My name is M-----, and I am from Kentucky. I am a gay male who is neither committed or interested in becoming committed. I enjoy music, black and white photography, writing, philosophy, history, activism, politics, Spanish, theology, reading, and debating. Among other things.

Basically, in my column, I answer things as best as I feel I can. Ask anything.


There is these 3 boys on the bus that keep bothering me and my best friends. They keep saying that we're a "threesome" and in three days they've made me cry 5 times. They call us sexy and say I love you. We know that they don't mean it.. they're all a year older than us (we're in 7th grade) and they always try to steal my stuff and call me and my best friend gay. I've tried EVERYTHING!! Nothing works.. a little help on handling these people?

Typical eighth grade loser idiots. I am a senior in high school, and I want to let you know that these kids will either A) fail the eighth grade or B)act like the fucking eighth grade douches they are.


okay this is really weird.. im 13/f and i juss found out one of my best guy friends is gay! he doesnt know me and my friend know.. but now me and my friend cant look at him the same.. were not aggaint gay people but i mean when we see him talking to another guy its kinda freaky cuz what if he is flirting with him.. i dont know he has had a girl friend and me and my friend thought he was gay because he hung out with all girls but we didnt want to believe it.. and we want to be friends with him still but this is all happening so fast and we dont know what to do!! can you please help us and help us find a way to not think of him as gay and think of his as we used to.. we will rate 5's
just not the same*

Being a gay male, myself, I kinda want to look at you and shake my head sadly.


1). Gay people do not constantly flirt with people of the same gender but opposite sexual orientation.

2). When I came out to my friends and family, all I wanted was to share a part of my life with them that I had otherwise lived through alone.

3). Be a friend. Your gay friend is the same guy as he was before he told you.


i have this friend beth and shes makign all of these bad choices liek havin sex and doin drugs.. how do I help her?

Help her by telling an adult if you both are underage.

If either you or your friend are not younger than eighteen, mind your own business.

Basically, people will have sex. People will drink. People will smoke. People will do drugs. However, people do not need narcs as friends.


I have it! I've been useing special shampoo for 3 weeks but it's not helping! Please help!

It is a fact that 1/2 of Americans think they have dandruff. It is also a fact that 1/4 of them do. If you are one of those that do, get a perscription shampoo from a doctor. Otherwise, just wear lots of white.


I hate getting new people in my life. My Aunt and Uncle got devorced and now they are both getting remarried and i hate both of they're fiancees. My other aunt got remarried and i dont get along with my new uncle. My grandma and grandpa got divorced and my grandpa got remarried. I feel like my new grandma is trying to buy my love because she always gives me stuff when I go to see them. How can i be more accepting?

Just be happy that each of your divorced relatives have found happiness. Be a good niece/nephew/grandchild.


Hey...im a 14 year old bisexual and i want to have intercourse with the same sex...and i also want to tell my parents but i dont know how they will act... :( im kinda worried..

Signed..14 year old bi guy

It depends.

Are you an only child?

If not, do you have male siblings?

Are your parents more politically conservative ot liberal?

Take these into consideration before you decide to come out.


I have a bit of a big decision here and I was hoping for opinions/advice about it if you'd be so kind. My parents split up a long time ago over the summer acutally and I had said I didnt want to be around her soon to be husband because of the fact he took mom away from us although it takes two. And his son got in trouble for molestation of his little sister so I said I didn't want to be around him either. So I live with my father. But lately, I've been seeing my mom after not seeing her for a long time. We've been getting close again. The other night she took me to her house to see my cat that she had taken but her boyfriend and his son were there. And my court I have said I don't want to be around them but it isn't official until March 28 when we go to court about it. Dad thinks that I want him to have custody of me and that I hate my moms boyfriend and his son. But I went to her house a lot this weekend with my friend, we walked. And moms boyfriend and his son are really nice. Her boyfriend cares about me and his son is really nice. He has couseling for what he did so he's better now with the molesation thing. And I keep thinking I'd be better off with my mom. Here at my dads we don't have money to just spend. A bunch of our bills are behind. Everything almost gets cut off or does before my dad pays it. And he gets good money so I don't know where it's all going to. And this weekend I didn't want to come home from my friends house at all. I'm not happy here that much. But the thing is, My dad says he'd have nothing if I left him. But at my moms they have money for things, the bills are payed, the house is clean and stuff. So my delimma is: Should I move in with my Mom, or stay with my dad? What do you think?

Wow. This is a huge life decision. However, I want to stress that you look to what is best for you in the future, and not what seems best now.

