I am 15 yrs old and i am in my 11th year at hatbor horsham high school. I'm a typical teenager, and I've been told that im good ad giving advice, so i figured id statrt an advice column?! and im really bored lol. so yea...


Ok I'm addicted to rice!! All I eat is rice, I don't know how to get out of this rut! I won't eat all day long and then come home from school and pig out of a huge bowl of rice! It's to the point where I just eat it all and barely taste it, I want to get out of this habit! Any tips?? I have tried to cut it out cold turkey I will last about a week and then cave and pig out.

ok tell your mother or whomever does the shopping to NOT BUY RICE. go to a hypnotic person. IDK do soething, you have a rare and unordinary disroder child.


Im a female 14 and i live in California.There is this guy i liked a ton last year and we would always flirt at school and id come home and talk to him for hours. we had alot im common. Then this summer he told me he liked me too and he come over acouple of times and we fooled around. he never asked me out or anything and i got kindof scared he might be using me. we got together again and did everything but sex.. which was alot more then i wanted to go before having a relationship with him. then my friend asked him if he liked me and he said he didnt know.. i got pissed off and started accusing him of using me and finally he admitted to it. i was devastated. i yelled at him and we got in a huge fight and we both said some pretty mean things. its been about 4 monthes and we still dont talk and im over the fact that he used me and i just want to be friends again, not because i like him but i cant STAND being in a fight with somebody that long & its been bothering me for about three monthes now - im also scared that if i start talking to him hes gunna still be mad about everything and im going to make a fool of myself... sorry this was so long but i really need help! :o)

Well...I was kinda int he same situation. I think you want to go back to him, subconsiously, to be with him because you liked ihm and you liked how you spent your time with him (*). The best thign to do to get over it and everything is to just ignore him and move on, one less person in your life that has caused yuo so much grief is not worht the effort. But follow your heart. Hope i helped


i just found out i get my braces in 13 days any tips to help the process?

when i got my btraces off it didnt hurt AT ALL just chillax and everything will be OK


Im in 7th grade, at Pontiac Jounior High and im having problems--My figure is my heads oval, Im REALLY skinny, im fit, i have green eyes blonde hair and im a white person. I need to noe wat to were to school (not uniforms) OO yeah im noot tall and not short so i guess im average. Im not ugly im really pretty, but iono wat to were my make up, jewlery, my hair. If u could please help me...i need ur help!!

*Baffled Beauty*

wow..anyone that actually took out time to type her a real answeer...you ahve problems...you are the biggest concided bitch..i dont do this advice shit to be all nice and suck up to people...wow u r so fiuckin stuck up...god damn...thats the advice u need.


what does eating butt taste like?

well thats where people's shit comefomr, therefor, it wouls taste like shit, it would probably be foul and disgusting as it is intended and should be.
hope i helped!!!


[sorry this is so long]
I'm a 14-year-old girl, and I have this guy who's been my best friend for over a year. Me and him have gotten SOO close lately, and I really REALLY like him. I told him that I like him, and he just kinda pretended I didn't say anything, so I just didn't know what to think. Then all my friends tell me that when they talk to him one on one, I'm all he talks about, and he always puts my feelings before his. They say that he's always very sad, and then I walk into the room, or call his cell phone, or he even just talks about me, and that really brightens his mood. I really don't know what to do, because I really like him, can't tell if he likes me, but I kind of get the impression that he does, but he kind of seems scared. HELP!

he definitely likes you...he dropped a lot of hints. most girls believe that guys should eb the ones to ask a girl out, but really theyre just as nervous as a girl would. and hes obviously nervous so ask him to go tot he movies sometime and then hook u[p then he'll probably feel more comfortable asking yoou out to go places.
hope i helped!!!..anythingelse drop in my inbox


i got these lil pimple thimgs on my legs? i'm a virgin.. i'm 13/f.. never even had my first kiss... so i no its not STD.. is that normal? i dunno.. help!!

yea its probably just razor burn


what do u do for a burn on ur skin?

no, you definitely use aloe form an aloe plant, that'll make it go away in a day!!! let me know how it works out.
hope i helped!


I have a really good friend (thats a guy) and well we have gone out a couple times. And i like him again and he told one of my friends he kinda likes me. i wanna just grab him and kiss him one day but im scared he'll push me away. what should i do.

*female 15*

just do it....be at the movies with him
and thne just strattle him and statrt making out with him.
guys dont usually dont push girls away form that. believe me.
hope i helped!!


OK, today my private started to hurt really bad. and i looked at it and it started to bleed. I dont have mi period and i know its not that because the sides were bleedin. I dont know what to do! sumone plz help me. PLZ ILL RATE U A FIVE EVEN IF U SAY "BLAH".

plz help thanx

go to the doctor or guynocologist (spelling?)
and uhm..

hope i helped


i like 2 guys...nathan and michael. I think i would have a better chance asking michael out, but i barely see him at school, and i like nathan more. i eat lunch with nathan and whatever other guys we decide to go talk to. we always have so much fun and we're always laughing. i've liked him longer than michael...and every time i think about him i get all tingly inside. i thought about him alot in 3rd period today, and i did it so much that the tingling began to hurt :). but....anyway...should i ask out michael or nathan?

sorry that was so confusing.

if you need more info, let me know and i'll put it up.

go out with michael for the time being, and start making nathan jealous, and then break up with michael and then a week after start dropping hints to nathan that you like him and then tell him you'd liek to hang out with him soemt time. And then you'll knwo who you connecvt with better and then you can pick and choose!
hope i helped!!!


how do you know when a guy wants to kiss you? (guys and gurls answer this!) what are some signs and if i can tell he does should i just make the move or wait for him to? give me some help on kissing! muah** lol thanks!

