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I need help!

Question Posted Friday August 27 2004, 5:45 pm

ok.. Ive been going out with this guy for a while and i just talked to his best friend and told me hes been cheating on this other girl with me.. I have heard her name b4 from his brother and i asked his best friend if that was the name and he said yeah, i really dont wanna lose him, but the bad part about it is i lost my virginity to him and he said he lost it to me, well his best friend told me out of the blue that he wasnt a virgin.. I don't know what to do, i actually fell for him and i know he is going to give me an excuse or make up a lie when i go and try to break up with him !! I dont know what to do!!!I will rate 5's for the effort!!!

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Nyctophobia87 answered Saturday August 28 2004, 9:44 am:
well he used you probably... he just sounds like a greedy bastard and it would probably make u happier in the long run if you werent with him anyways, ur just gonna feel like an idiot once u hear it from him so u should just do what you want, holllllla

[ Nyctophobia87's advice column | Ask Nyctophobia87 A Question

Sunshine answered Saturday August 28 2004, 3:32 am:
This guy doesn't seem to have an honeat bone in his body. Get rid of him now, before he has a chance to hurt you even more. When he tries to give you excuses or whatever, just remember he wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the face. If he cheated on her with you, then how long do you think it will take for him to cheat on you?

[ Sunshine's advice column | Ask Sunshine A Question

tearsxinxheavenn answered Saturday August 28 2004, 1:55 am:
Ok im being honest and ur guy might not be this way (but most of them are) guys want to get in ur pants... Thats something that he could fill more manly... Ive heard of guys that had black books and who ever they get they write it down... But back on track i seriously think he is trying to put a reputation on u.. Guys love it when they could say o ya i did her and shit like that... But i really think u need to let him go... No guy is worth u getting hurt.. And if he really liked you he wouldnt be with someone else...

[ tearsxinxheavenn's advice column | Ask tearsxinxheavenn A Question

Mightjackurlexus answered Friday August 27 2004, 10:42 pm:
if hes cheatin on u u should break up wit him
and if he lied to u just to have sex wit u yea u should break up wit him.if he makes up a lie tell him nope

[ Mightjackurlexus's advice column | Ask Mightjackurlexus A Question

puppy_x3_love answered Friday August 27 2004, 9:00 pm:
just go on and break up with him

if he makes up excuses, tell him you don't wanna hear it. and just go through with what u think is best.

you shouldn't stay with him if he's gonna lie to you

[ puppy_x3_love's advice column | Ask puppy_x3_love A Question

MeganKristine answered Friday August 27 2004, 8:14 pm:
Check this out. Make sure his friend isn't lieing, if he is telling the truth, dump the loser on the spot. If he breaks up with the other girl, for you, don't stay with him. Dump him, because if he would cheat on her, he'd cheat on you.

~Megan Kristine~

[ MeganKristine's advice column | Ask MeganKristine A Question

Tori_Dori answered Friday August 27 2004, 7:48 pm:
Talk with him, 'n if you feel like he's not telling the truth..dump him, cause that's following your heart.If you really trust him, then stay with him.'N you don't have to rate me a 5, I'm just here to help!*^^* Good Luck, 'n Hope I helped!

[ Tori_Dori's advice column | Ask Tori_Dori A Question

BaBie_x0_gErL answered Friday August 27 2004, 7:47 pm:
wow ... thats horrible n im sry .. but i think you needa tell him straight up that you kno ... but you better becareful and not jus go accusing him of actually doin that beacause his best friend could be lieIng ... I think ya nEeda gO aNd tAlk to em abOut it .. if hE denY'z it i ThInk yOu shOuld trY to conTact the gErl tO see IF its tRu .. iF so you nEeda dump em i knO it will bE hard ... bUt you wOod mOstlikely rAther dump hIm then let eM plAy yOoh .. thAt way he knO's hE cAnt jus hAve yOoh fOr a piEce of aSs ... nD if the oTher gerl hEz gOin out wit finds oUt .. hOpefulLy shE'll dumP em tO n thEn hE'll reAlize he mAde a bIg mistAke .. and aTleAst hE wOnt bE ablE to tAke yOur DignIty...

