My name is Racquel. I am eighteen years old and I am a student at NCIVS.♥

I have blonde hair and deep blue eyes.I weigh about 120 pounds and i am 5'5 inches. I think thats all you really need to know about my apperance.♥

I'm quite funny when i want to be around my friends. I'm out-going and i will talk to anyone, even if i dont know them. I have a few close friends, but that's all i really need =P. I can get really angry sometimes, but that is only if you make me mad. I didn't really have the best childhood, but that's beside the point. I'm very easy to get along with, im fun to be around, I don't really have a lot of self esteem, but im workin on it. I say good things about myself some of the time. But other than that, i would love to talk to anyone who wishes to. =)♥

If you need questions answered, ill try to answer them to the best of my ability. I will tell you like it is, because im that type of person, so dont get offended if i say anything mean. But, please give me feedback, i'd really appreciate it very much!♥


I have been texting and chatting it up with this guy for a pretty long time and we were getting really into eachother. We both admitted that we liked eachother. For the last six days he has not text me back or anything, but I got my friend to text him and he text her right back. Now his relationship status in In a Relationship.
what should i do?

That means he found someone else... if he is ignoring you and not texting you back, thats a hint saying that I dont want to talk to you anymore...especially if his status is "In a Relationship".


me and my bf have been dating almost 6 months. and i wanna get him something for our anv.im hoping he'll remember,lol.
anyways. he LOVES music, hes in a band and he never stops listening to it. i thought about making him a CD. but he already has so many and stuff. any other ideas?
thank you!

Well, my idea is, (if its not too cold out) you should take him out on a date at the beach or at a park and make a picnic. You can bring a portable stereo and bring your homemade CD along and show him. Just relax and enjoy your time together. If you want to make it memorable, you could write him a love letter, or song and put it in a bottle (like the message in the bottle type thing) and put a ribbon around it. If you want any other ideas, please feel free to ask me. =) Im sure you two will have fun!


hey my name is lauren and i am still in lower secondary school i need money to go on holiday but i am to young to get a job and i cant think of any ideas at all! to be able to make enough money to go on holiday with. i have had loads of ideas from m8ts but the problem is none seem suitable! i really need to make money fast! its 23rd jam and i need it by early may please give me some advice??? x

You could do what I did and walk dogs? I did it professionally though, but you don't have to. You could also... shovel driveways for people? If you want more advice, just email me =)


Does birth control help to clear up your acne? If so, how long does it usually take? I've only been on mine for about 12 days and I've found my acne to be getting worse.

Yes, I am on birth control and in the beginning it made me have zits alot. As you continue to take it it will reduce.


so the problem is that I AM A GIRL and i hate other girls. i can't stand them. i think their so weird and discusting. and i am a girl myself. and i only have guy friends. and i only like guys.
seriously i think guys are the only normal creatures in this world. and it makes me so angry hearing girls talking about girl stuff. it's just SO anoying. and when they scream cause they are so excited over something. it always makes me pissed. and seriously i am obsessed with guys. i dress like a guy , i act like a guy a lot , and i only have guy friends , and i am so crazy about guys haha
and i don't get myself.
is this behavior normal? or am i a weird person?

Yes, this behaviour is normal. I am exactly like that too. Just yesterday i got really mad and screamed out i hate girls haha, but thats beside the point. You are not a weird person, your just more like 'one of the guys' and that is perfectly normal. Personally, i think hanging out with guys is way better than talking with girls.


Why do some girls dress really sexy , low cut tops micro mini skirts and then think guys are perverts when we check them out? Is it all part of a cruel head game to drive us nuts?

also , besides the name "vagina" are there other names for that area that a girl wouldn't find offensive ? Assuming P@@@y and C**t ant acceptable?

Girls dress that way because, well there are a few reasons:

1. They like it when guys look at them, because it gives them confidence in themselves and it makes their self-esteem higher.

2. They are just whorey, and they just want to make out with every guy they see lookin at them.

3. Sometimes people just wear them because they look good on them, and they like to wear skirts, its not because they are whorey or want to get attention, they just like to wear skirts.

I don't know why girls think that, maybe on the inside they think wow, some guy just checked me out, but im not exactly sure thats what every girl thinks.

As for the names, hm, this one is hard, haha. Im not sure what else you could call it, vagina is acceptable like you said. Um, there are humour ones that you could look up on the internet if you can without getting in trouble in looking it up, but other than that i can't think of any other names for it. You mentioned the 3 most common ones haha.

I hope i helped you in some way. If you still need some things cleared up, just ask me again, ill try and help you in any way i can. =)


I have.....i'm just gonna say it i have large boobs and alot of guys flirt with me but i want to know if they like me or my boobs please help me, massie

they are guys...what do you think?!? they like you for your boobs, thats it.


im looking into getting a job. im fourteen, so i could only work part time, on the weekends. on average, how much does dunkin donuts or stop and shop pay a part time worker, like someone who works just the weekends, like i would have to do, either per hour or per month.


You will get paid at least 7.25 (minimum wage) depends on where you are from. Thats the minimum wage i get paid and i work at McDonalds in Ontario, Canada.


What are the bands that the Red Hot Chili Peppers imitate in their Dani California video?