He'll start touching you or motiuoning his head towards your face, he'll drop hints, youll eventually understand the hints when it all comes down to it.


OMG!! I really can't take this anymore! Ok well all my friends and all are like you changed blah blah!! ANd i dont get the bigg deal it not like they havent changed either! Just cuz im turnin a lil Skater !!! I dont get the big deal and im really sick and tired of it .. what should i do and i tried talkin 2 them but it doesnt work at all !! Please Help me !! I dont kno what i wanna do and i feel like ______

Find new friends.


hOw cOme When yOur Besfriends Are SuppOsed tO Be yOUr BestFriend They Turn On yOu..??...And When yOur BestFriends Are pOpular In The ScHoOl..Once One dOnt Like yOu The Rest dOnt???..And Katy..gOod Luck On The Site I Beliven yOu..All My Luck gOes tO yOu Girl

yO whats up with all of the capital O's hOmie?
hOpe i helped yOu realize that it lOOks really stupid


ok im 13 and so is my boyfriend, weve been going out for over 2 months now... hes had sex with other girls b4 but ive nevr had sex b4... he wants to have sex with me really bad but he always says he understands if i dont... i kinda do tho... but then i dont... im really confuzed cuz i really lov him its just i dont wanna get pregnant and i people will find out if i have sex with him and i dont want people calling me names like a slut and stuf, at this same time im in a huge fight with some girls, but i really wanna have sex with my boyfriend but then i dont! i NEED HELP!!



how long should i wait b4 i tell a girl how i feel about her after she breaks up with someone she really loved.the only reason they broke up was because he was moving to another state. thanx

well for now act a a friend and just be there for her when ever she needs help, and then after about two ro so weeks, you'll notice when she starts to get over him, let her know how you feel about her but dont come on too strong..and take her out on a date!!!
hope i helped!!!


This is more of an opinion question than an advice thing, but I figured I'd ask anyway...never hurts, right?
If a guy asks you to marry him in the future, but doesn't give you a ring, does it count?
Lol I'm just curious to see what you guys think.

he just wants you for sex.
honestly. the truth.


My name is Leah....

Me n my boyfriend have been going out for 1 month.. but we went out before 4 four months...
Me n hym are in love like so much!! n we r perfect for eachother b.c we know everything about eachother... but
LAST NIGHT... I was on the fone w/ My friend Adam n then My friend who was sleeping over...((Lisa)) wanted to talk to ((MIke, my boyfriend)) b.c. they r tight... n i was like go head idc.. cuz i wus on the fone w/ Adam n he was leaving tommoroe...

Well i wusnt flirting w/ Adam... but to all my friends (( guy n girl )) i say I love you... but not the same way i love Mike...

Well since my friend, Lisa was on the fone... w/ mike... He heard me say i love you to Adam... he started getting pissed at me cuz he thought i was flirting w/ Adam....

So wen i talked to hym later that night im like Wait, r u mad at me..?? Mike is like ya... u were flirting w/ Adam.... i wus like no i wasnt!! hes like YeaH! im like no!! im like w.e . since u dont belive me i gues im a liar....
well i broke up w/ Mike that night b.c. i though that since we r going into jr. high this year... n since he thinks that i was flirtng by saying I love you to adam.. then i thought.. we needed a break....
do u think i was right to take a lil Break... n do u think i shoudl go back out w/ Mike.. b.c i rly love hym n hes the sweetest guy i have eva known n he treats me like a queen... n he loves me soo much!! n i love hym.. but sumtimes i like being single.. but every time i think of Mike i am always liike omg i miss hym i love hym soo much!!


he deserves an explanation of why you said i love you to your friend adam. learn how to type the english way. teenbonics is very unbecoming these days. you were stupid to break up with him.
and you sound like a whore. He deserves better then you.


Today i went to the doctors and i do not know why but my moms says ive gotten really skinny and it turns out that im antirexic and i dont think i look skinny i think i look fat but they say im really skinny what do i do!

One MAJOR sig of being anorexic, is constantly thinking you're fat, when really your freakishly, abnormally skinny. Other soign of being anorexic are as follows...
Anorexia is a disorder where the main characteristic is the restriction of food and the refusal to maintain a minimal normal body weight. Any actual gain or even perceived gain of weight is met with intense fear by the Anorexic. Not only is there a true feeling of fear, but also once in the grasp of the disorder, Anorexics experience body image distortions. Those areas of the body usually representing maturity or sexuality including the buttocks, hips, thighs and breast are visualized by the Anorexic as being fat. For some Anorexics, weight loss is so severe there is a loss of menses. In the obsessive pursuit of thinness, Anorexics participate in restrictive dieting, compulsive exercise, and laxative and diuretic abuse. If Anorexia Nervosa is left untreated, it can be fatal.

If you can relate to any of that, make sure it is treated ASAP.
always remember you're nto alone,a dn you can always get help, dont be afraid.
hope i helped!!!


OMFG AMBER. i didnt know that was you. you were talking about JOSE! ahhhh! ambuhh! haha i feel like an idiot.

lol meg its ok


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