Think ahead to college, if you are planning to go to college. Who would you want to mainly support you your adult life?


My best friend always copies my looks! Like if i tell her ive found a certain store that i like to go to, she'll just one day start shopping there and tell all our other friends she found it first! And its not just like materials..she said that she liked matt -our crush- way before i did. But when i told her i liked him last year she said oh i think hes kind of ugly. I mean is she really my friend?? shes so annoying ..what do i do? plz help!!

Maybe she's obsessed with you.

Ever seen 'Face of Evil'?



I'm a 15 year old girl and I have this big crush on my big brother's best friend.....this guy liked me last year but gave up on me because I didn't want to be more then friends....but since we havent bin talking all that much I'v realised that I really like him alot but I dont think he wants me because I didn't want him last year....how would I go about trying to get him?
thx in advance!

Be blunt. Tell him.


Ok, so i am not cool with my friend going out with this girl i know. they are so not meant for each other. and my other friends like this guy too. I just don't understand why he has to be such a sweetie. it's so complicated! what am i supposed to do?

Stay out of it. If they are truly not meant for one another, they'll break up.


im in my upper 30 so it is not like im a teen my boyfriend that i live with is not giving me what i need (passion) tried everything well that is except cheating on him to get what i need my problem is if i get caught he will leave me or throw me out i want to have all the passion but i dont wanna get thrown out for it what should i do i have not had it for 4 yrs

If you're in your upper thirties, and feel no passion with your mate, leave him. Live with a friend. Rent an apartment. You want to be in a healthy, happy realtionship. Sex is a healthy thing, a bodily release. If you are staying with him only for shelter, you have no relationship.


i weigh 153 lbs and i would like to lose at least 15 lbs by this summer. i will probably do crunches. about how many should i do a day if i am doing them every other day? and how much weight will i lose by may or june? please help. *i rate all 4s and 5s*

http://exercise.about.com/cs/abs/l/bloblique.htm is a good site for info on ab training. On how much weight you will lose, I cannot say. Basically, it depends of if you couple your ab training with aerobic exercise and a healthy diet.


OK, when I was younger I had this really good friend. Then one time we got in a fight and went to the principles. My mom doesn't like my ex- friend. Let's call her Lucie. Well, I have a really good friend now and let's call her Peggy. Well Peggy has brought me and Lucie toghter and we have become really really good friends. Well, tomrrow night, Peggy invited me and Lucie to spend the night. My mom said yes. Then today, she asked who called and I said Lucie. And she was like are you friends with her. And I was like yea and we may be going to the mall on Sat. And my mom was like all uneasy. She doesn't like my new friend! What should I do?!

To be blunt, if you cannot drive, or are under 16, you are in your mom's control. Above 16, go with how you feel.


What are some strength training exercises for the obliques?

I like using http://exercise.about.com

Here's a helpful URL:



Hi my name is sylvie im 17 years old and im a lesbian. Why is it that my girlfriend and I always get in fight i try to fx them but i can't please someonme tell me why.

I have two friends exactly like that.

Note that both people have to be willing to fix the problems the fight makes.

Either you or your partner need to compromise.


In the aftermath of the tsunami, the eternal theological question is again posed: what sort of God permits the slaughter of blameless humanity on such a scale?

On the abundant available evidence does it not seem that, if there is or was a God, it is now malevolent, mad or dead?

No, religious nutters please - this is a serious question I'm posing.

Dr Kesha

I, personally, am a Deist. I believe that a creator made the universe, and that is all said creator did.

I find it odd to actually believe that there is an all-loving God if so many bad things happen to good people.


Well not to long ago, my boyfriend told me that he loved me. Now normally he only says it over the phone, so one day I told him I loved him, when we were face to face. Today, as he was getting on the bus to go out of town for wresteling, I called out his name and mouthed the words "I love you". All he did was stand on the stairs of the bus and stare at me, waved and left. I know that I probably shouldnt stress about it but what if he doesn't "feel the same way" anymore?

Personally, I feel that teenagers nowadays (I am a teenager, mind you) use 'love much too easily. We 'love' grapefruit. We 'love' this movie. We 'love' or boyfriends/girlfriends.

But, in this case, I feel that your boyfriend may feel kind of 'de-manned' in the sense that he may have wanted to say it to you, face-to-face first.

I might way of base, here, but I am speaking through experiance.


what are some good strength training exercises for the pectoral, deltoid, latissimus dorsi, triceps, biceps, and trapezius?

I use HydroFit.com for all of my fitness needs. Try this url for some answers:



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