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she copies me!!

Question Posted Sunday January 16 2005, 9:55 am

My best friend always copies my looks! Like if i tell her ive found a certain store that i like to go to, she'll just one day start shopping there and tell all our other friends she found it first! And its not just like materials..she said that she liked matt -our crush- way before i did. But when i told her i liked him last year she said oh i think hes kind of ugly. I mean is she really my friend?? shes so annoying ..what do i do? plz help!!

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JadedinNowhere answered Monday January 17 2005, 4:25 am:
She probably is just seeking to be accepted. I'm guessing your in the middle age range.. in this time most kids have a need to fit in, for some reason or another, I have no idea.. because I have never really had much of that need.. Believe me, she may be incredibly annoying now, but sooner or later she will grow up, and realize she wants to be an individual and not be you. Have you ever seen the spongebob episode where patrick wants to win a trophy? He thinks the only way to get that is to be exactly like spongebob, whom gets all the awards. Spongebob in turn acts like Patrick, to try and get back at him. In the end he realizes that Patrick just wished he had an award and nothing more, your friend just wants the life you have, friends, money, clothes, and to be accepted. You have to understand that it is probably hard for her. Maybe you should go shopping "with" her and help her find stuff that she really genuinely likes. She is your friend, she's just trying to hang on right now.

:) update me if you need further advice, and as always good luck.


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ForcefulIntelligence answered Sunday January 16 2005, 10:23 pm:
Maybe she's obsessed with you.

Ever seen 'Face of Evil'?

[ ForcefulIntelligence's advice column | Ask ForcefulIntelligence A Question

uacctk14 answered Sunday January 16 2005, 10:17 pm:
my advice is to stay away from her she sounds like a pyshco by the way u explained it; she also sounds like she's trying to commit identity theft, and plus she sounds like ur stalker

[ uacctk14's advice column | Ask uacctk14 A Question

BabyBlue848 answered Sunday January 16 2005, 10:01 pm:
When that happends all she is trying to do is for you to like her but just tell her that you would like for her to stop doing every thing that you do. she will act mad at you but if you call her in like 2 day later to ask if she wants to do some thing she wil..

HOpe I helped


[ BabyBlue848's advice column | Ask BabyBlue848 A Question

horseygurl answered Sunday January 16 2005, 9:17 pm:
Well, she like s your style, that;s not a bad thing! But if it bugs you, you need to talk to her about it! She's not going to know how you feel unless you do!

Hope this helps!

[ horseygurl's advice column | Ask horseygurl A Question

dancedust22 answered Sunday January 16 2005, 9:08 pm:
maybe she just like how you are and wants to be like that. but is is really THAT bad?
if so, dont talk behind her back with other people. Simply tell her exactly what bothers you, be nice about it. Try pointing out something (like clothing) that would look great on her but you know would look bad on you. Then, if she doesnt get it, tell her.

[ dancedust22's advice column | Ask dancedust22 A Question

BeautifulMadness answered Sunday January 16 2005, 2:10 pm:
Be flattered - when someone copies you it means they look up to you and admire you!! But if it's bugging you, maybe when you're out shopping together, you could pick out something for her that you wouldn't wear but would look good on her? She would most likely accept it if she copies you - something you think is good, she would love. That should encourage her to be a bit more independant, but if she doesn't get the hint, then tell her that you're flattered that she likes your style and all, but you think she should try and find her own. I'd also confront her about the whole lying to your other friends about finding shops first - it's a bit petty, but if you ignore it it could blow out of proportion. Next time she does it, don't like...yell her out and say, 'no, I found it first!!' or whatever, but don't let her get away with it either. Just say something like, 'no, I told you about that shop last week, remember?' that'll put her on the spot.
Good luck!!
Blessed Be,
Rach xxx

[ BeautifulMadness's advice column | Ask BeautifulMadness A Question

cutebrunette answered Sunday January 16 2005, 1:41 pm:
If a friend always wantsa to come before you and lie to her other friends then she doesn`t really seem like a 'good' friend. You can try talking to her. just say "stop copying me, stop acting like me and stop lieing to your friends about you always doin stuff that i did first. Its really anmoying me so stop it" or something like that. Just tell her how you feel.
good luck!!

[ cutebrunette's advice column | Ask cutebrunette A Question

xoFaDeAwAyToYoU answered Sunday January 16 2005, 11:53 am:
well atleast you can feel like a rolemodel! anyways, make sure and tell her how you feel and I bet she will get mad but it cant go on forever right? and if you still think she is friend-worthy, try and create a stronger friendship from it. but what I gotta say is, i bet you are a really cool girl if she wants to be just like you!

[ xoFaDeAwAyToYoU's advice column | Ask xoFaDeAwAyToYoU A Question

completelyincomplete answered Sunday January 16 2005, 11:52 am:
I understand what you mean. I have a friend who takes all of my brilliant ideas and makes them her own. Here are your options:

1*Don't tell her who you like anymore
2*Dress really weird and see if she copies you (:
3*Tell her it bothers you a lot and you would feel better if she stopped dressing and acting just like you. You could also help her find a look that's right for her by going shopping together.

I personally like 3* better. And remember when someone copies you it's like they really look up to you.

[ completelyincomplete's advice column | Ask completelyincomplete A Question

LoStxxxSoUl123 answered Sunday January 16 2005, 11:14 am:
She's jealous..Tell her to stop or that you wont like her anymore (i know its 1st grade but..whatever)

Much Love


[ LoStxxxSoUl123's advice column | Ask LoStxxxSoUl123 A Question

Nicksgirl192004 answered Sunday January 16 2005, 10:50 am:
i would tell her to back off a little bit and let her know how you feel

[ Nicksgirl192004's advice column | Ask Nicksgirl192004 A Question

aNgeLxfOrEvEr answered Sunday January 16 2005, 10:42 am:
She might be jealous of you? Or she's trying to annoy you. Either way--you're going to have to talk to her eventually. Tell her it bothers you a lot, and you would feel better if she stopped dressing and acting just like you. Don't tell her who you like anymore, but for the Matt thing..just don't worry. Two people can like the same person. If you want to, you can ask him out, so then your "friend" won't really like him anymore. But make sure you're asking him out because you like him and not because you want revenge (even though that could be part of it). That might be a little confusing, sorry, but I hope it helped you! Good luck*

[ aNgeLxfOrEvEr's advice column | Ask aNgeLxfOrEvEr A Question

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