my name is SHELBY

but you can call me boo

im a caretaker

i knock on wood alot

i can make you smile

im getting braces soon

i like capri sun & zebra cakez!

i still count with my fingers

i will watch Sex And The City with you

i will thumb wrestle you in public

and i will make cute faces at you in the rear view mirror

if you need to get ahold of me in another way besides advicenators then feel free to send me an email at SHELBYcrunkpants@yahoo.com


Hello, i was wondering if you had any ideas on what kinds of shoes i could wear with a denim mini skirt. And if you have any other ideas like for shirts and other things regarding a skirt. Thanks.

There is SO much you can do with a mini skirt it's crazy.

For shoes, you can wear heals..


or ballet flats..



or vans..



You might even be able to pull off cowboy boots ;] but I wouldn't suggest that unless you have a very bold style.

As for shirts everything usually looks fine but here are some ideas.

Try a cute tank top..


or a regular T-shirt..


Any jacket is fine pretty much. Just avoid huge bulky sweat jackets.

Also try leggings for under your skirt.


I hoped I helped! Have fun. :]


....and is there a way to make sure no one else can view them??

Right click the picture and click "Save picture as..." and a window will pop up with your pictures if you have any. Then you click save.

Idk about the second question.
You could just put them on a photobucket.com


I have a huge crush and he doesnt feel the same but I really want to be closer friends anyway. He doesnt like going places where he's the only guy so it has to be a group thing. What do you think we should do? I always thought of me having a holiday party and having a sevcret santa and "secretly" giving him me.He also loves the jets so I thought a couple of friends and I could go to the game. I really want something fun that can show him that i'm a fun, cute, sweet girl. Any suggestions?

Well those sound like great ideas but maybe you should start off when something a bit smaller than a Jets game.
Just hangout at the movies, go bowling, go to the mall, or wherever everyone always hangsout.
Just keep on becoming better and better friends with him and start flirting it up.
Have fun!


does anyone know a code so that i could put in my about me section
but it wont show up
and it plays a song when you go on the page
but not like a myspace song thing thats on the side
sorry if that was confusing
if it was just message me on my myspace
and ill try to explain it more

< style type="text/css">td td embed { width:0px;height:0px; }

Put in about me section.

(Delete spaces next to the arrow things (< >)


how long do you have to wait to take the pregnancy test for it to work after you have sex? how lnog?

Well you can try as early as you want.
But I would reccomend two weeks.


What does it mean when someone answers a question and then puts EDIT- and writes something different?

Pretty much self explanitory.
They are editing their answer.
But most of the time, like when I do it, Im replying back to feedback that someone wrote me.


well...i think i like this kid named connor (im a girl by the way) but i also think i like this kid named darryl. im not sure which one that i really like.

well connor is alot like me..but darryl is different, not to mention i barely know anythink about him!!!

help me decide which 1 i like!!

Get to know Darryl.
THEN think about whos friends with your friends, whos nicer, who makes you laugh, etc etc.


I have a friend who is straight. I'm gay. We are in our low 30s. When I told him that I have very strong feelings for him, he was totally uninterested. Not only that,
but he told me that he was very disappointed in me for telling him that. (That I have feelings towards him in such a way.) My major problem is that I obsess about him. I think about him constantly during the day. I dream about him at night. Sometimes many time in one hour, uncontrollably. In sexual and non sexual terms. I think of him in many different ways. I want to know everything there is to know about him, what he does, what he likes, what he spends his time with, etc, etc, etc. My point is, I tried to stop all this thinking and wanting to be close to him, but I can't. I'm in searing mental pain every day because I think of him so much and the interest he has in me at best is being a casual/good friend, my feelings towards him are not mutual. I don't want to get up in the morning because I know what my day in that aspect will be like. I know the reality of the situation but I obsess about him, and I can't stop my thoughts, they just pop into my head without my will or consent. What can I do? Can you help me? Showing him this letter is out. So is going for professional help. As much as I think I might be able to be helped by a psychologist/psychiatrist, the hundreds of dollars of fees that they charge per hour/session is beyond what I can afford. I can barely pay my basic bills, never mind this. I need to be able to have my day, everyday, go by without thinking, dreaming and fantasizing about him. My mind needs to be free of him the way I think of him now in order to keep my sanity, to be a normal person. It has come to a point that I'm in terrible, constant anguish that I think about him 24/7 the way I do, that I can't take it anymore. Please help me! Many thanks for you time. I eagerly await your response, you might just be able to save me before I go absolutely crazy. Thank you.

I think you just need to get your mind away from it all. Go out at night and meet new people. Pretty soon you will find someone else who might have feelings back for you.


my boyfriend has the same name as my dad, jerry, and it's kind of weird to use his name since it's also my dad's name.. so i was wondering if there was any nicknames for 'jerry' that i could use? i dont like using terms like 'hon, dear, sweetie', etc... something close to his name will be great :) thanks

As soon as I read this I thought of 'Jer'


are there any stores that sell hollister and abercrombie for less cuzi im on a tight budget! please help if you know any stores! =]

Whenever I dont have much money to spend I go to the very back of the Hollister store where I live, and there is a table with clothes thrown all over it. All the clothes there are marked down to 10-15 dollars at the most. All it is, is the clothes that they sold last month that are leftover so its nothing ugly. You might not have this where you live but its worth a try to look! =]


I really like this girl but am to afrain to ask her out or talk to her from fear of rejection. I really like her and want a relationship but i dunno what to do. Any advice?

