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can't get my tampon out ...

Question Posted Friday August 20 2004, 8:29 am

i've just put in a tampon for the first time about 2 hours ago . i tried to take it out , but it hurt to pull at the string . is this normal , and could this be because my tampon is still dry ? if not , how do i yank it out without it hurting ?

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Girlygirlhere answered Thursday August 2 2012, 2:47 am:
Me too. I'm trying to get it out and its been in for about 4 hours. I tried pulling the string but it hurts! Its normal if it hurts though. Mine has been in longer than yours. Yours is probably dry. I just got it out! Pull at the string with toilet paper in your hand, it should feel big uncomfortable but keep pulling (slowly) and it should fall out and then catch it with toilet paper roll it up and throw it away. Another tip is to pee to soften it and then pull slowly again. I recommend doing so above a toilet. This is answered from experience scine I JUST GOT IT OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE WHILE WRITING THIS. Feel special. I made an account to answer your question ;) bye

[ Girlygirlhere's advice column | Ask Girlygirlhere A Question

xo_dream answered Tuesday August 24 2004, 11:46 pm:
It's still dry .. you need to leave it in a lot longer than 2 hours.

[ xo_dream's advice column | Ask xo_dream A Question

bAyBeEgUrL8 answered Tuesday August 24 2004, 6:41 pm:
you have to wait until its full..wait til it leaks a little (( always wear panty liners, if you wear thongs, there are panty *thong* liners )) of else you can start to feel with the tampon is gettting heavy! hope i help! p.s. if its getting close to time to take it out, id say poor some water on it while your pulling it out it kinda helps to fill the rest of it up..

[ bAyBeEgUrL8's advice column | Ask bAyBeEgUrL8 A Question

On3-Sh3xii-Gl answered Monday August 23 2004, 12:24 pm:
1st of all you might of used super plus u need a regular tampon especially if its your 1st time using but yea its gonna hurt dunt yank it out slow pull it out and make sure you use regualry plz that would be a lot better for u

[ On3-Sh3xii-Gl's advice column | Ask On3-Sh3xii-Gl A Question

AsKmEaNyThInG! answered Sunday August 22 2004, 3:22 pm:
Its going to hurt the first time putting it in and out!! So dont worry it is normal!! Why it hurts to take it out is because after you have out it in their your body kinda sucks it in! Not all the way but some!! And so while trying to get it out it will be sucking!! Dont worry if you wear tampons alot it will stop hurting after while!! I hope it helps!!

[ AsKmEaNyThInG!'s advice column | Ask AsKmEaNyThInG! A Question

SouthernBarbieGirl answered Saturday August 21 2004, 5:44 pm:
If its dry, then it will hurt. Plus your a 1st time user! =) It will get better and as grodie as it sounds you have to practice! lol. Lemme some in my inbox if ya need anymore help! Good Lick Sweetie! =)

[ SouthernBarbieGirl's advice column | Ask SouthernBarbieGirl A Question

michelle19510 answered Saturday August 21 2004, 12:35 pm:
ok well if you have only had it in there for 2 hours dont take it out yet that just means that it hasnt obbsorbed anything yet...but if it is uncomfortable and you want it out you can just deal with the little pain or you can go in the shower and get the end wet and sometimes with the steam it will feel a little wetter and you can take it right out.

[ michelle19510's advice column | Ask michelle19510 A Question

ademaluvr1112 answered Saturday August 21 2004, 3:13 am:
its normal ...sometimes it still hurts and ive used them for years...its because ur dry and the tampon is too...u just have to deal with the pain i guess

[ ademaluvr1112's advice column | Ask ademaluvr1112 A Question

xlostangelx answered Friday August 20 2004, 11:58 pm:
It will hurt at first cuz its something youre not used to. The tissue is ripping which is normal all the way. It might of hurt bc yes, the tampon may still be dry, or maybe the tissue inside of your vagina is ripping and tearing from the new object inside of you, which is perfectly normal. no worrys, youre fine girl!!

hope i helped:) need anything else, feel free to ask.


[ xlostangelx's advice column | Ask xlostangelx A Question

urkissmytkillme answered Friday August 20 2004, 7:36 pm:
It's just not ready to come out yet...wait a little longer then take it out!

[ urkissmytkillme's advice column | Ask urkissmytkillme A Question

xolilabbs214xo answered Friday August 20 2004, 5:02 pm:
hey.....yes it is because if you use a tampon for the first time you might still be dry inside. if it is to dry to get out, try puttting water on the part of the tampon right above the string.hope thats what i do and if it doesnt work then just pull hard. it might hurt but at least it will be out.hope i helped

much luv abbey

[ xolilabbs214xo's advice column | Ask xolilabbs214xo A Question

joolaygurl89 answered Friday August 20 2004, 4:14 pm:
dont listen to those people who say to take it out after 2 could leave it in for a full 8 hours and you're NOT GOING TO GET TSS.

[ joolaygurl89's advice column | Ask joolaygurl89 A Question

rainbowcherrie answered Friday August 20 2004, 4:05 pm:
If it doesn't come out easily then it isn't ready to come out. 2 hours isn't really long enough to leave it in for, you should probably leave it for another 2 hours.

[ rainbowcherrie's advice column | Ask rainbowcherrie A Question

Karen answered Friday August 20 2004, 12:20 pm:
You have to leave the tampon in for 5-7 hours and then take it out. You probably didn't let it absorb that much and yea, it is probably dry. If you want to take it out without it hurting, just go pee and it should come out. Hope I helped :)

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

snowwalker69 answered Friday August 20 2004, 12:13 pm:
Okay, here are some tips. The first time I did it, it hurt when I tried to pull it out. Here's what I have since learned. Get a tampon that fits your flow. Regular is the best for when you are starting. And WAIT 4 - 8 hours so that it can absorb something. It hurts when you do it too early.

[ snowwalker69's advice column | Ask snowwalker69 A Question

jokerzgrl answered Friday August 20 2004, 11:11 am:
Honey, hurry up and get that tampon out! For further reference, the tampon might be dry, but you have to be quick about pulling it out. I don't mean to scare you, but have you heard of TSS? Thats nothing to play around with. It could also be that the tampon is really full, and your vagina is small, so its exapnded the walls of your vagina, thats what happened to me the first time I used a tampon. Maybe tampons just aren't for you.
Mad Love,

[ jokerzgrl's advice column | Ask jokerzgrl A Question

DeeplyInLove102203 answered Friday August 20 2004, 11:10 am:
Well to get it out easieru can go pee as u pull it out so u dont feel it as much u kno and it iz normal to kinda hurt when takin it out!! Hope i helped if u need n e thing else juss drop 1 in my inbox k!!


[ DeeplyInLove102203's advice column | Ask DeeplyInLove102203 A Question

pinklemonadestand answered Friday August 20 2004, 9:43 am:
Okay well your tampon might not of soaked up enough blood yet so you will have to wait alittle longer for it to fully soak up and then it should be easy to pull out.


[ pinklemonadestand's advice column | Ask pinklemonadestand A Question

cutie_babee answered Friday August 20 2004, 9:31 am:
well it could be because it's to dry or u putted it in the wrong way....ask your mom to help of read the instrustions they tell you how to put it in and how to place yourself it's very helpful go there first then your mom if you don't understand

[ cutie_babee's advice column | Ask cutie_babee A Question

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