hOpe i Helped ...
<3 fRom MeE

[ BaBie_x0_gErL's advice column | Ask BaBie_x0_gErL A Question

manda44 answered Friday August 27 2004, 7:45 pm:
wow that really sucks.. but here's wat im going to ask you.. do u trust this guy (ur bf)? and it cant be a yes bc u lost ur virginity to him. answer that to urself honestly.. and when u come to an answer then make up ur mind on whatu want to do. if u believe u trust this bf of urs ask him about what uve been hearing.. and then take wat his answer is wether its "its not true" or "yeah it is" and go from tehre. i cant tell u to break up with him i cant tell u to stay with him. u need to decide on ur own.. if he tells u its a lie, then u have to figure out if u can believe that and if ur strong enough to deal with ppl talking about him cheatin on you. to me.. if u wanna stay with him bc u love him and dont wanna loose him and u hear about him messin around on you u wouldnt be like some would call u "stupid, weak, a fool" bc 1st off ur not stupid bc u hear whats going on and u choose to stay by his side bc u love him. and 2nd off ur not weak bc most would leave the situation bc its too hard to deal with. ur more strong bc ur able to deal with the shit and do what YOU WANT TO DO and not what everyone is tellin u to do. and 3rd off ur not a fool. we all fall in love whether we want to admit it or not and love will make us all do crazy things. but one day.. when it comes.. u will jus have enough and will be able to take the risk and loose the one u love and not get hurt anymore. and u will NEVER kno if him cheatin on you is the truth or not.. u just have to decide if u can believe him or not. and if u choose to believe HIM then dont work urself up about everyone sayin shit. let them think what they want. ur the one dealing with it not them! i went through this.. so if u ever EVER need someone to talk to IM me on MSN or AIM or leave one in my inbox. softnsexy489 <AIM and <msn.
hope i helped.
rate me please.

[ manda44's advice column | Ask manda44 A Question

UnluckyWishes answered Friday August 27 2004, 7:34 pm:
Sit him down ask him to tell you the truth and if you know he's not tell him you've even asked around they said that you have and say it aggresivly.i tihnk you should break up with him you dont deserve to be cheated on adn dont listen to his dumb excuse and let him know you deserve beeter then him and you can.Hope i helped and good luck!

[ UnluckyWishes's advice column | Ask UnluckyWishes A Question

bAbYCHeeR792 answered Friday August 27 2004, 7:33 pm:
Well, your not in a very good situation. I'm sorry to hear about that! But he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you. Don't take his lies. You can do so much better.

[ bAbYCHeeR792's advice column | Ask bAbYCHeeR792 A Question

latinagurl256 answered Friday August 27 2004, 7:26 pm:
Dear Confused,

I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend lied to you. I think the best thing for you to do is break up with your boyfriend. Even if he tries to make an excuse for what he did don't listen to him. There is no excuse for cheating on someon no matter what the circumstances are. On top of that he lied to you about being a virgin, and losing your virginity IS a big deal. To me it seems pretty obvious that he probably only went out with you to have sex with you.

Good Luck :)
**Latina Gurl**

[ latinagurl256's advice column | Ask latinagurl256 A Question

MaGiCLyDeLiSh88 answered Friday August 27 2004, 6:52 pm:
I am so sorry but I think yOu should watch to see how he acts. If he really acts a little suspicious... there is sumthing wrong there. I think that if yOu have heard the name and these people are telling yOu about it maybe yOu should talk to yOur other friends about it. When yOu feel comfortable... talk to yOur boyfriend. Believe me things happen for a reason. I understnad yOu dont want to loose him and I have been through this b4 tOo and He took my virginity tOo. Turned out he was cheatin on his g/f with me and she found out about me and she broke up with me and then he broke up with me. I am really sorry if things go bad! Tell me how things go... Really*

Love yOu and hope everythings Ok!
.: Erika :.

[ MaGiCLyDeLiSh88's advice column | Ask MaGiCLyDeLiSh88 A Question

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