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Question Posted Sunday December 19 2004, 6:46 pm

Will a yeast infection go away on its own or what can you do to get rid of it?

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lolwuut answered Friday June 24 2011, 12:57 am:
No offense to the other answerers, but a lot of your advice is utter GARBAGE.

1. A yeast infection IS NOT DANGEROUS. It does not contribute to UTIs, PID, kidney, bladder, or infertility. So don't listen to these scare mongers. Those are caused by bacteria (including Bacterial Vaginosis), hence the reason they are treated with antibiotics.

2. Which brings me to my second point. Do not ask the chemist for antibiotics unless you want to sound like a fool. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus, thus need to be treated with an antifungal drug, not an antibiotics. Besides, antibiotics require a doctor's prescription.

3. Do not try putting yogurt in your vagina. It most likely has sugar which will just make it worse. If you want to relieve external itching, get a broad spectrum anti fungal cream to use alongside the actual treatment (pill or cream).

4. Likewise, don't put vinegar or tea tree oil or any other hocus pocus up there unless you plan on doing it for a very very long time. One, they burn like crazy, trust me, I've tried them. You don't want to end up with a secondary skin irriation. The creams and drugs are made based on research to determine the likely amount needed to completely kill off the infection. If you try an alternative treatment, you have no idea at what point to stop taking it. You should never stop a treatment immediately after your symptoms disappear, as the infection will not be completely gone and the strongest of the colony will replicate with their genetic material that enables them to resist treatment - that's how you end up with a chronic infection.


6. Taking a probiotic might be helpful in supporting your natural flora, however yoghurt is useless in this case as the quantities are so small. However, a probiotic only increases gut flora for the duration of when you take it, once you stop you'll just return to where you were. Having a good diet overall, getting adequate sleep and exercise and avoiding stress, alcohol and smoking are probably better methods for supporting your immune system and keeping the good bacteria in balance. Also, avoiding strong and scented soap, toilet paper, pads/tampons and feminine hygiene products as well as tight, synthetic underwear and clothing, or anything that makes the area too hot and sweaty are a good idea to prevent reccurance.

7. Sex DOES NOT cause a yeast infection (or at least rarely does). It's more likely to cause Bacterial Vaginosis due to the alkaline pH of semen. You can have sex with a yeast infection, however, it is a good idea to use condoms as guy can occasionally get a thrush like infection on the end of their penis.

8. Yes, a yeast infection can go away by itself, but that is a CAN not a will, and why would you want to face the possibility of weeks or even months of horrible itching when its so simple to treat? You don't 'have' to go to the doctor, but it's a good idea, they'll perform a swab test and culture it to see if there is candida albicans (yeast) or gardnerella (bacteria) present. Those are the main culprets of vaginal infections, although occasionally it can be something else. If you haven't had a yeast infection before, it's possible that you may have bacterial vaginosis in which case you would need to take antibiotics, or you may simply have a dermatological condition that may need to be treated with cortisone or topical steroids.

Source: Biology student

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prettyglo85 answered Monday May 3 2010, 12:19 am:
Hey girls,

This is my very first time writing anything in a forum. A few months ago i got a yeast infection and after treating it with the pink little pill they give you at the doctors and with gynelotrimin, it kept coming back. It wold go away for a couple a weeks but it would just keep coming back, i had a re-occuring yeast infection for about 4 months or so. That all stopped after i went to my local Trader Joe's and purchased their acidophilus tabs with LiveBac. (white bottle with orange tag). They are less than $10 and they work wonders. You can take up to 3 a day which is what i did, after taking it for about a week straight, my yeast infection disappeared and it hasn't come back since. I haven't had one in about 4 months and i truly believe that the acidophilus is what made it go away.

The reason i chose to purchase those is because i always read that eating plane yogurt helps get rid of yeast infections but you have to buy the yogurt that has LiveBac.. Plane yogurt also has acidophilus. I really didn't have the time to be eating yogurt all day so that's why i decided to give these tabs a try. I highly recommend you all do the same! Let me know if it helps!

Good Luck!


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Peeps answered Saturday January 30 2010, 2:10 am:
Yeast infections are caused by a disruption in the balance of good bacteria in the vagina. Sexual intercourse, antibiotics, using too much soap, tampon usage, and even wearing tight clothing can all cause a yeast infection to occur.

If you have never had one before and you suspect you do now, then you NEED to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. From there, you can purchase over-the-counter medication such as Monistat from your local store. The 7-day treatment seems to be the best of the bunch. It comes with the medication, applicator, and instructions so you can do it yourself in privacy.

It is VERY important you see the doctor because a yeast infection has the exact same symptoms of a bacterial infection (or bacterial vaginosis). BV infections are very, very harmful and end up rendering you infertile, and causing you severe pain for the rest of your life if left untreated. Women commonly misdiagnose BV with a YI, causing them heartache and physical pain years beyond then.

Until you're able see a doctor, you may want to wear a panty-liner so you don't have wet underclothing/pants. Do NOT wear a tampon as it will further disrupt the balance in your vagina, and if you don't have an infection, you can get one then. You may also want to wear some looser clothing.

