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Question Posted Thursday September 16 2004, 4:56 pm

i just found out i get my braces in 13 days any tips to help the process?

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xo__LiSHY answered Thursday September 23 2004, 9:56 am:
Braces are so not as bad as you think. I had 'em for 3 years and i just got totaly used to them. I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna hurt for the first few days. It's not like a "i wanna die"'s just a sqeezing numbness i guess. For the first few days, avoid eating anything hard and anything you have to chew alot. DO NOT EAT APPLES!!! Or anything else that might cause the brackets to break off cause that sucks. Also i tried to stay away from bread as much as possible cause it ALWAYS got stuck between the brackets. Buy some Anbesol and use it often to help dull the pain. Good luck!

[ xo__LiSHY's advice column | Ask xo__LiSHY A Question

xo_dream answered Tuesday September 21 2004, 9:27 pm:
They're not half as bad as people make them out to be. If they hurt, just stick to pudding, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, etc for a day or two + take some ibuprofen + it'll be fine. Good luck! =)

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tingrin22192 answered Sunday September 19 2004, 8:29 pm:
It's a great feeling. They'll be sore (you can't chew anything) for a few days your first time, but after that, it's totally great. The only downside is that they're sore once in a while, but people don't think you're ugly, or stupid if you have braces.

I've had them for two years and It's not htat bad!

[ tingrin22192's advice column | Ask tingrin22192 A Question

JesusFreak2006 answered Saturday September 18 2004, 5:18 pm:
braces definately arnt as bad as people make them out to be....also when you first get them drink ice cold water it helps with the pain while ur gettin use to them...

[ JesusFreak2006's advice column | Ask JesusFreak2006 A Question

mysticpixie05 answered Friday September 17 2004, 8:49 pm:
take some tylenol or some other type of pain killers because they will sometimes tend to hurt you afterwards and just follow all the things your orthodontist and your dentists tell you to do.

[ mysticpixie05's advice column | Ask mysticpixie05 A Question

MaGiCLyDeLiSh88 answered Thursday September 16 2004, 10:11 pm:
what do you mean the process? If you mean getting them on... then... just dont worry it's not like they are gunna rip your mouth open! Dont think they are and plz dont get scared and plz dont reate me bad if you rate me! plz n thanks you... just tryin to help a lil! bye

[ MaGiCLyDeLiSh88's advice column | Ask MaGiCLyDeLiSh88 A Question

BlOnDiE7x3 answered Thursday September 16 2004, 7:19 pm:
Yes. Take advile a couple days before you get them on. If you don't you'll be in SOOOO much pain!!!

*Drop one in my inbox if you have any more questions*

[ BlOnDiE7x3's advice column | Ask BlOnDiE7x3 A Question

pRiiNcEsS_bRyT answered Thursday September 16 2004, 7:06 pm:
UgH! i HaTe MyNe.....BuT tHeY LoOk ReLe gOoD oN sUm PpL....JuSt Do wUt ThE dEnTiSt TeLLz u aNd ThEy'Ll cOmE oFf SoOnEr! BaSiCaLLy u CaNt EvEn FeEl tHeM oR tELL tHeiR tHeRe

x33* bRyTt

[ pRiiNcEsS_bRyT's advice column | Ask pRiiNcEsS_bRyT A Question

HollyAnn2282 answered Thursday September 16 2004, 7:03 pm:
i'd say take tylonal before you go in because they tend to hurt after words... good luck

have any more questions about braces... I had them so you may ask me!

hope i helped

[ HollyAnn2282's advice column | Ask HollyAnn2282 A Question

bucs10us answered Thursday September 16 2004, 6:34 pm:
brush ur teeth better than ever, floss...mouth sugar...! if ur brackets come off, it will only take longer...get ready to indure the pain of braces.

[ bucs10us's advice column | Ask bucs10us A Question

xxxxxx answered Thursday September 16 2004, 6:02 pm:
make sure you have a bottle of ibruprofin. and soft foods handy. i think the level of pain depends on the person, but on a scale of 1-10 for ME it was a ten.

[ xxxxxx's advice column | Ask xxxxxx A Question

Mercy_x_Me answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:53 pm:
brush your teeth well every day, use white strips before you get braces, floss your teeth always, and most of all jam in all that gum and gummy foods before you are not allowed to . . .

[ Mercy_x_Me's advice column | Ask Mercy_x_Me A Question

babeliciousbooty9 answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:51 pm:
when i got my btraces off it didnt hurt AT ALL just chillax and everything will be OK

[ babeliciousbooty9's advice column | Ask babeliciousbooty9 A Question

XxAxFxIxX answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:46 pm:
Well, honestly there isnt really anything you could do , but make sure that when you get home you imediatly take some advil or tylonol, anything you would take for a headache. And be ready for pain! Braces hurt a lot, the first day you get them on it wont hurt that bad, but the following week is hell. You wont like to chew or tlak a lot, so dont plan so many social events.
Hope i helped!

[ XxAxFxIxX's advice column | Ask XxAxFxIxX A Question

LOR0143xoxo answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:35 pm:
Yeah... the first couple of days only drink cold liquidly stuff and take advil they will hurt like a mofo

[ LOR0143xoxo's advice column | Ask LOR0143xoxo A Question

Laura answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:23 pm:
They hurt a bit, not much. Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen before you get there, and keep on them as much as it's allowed, I think it's every four hours. Be SURE to get some wax, if there's a wire that is poking you and you cover it with the wax it makes it much better. I chewed all kinds of gum, never cared if it was sugarless or not and I never had a bracket fall off.

The retainers are a lot worse. >.> *wearing now*


[ Laura's advice column | Ask Laura A Question

xXxpinky615xXx answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:07 pm:
take advil before you get them on and take it after. you can chew gum even though they say not to but make sure it is sugarless!!! if it has sugar in it, it will get stuck and mess up your teeth. go easy on the chewy candy and don't chew on pen caps. the process is painful but the results are beatiful. good luck!

[ xXxpinky615xXx's advice column | Ask xXxpinky615xXx A Question

dramaqueenbabeiwb answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:07 pm:
Well, as a warning, braces do hurt a little bit after they are put on. Eat lots of um before you get them, it'll be the last ggum for a while. Braces aren't too, bad, and think about how beautiful your teeth will be after they come off!

[ dramaqueenbabeiwb's advice column | Ask dramaqueenbabeiwb A Question

XxRockon answered Thursday September 16 2004, 5:06 pm:
well when you get them , your mouth will be sore, so have a lot of tylenol and advil around..also it will prolly be uncomfortable to eat crunchy foods so have some soup and pudding around and the hurtin will go away in a few days..good luck wit them! :)

[ XxRockon's advice column | Ask XxRockon A Question

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