were in his room and were on the bed and I make him lay down ,sit on him were he likes it and kiss his lips for a little bit then French kiss him non stop until you can feel him get hard. And then unzip his pants and play with his dick a.k.a. jack him off and go from there . Or play a game with him which I made for my fieonce, were you see who can lick most parts of the other persons body and who ever as the most points wins or until someone gives up. And the loser as to do what ever the winer wants and I mean what ever.

[ Mikami100's advice column | Ask Mikami100 A Question

abayabay21296 answered Tuesday November 25 2008, 11:08 am:
of course lip bitin neck suckin ear nibblin and things like that but if you wantin 2 go far enuff as sex get in the reverse cowgirl position and males reproductive glands are connected to his feet (ever heard of toe curling sex?) touch his feet a little it will with out doubt turn him on. when your around him and you wanna just play around wear a low cut shirt and a push up bra but give him a lil bit to look at(it doesnt hurt anything) and get a sucker and lick it untill he is mesmerized and he wont wanna look away also wear a sexy perfume like virctorias secret love spell or somethin like that and if you relly want to get him turned on if he has a pic fone steal it and go to the bathroom and take some naughty pics (he may worry that youre gonna go through his phone re-asure him you wont you just wanna have some fun)but dont tell him wat you're doin give him some hints though. Also men love it when you send them some relly dirty text messages like how many rounds 2nite babe or just tell him you're underwear and how you want him to take them off. Dont do all of the work either make him give you somethin back. Ask him really dirty questions like were in the bathtub together what are you gonna do or guess my bra size (my bf loved that) also practice in the mirror some really devilish dirty naughty looks to get him stunned and he wont wanna look away. also stradle him when you're makin out and of course wear a v neck shirt or a button down and everytime you get really excited take his hands and make him un-button one of the buttons once the shirts off pull away and guide him some were else (btw if it goes really far you mite be lookin for ur clothes for a while). They also love if you get seriosuly playful like moanin a lil bit in his ear and if you can moan really good you will give him major goosebumps. Ask him questions like if i made a line with my tounge from youre neck down untill your middle section would you like that? Make him tell you what else and "take notes" just remember what he says and try different things when you're around him you'll kno what turns him on. I hope i could help!!!!

[ abayabay21296's advice column | Ask abayabay21296 A Question

ArroganceofLife answered Wednesday September 3 2008, 5:50 pm:
Well, I'm a girl but what I do to get a guy turned on is I'll sit on his lap and then I would put my arms around his neck and begin to kiss slowly and softly and then as our kissing become more intense ill move to his ear and I'll nibble on it a bit and then I'll stop for a second and move to gently sucking and kissing him on his neck. But before I do all that I make sure there is a glass of ice next to the seat and you'll see why now.
Then while I kiss him on his neck I pull off his shirt and then I reach for a piece of ice and I put it in my mouth as I slowly run it down his chest as I kiss him every where and I slowly move over his nipples. It gives him chills.. he he so yeah anyone can give it a try...

[ ArroganceofLife's advice column | Ask ArroganceofLife A Question

jayhood answered Wednesday May 14 2008, 2:40 am:
yo wut turns me on is wen a girl (my gf) rubs my back or chest wit her finger nails or wen i have my shirt off she puts her head on my chest n kisses or even jus puttin her arm around me n tellin me i smell good .... yea we like to hear dat too or you girls to say yur built das a start off den you go from ther as you all no we all want it ; ) iight im out peace

[ jayhood's advice column | Ask jayhood A Question

lovexox answered Thursday April 17 2008, 11:24 pm:
Yeah I know everyone has said neck kissing and ear biting, which is very true, it makes my guy go crazy :] by while you're doing that, brush the back of his neck softly, in circles and up and down the back of his neck. For my guy, the result was goosebumps.