Elvis Presley and The Cure. Those are two of the bands i know of, not sure if there are any others.


ok,i need to know from people, how can i make a shirt thats like the henlys from hollister? i really want to make henlys that are short sleeve and also 3/4. they dont look too hard to make. could you give me a list of things i'll need? does anyone know that fabric they use(hmm...weird question hah) Also,i have some awesome ideas for the shirts,like what to put on it. besides patchwork,what could i use to get an image on my shirt? (like the kind that can go through the wash that is actually on the shirt,that you get from the computer or something) any sites? tips? or stores? thanks

Well there is a machine that you can print an image on the thing and you could iron it onto the shirt, but im guessing those are very expensive and im not sure that you would wanna spend that kind of money to do that. Thats all i can think of. Im not sure how you would be able to make that shirt though, sorry. Hope i helped for something though.


I have a problem with all the jeans i buy! in about 6 months time after i buy them, they start to rip at ususlly the crotch part. I cant keeping buying jeans over and over again. Am i over wearing them? What can i do to get rid of the problem?


You could also maybe buy them a size larger so you grow into them eventually. You may be over wearing them, there is nothing wrong that. Just wear other things and no so often.


right this is such a personal question and its only for girls not unless a guy has experienc ein it right basically if you were giving some one a handjob would you want them to finger you back?

its your own personal liking, some people do and some people dont prefer it.. its up to you.


Have you ever had a sudden urge to do something? Why do we get them?
Like a couple days ago, I had the sudden urge to kiss my best friend (im f/he's m). Another time I wanted to jump out my window. Talk about random!
Help, I keep getting them...is there something wrong with me?

Well, i think its normal. It could probably just a rush of energy from something (i usually get those) and it makes you want to do crazy things (or just random things). Its normal, nothin is wrong with you.


iS it true that if you chew gum 30 minutes before you exersize you burn more???

I am not too sure on this, but I dont think you would burn more if you chew gum for 30 minutes before, but you could try it out and find out for yourself haha.


whats bondage. people on here ask about it, but whatt is it?

when someone ties up a person to like a bed or something else and they do sexual things to the perosn tied up.



-Does anyone have any pics of sidebangs????
please && thank you.

Look it up on google.



how do you delete songs on ur ipod nano? i had some songs on an old mp3 player that automatically added to it and i want them off for more storage. I highlighted them on the library and pushed the delete button on the keyboard, but it didn't take them off of my ipod.
Thanks for ur answers, i wil rate.

You have to click on the Ipod button on Itunes and then you can delete them off of the ipod. Dont delete them in the library because that just gets rid of them in the library not the ipod.


Do blondes really "have more fun"?

if so why? I've pondered this all my life


Hm, well i think they do haha, thats my own personal opinion, we can have our 'blonde moments' too which can make life really interesting. Im not sure why they have more fun.. i think it is just because we have blonde moments that make things funny. Hope that helped ya. haha



I have a huge crush and he doesnt feel the same but I really want to be closer friends anyway. He doesnt like going places where he's the only guy so it has to be a group thing. What do you think we should do? I always thought of me having a holiday party and having a sevcret santa and "secretly" giving him me.He also loves the jets so I thought a couple of friends and I could go to the game. I really want something fun that can show him that i'm a fun, cute, sweet girl. Any suggestions?

Hm, if you wanted to have a party of some sort, you could ask him if he wanted to go bowling or something where you and him and his friends can enjoy a fun night out. That Jets idea is good idea too =). You should do something you both enjoy too. Now that christmas is over you cant really do the secret santa, but, you can send him little secret admirer notes if you want to, but there may be a risk in doing that. Anyways, just do something where a group of people can enjoy doing something and talk to your crush and have fun. =) Hope i helped.


Ok, I'm 14/f, and you know normal teenagers are usually fighting with their parents and stuff over stupid things.. well, that's the case with me. I dont know, but I seem to lose my temper easily. It's not always me, I mean I'll say something back to my parents that ticks them off until the point where I get so angry that I.. well I've scratched my mom before. And not that long ago I got in a fight with my dad and hit him. It's not like I intentionally want to hurt them that way, I just can't control it. And I feel like now it's gotten out of hand. I'll tell you exactly what happened with my dad before.. My family was watching tv in my family room, and I was thirsty so i went to go get something to eat and some jello lol. Well there's this little stool kinda table thing that I used as a table. It was off to the side so I used my feet to drag it over to the couch since my hands were full. It got caught on the rug and my dad, i dunno what he said exactly but he made a remark about it and I was like, "What am I supposed to do? my hands are full" And he was like.. well.. blahblahblah, I don't even remember what he said, all I remember is I ended up hitting him, and then he flipped out and took the jello and drink away and yelled at me and threatened that I didn't have to get a new cell phone, etc. See how stupid it is? But I really can't control this. Idk what I should do. I really want this $88 hair straightener, and my mom said if I was good during the vacation we are going on next week then I could get it. But I'm gonna be with my mom dad and brother in a hotel room for like 4 nights, and I have a feeling I'm just gonna get mad at them for the stupidest thing and end up ruining the chances of getting that straightener. How can I control my anger? I feel really badly about everything now, I really don't mean it.. I'm just.. i dunno, everythings changing. Sorry this was so long.. please help.. thank you

okay, i am going through EXACTLY what you are going through, im 15 though. Caramella, who cares if no one likes you, if no one can accept you for who you are then, they arent really your friends in the first place! I have gone way too far in this anger thing..and yes like one of the people, as you grow up it increases.. BELIEVE me! Im at the peak of my anger right now and i want to hurt anyone i see at school...i would talk to a counsellor, it may sound silly but it works.. maybe not me persay haha but you can still make it happen, you dont want to turn out like me, with like 2 people who i can trust and no one else.. nah, you wouldnt like this life...


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