Consuming plain yogurt may help while you're doing the Monistat treatment and in the prevention of another yeast infection but it will NOT get rid of one that you already have. Even better, you could look into purchasing some Lactobacillus acidophilus pills from your local store (Wal-mart, various pharmacy, GNC) to take each day for prevention. L. acidophilus is what is in the yogurt that helps, but yogurt only has a small amount of it so it would be more helpful to purchase some of the pills.

I hope you get yourself to the doctor to confirm your issue to be a yeast infection and all goes well with current treatment and preventative measures.

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AdInA answered Monday December 27 2004, 5:44 pm:
yeast infections can sometimes go away on its own but it may take a while. go to the doctor to get some treatment for it.

[ AdInA's advice column | Ask AdInA A Question

PinkLady4863 answered Monday December 20 2004, 4:06 pm:
good question, but what you really need to know is do you for sure have a yeast infection. I have had thayt problem also, and it turned out to be a problem with my tampons. So if you have not already, go to a doctor. Don't be embarressed, many woman have them. He should give you medication. It will only get worse if you don't treat it soon.

[ PinkLady4863's advice column | Ask PinkLady4863 A Question

xplayb0ycutiexx answered Monday December 20 2004, 3:55 pm:
go to the store and get monistat it works great. it's specially for yeast infections.. ick gerL i kno how you feel.. yeast infections itch and burn like a mother fucker!!

[ xplayb0ycutiexx's advice column | Ask xplayb0ycutiexx A Question

JyNxiE answered Monday December 20 2004, 2:40 pm:
It should go away on its own, but that'll take time. You should go to a hospital and get some pills for it. They'll keep it confidential, so dont worry about parents finding out.


[ JyNxiE's advice column | Ask JyNxiE A Question

Draak answered Monday December 20 2004, 10:09 am:
No, it won't go away on it's own.

Things not to do when you have a yeast infection: take antibiotics, eat lots of sugary things, wear thongs, use anti-bacterial soap, have penetrative sex.

Things you can do to help get rid of a yeast infection: over-the-counter treatments like monistat, eating sugarless plain yogurt, when washing your delicates use a little bleach in the wash, clean with a mild soap.

Your best bet would be to visit your health care professional. Most often, women incorrectly think they have a yeast infection when, in fact, it is bacterial vaginosis. Your doctor can prescribe medication that will help you.

Good Luck

[ Draak's advice column | Ask Draak A Question

zapreth answered Monday December 20 2004, 12:24 am:
No, a yeast infection will not go away. Monostat 7 or another over the counter prep will help, but if the problem persists you must go to your gyno. A yeast infection can become so severe that you could need hospitalized. If you've had this for a while, go to the doc anyway.

[ zapreth's advice column | Ask zapreth A Question

x3aShLyNx3 answered Monday December 20 2004, 12:11 am:
Go to the doctor and get medication for it..It comes from tight undies and not enuff water or not having to go to the bathroom #2..haha.. in a while but you can only fix it by medication..Hope I helped

[ x3aShLyNx3's advice column | Ask x3aShLyNx3 A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Sunday December 19 2004, 11:52 pm:
go to a near store like maybe osco drug or something and ask a pharmasist to help you

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

pRiiNcEsS_bRyT answered Sunday December 19 2004, 10:30 pm:
it should go away but u can buy medicine from a drug mart if it doesnt get better

[ pRiiNcEsS_bRyT's advice column | Ask pRiiNcEsS_bRyT A Question

Shaylee answered Sunday December 19 2004, 9:24 pm:
The best thing to do would be to pop down to your pharmacist and ask them for some antibiotics. Its best to get some help on this one, rather then trying to solve it yourself. If you are shy you could ask a friend or parent to get it for you

[ Shaylee's advice column | Ask Shaylee A Question

XxbrittanyxX answered Sunday December 19 2004, 8:44 pm:
It won't go away on its own.. unless its like a really mild case.. thats wut my doctor told me. go get some medicine in a tube for it like the stuff that you can get at a drug store. yeah, and like toxic x baby said, you can put flour on it to ease the pain or itchiness w/e ur feelin, and it cant hurt ya either! hope i helped
o yeah, please rate *xoxoBRITTxoxo*

[ XxbrittanyxX's advice column | Ask XxbrittanyxX A Question

BeFABULOUSxo answered Sunday December 19 2004, 8:28 pm:
cant you put like flour on it? it helps to ease the pain * hope i helped* love alwaiiz, aLi *feedback's appreciated!*

[ BeFABULOUSxo's advice column | Ask BeFABULOUSxo A Question

icey0990 answered Sunday December 19 2004, 8:25 pm:
No it can poetentially get worse. Look it up online, there might be some "at home tricks" to get rid of it...but im pretty sure you have to get special cream to get rid of it. I hear its a pain in the ass. Good luck with everything!

[ icey0990's advice column | Ask icey0990 A Question

Shortie8959 answered Sunday December 19 2004, 7:42 pm:
You have to get medicine from a drug store I think, and if not, then you have to get a prescription from your doctor. Good luck!
Hope I helped!

[ Shortie8959's advice column | Ask Shortie8959 A Question

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