[ lovexox's advice column | Ask lovexox A Question

evilenterprisesinc answered Monday August 22 2005, 11:25 pm:
Suck on his tongue.. gives the impression you like sucking things you know ;););) nothing turns on a guy more than a chick who likes to suck.. even if she doesnt.. it wont matter if you want him turned on.. suck his tongue :)

[ evilenterprisesinc's advice column | Ask evilenterprisesinc A Question

konfusedteeneager answered Sunday August 21 2005, 2:10 pm:
well, in my instance, if you stick your tounge in hs ear, that'll get him going. or byte his neck. that works for me too.i mean when a girl does it lol.

[ konfusedteeneager's advice column | Ask konfusedteeneager A Question

NotMeanJustHonest answered Saturday August 20 2005, 3:51 pm:
Getting a hammer and smashing his head continuesly, will turn him on.

[ NotMeanJustHonest's advice column | Ask NotMeanJustHonest A Question

xobrittyxo answered Saturday August 20 2005, 3:34 pm:
everyone who has answered your question so far have basically said all of the same things so let me try to broaden their horizon's and elaborate for you. Biting ears and kissing neck is hot, definately, and guys love it. As weird as it is for the first time, when your kissing your guy's neck gentle suck, BUT NOT TOO MUCH, it causes the dreaded hickies and no one likes those, and drawing little circles or figure 8's with ur tounge right under/behind his ear on his neck is definately a wicked turn on, you might even give him goosebumps ;) nibbling the ear is hot too, gentle obviously, and gently breathe warm breath onto/into his ear. its sexy. leg massages are weird, maybe its just me but who wants to massage a guys calf muscle? haha and the lean in for a kiss but backing off is really hot because he will lean in and pucker up but you back off and giggle, it makes him want you. That's pretty much it for the on top of the clothes stuff. goodluck experimenting with your guy ;)

hope i helped

[ xobrittyxo's advice column | Ask xobrittyxo A Question

lookthroughme answered Saturday August 20 2005, 2:29 pm:
I asked the same question practically word for word and I barely got any responses. :(

[ lookthroughme's advice column | Ask lookthroughme A Question

J0NNYSxGiRL answered Saturday August 20 2005, 12:47 pm:
biting his ears are usually a good way, also teasing him. pretend like you are going to kiss him, but pull away. the longer you do this, the more turned on the guy will get, & want you even more. hope i helped!

[ J0NNYSxGiRL's advice column | Ask J0NNYSxGiRL A Question

sunnyville answered Saturday August 20 2005, 10:25 am:
Guys like when a girl lets him kiss her neck,cuddles him,plays with him,and gives her what he wants.

[ sunnyville's advice column | Ask sunnyville A Question

mrs_radcliffe answered Saturday August 20 2005, 10:09 am:
HEY! when you kiss a guy bit down on his lip not hard! And run your fingers through his hair while your making out. When you look at him smile a cheeky smile.

[ mrs_radcliffe's advice column | Ask mrs_radcliffe A Question

babiigurl076 answered Saturday August 20 2005, 9:43 am:
try kissing his neck, chest, and jaw bone. biting their ears turns on some guys, but not all of them. also, rubbing/massaging a guys thigh will most likely turn them on. if you're hugging him or he's laying with you lift up his shirt and just lightly rub your fingers across his back, it kinda tickles, but feels great at the same time! I hope I helped, if you need anything else just drop one in my inbox!


[ babiigurl076's advice column | Ask babiigurl076 A Question

lilstrumiexox answered Saturday August 20 2005, 8:59 am:
well i think hugging and smiling at him would be good...
x0 dani--trust me

[ lilstrumiexox's advice column | Ask lilstrumiexox A Question

Dakmor answered Saturday August 20 2005, 8:50 am:
Personally, I like it when my cursh hugs me... be great if she kissed me, but that would be kinda weird, I've never had a kiss before. So that's all I can say. Hope I helped!

[ Dakmor's advice column | Ask Dakmor A Question

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