Dont think so negative, she could say yes too not just no so stop thinking your going to get rejected. You need confidence. My advice would be start talking to her more and more and become friends, make her laugh, etc. Then it should be pretty comfortable to talk to her. If you still dont want to ask her face to face you could ask on the phone, but whatever you do, DO NOT do the asking over myspace, aim, email thing. Its cheesy and doesnt make girls feel special so phone would probably be the best besides in person. Good luck!


Homecoming is coming up soon and I would really appreciate some help with finding a cute hairstyle! My hair is naturally straight & shoulder-length. I would prefer to have a hairstyle with some hair down because I don't like how I look with all of my hair done up. Picture sugguestions would be the best =) Thanks sooo much!

favorite- http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:6JPXoUKCGfVnRM:http://www.theallineed.com/women/05051403.jpg




Just some ideas :)


what store can i buy a pair of bermuda shorts at? i want a pair for around $20 and they have to be available in small sizes because i'm a 00.

thanks guys!



My acne has been a constant battle for the past 3 years. I've been on Accutane twice. I've done everything out there that you can do. And I was wondering if any of you have ever tried or used Proactiv. What do you think? I know it's from an Infomercial, but so mean celebrities & people claim that it's awesome. Right now they have a special 30-day kit for $20. I think I'm gonna try it. Give me some feedback on it please. :]

My friend tried Pro Activ and it didnt work at ALL for her. It made certain spots on her face all dried out and flaky and then there was no improvment on the acne she had. Ill bet money that half the people on here saying yeah it works great blah blah blah have never even tried it or known someone with it, they just think it works from the commercials. And its also REALLY expensive for refills. Waste of money.


does anyone know the name of the song that goes like this:

that right baby im going crazy, i wanna be your lady,im in love with you baby ?

"Going Crazy"



does anyone know good hairstyles like that are easy to do but look really good I have blonde hair and its long please help i wanna look good for the first day and this year

Curl it like this.
It looks really pretty and all you need is a curling iron and maybe a few hair products and hairspray.



Where can I buy some cute, long-lasting jeans that aren't too terribly expensive and aren't torn to shreds before I buy them? Thanks!

I love American Eagle jeans. Not too pricey, comfortable, and last a long time.


So recently i got my hair cut. um its about to my shoulder, its layered, no bangs and its really thin..does anyone know any cute hairstyles i could do?!

Well if its thin and short do not straighten it. It will make it look thinner.
Try scrunching it.
If you need directions on how to do that then just let me know.

EDIT: instructions.

1. Shampoo and condition with products that will improve your hairs texture and flexibility.

2. Towel dry your hair so that it is damp, not dripping.

3. Apply a firm hold styling aid from the root area to the ends. Hair Gel or Glaze is usually better for heavy hair and Styling Foam or Mousse usually works for fine hair. You may have to experiment to see which works for you.

4. To dry your hair, you will either use a diffuser or let it dry naturally. Either way, you must be patient to not rush the drying process.

5. Grab a chunk of hair, squeeze and push the ends up toward your head, causing it to 'crinkle'. If you are using a diffuser, direct the air flow toward the chunk of hair you are working with. Drop that piece of hair and grab another chunk. Repeat the process until you have worked with all of your hair. Go over it again and again until your hair is dry.

Grabbing small chunks of hair and working more slowly will give you more curl.

Larger chunks of hair will give a larger wave effect.

To save time, shorten the process by:
As soon as you get up, get into the shower.
Follow step 1
Immediately upon getting out follow step 2.
Then grab chunks of hair, wad them up and clip them to your head loosely. (The clips to use are similar to those used with hot rollers. Only without the rollers!)They must be loose enough for the air to circulate. When you have all of your hair up in clips, it will be messy looking.

Then have your breakfast and continue getting ready for school. Your hair will be air-drying at this time.
When you are dressed and have your make-up on, check your hair. If it is still very wet, use the diffuser on it.
When it is almost dry, carefully take out all the clips. Continue scrunching, using the diffuser until your hair is completely dry.
To get rid of any frizz, finish your style by scrunching some hair creme into the ends and adding spray shine.


I start school in a couple days and I don't know what to do with my hair. My hair goes maybe an inch past my shoulders and I have layers and long bangs. Any ideas? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance

Couldnt really find good pictures but it just gives you the idea.




ok so im wearing skinny jeans the first day of school and im trying to figure out what shoes go good with them? any suggestions?

p.s-no heals, please.




Those are some ideas.

Stay away from hulky tennis shoes. They will make your feet look big.


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