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so me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 5 months and I really think our relationship is going really well. And well I was on the phone with him and he told me that he wanted to go further... and well we've made out and stuff but I don't know what is the next step without it getting to weird...so any advice?

he must mean getting in your pants and i know that sounds bad but only do it if you are comfortable! the guys usually make that move so you wont have to worry. only do things with him if you truly love him bc you will remember it the rest of your life!


Me and my bf have been together for 2 years now.We don't fight much these days but when we do he yelle at me and he really scares me sometimes.He really makes me upset and makes me cry then he says he's sorry and he said i should treat him better and i wont yell at u.He tells his family things that aren't true,but i really love him i dont want to break up

i know your in love but really is it worth it? you diserve better and you should not be treated this way if he thinks that you should treat him better. and if he scares you then whats the point? im sorry but it sound like this is not what u need


ok so all day i've been getting calls and texts from people saying i texted them and stuff. The numbers that im getting texted and called from are no where near the number that i was trying to text... like even a different area code and in my sent box it says that i sent it to the number that i wanted it to go to. I sometimes send pretty personal texts and it's not cool that other people are getting them. Is there any way to make this stop? ps i have verizon and my phone is the env2 if that makes any difference.

you phone probably has a problem. i know my best friend has the env2 and now its old and its having problems with it so its best to take your phone to your local verizon store to get it fixed.


Recently, I got a new HP laptop and there is a built in camera but the thing is, I don't know how to use it! I can't find how to get to it or to take pictures or anything. I tried to read the book thing on it but I can't find it. Does anyone know how I can find this camera? Thank you!

well this is if you have a dell....go to the start menu....go to all programs...then click dell webcam..then press dell webcam center then it will take you there good luck!


So, I have the hardest time swallowing pills. It's weird, I use to be able to. But for some reason now I just can't do it. I know it's all in my head and I think I'll choke or something. Any advice?

drink water while swallowing the pill and it will feel like u r drinking


One of my friends goes to another school. She is constantly felt up by this one guy and when she fights back he hurts her. She has went to teachers and to the principal and they don't do anything. All they do is say, "if it happens again let us know". She has done this and it continues. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do? Have you experienced this and how did you fix it? The people that should have fixed it are too lazy to do their job and who do you go to if they refuse to actually act?

get her parents to talk to the principal then they could do something about it or get the police! don't make it too dramatic though♥


who is my soulmate

go out and find them


me and my girlfriend were doing stuff and she gave me a blow job and swallowed most of it but there was some left on the tip of my penis so when i put it back in my pants could it have got on my hand and when i fingered her got her pregnant.

btw there was like a 2 to 3 minutes inbetween me putting it in my pants and then me fingering her

tell her to buy a pregnancy test at a pharmacy


whenever im with a bunch of friends i dont feeel girly at all because all the girls are like flirting and being crazy and stuff and i just feel awkward.
what should i do to just open up?

you can try to stand out like look girly, wear make-up but not too much...only wear enough to make it look natural, and you can flirt too


im thinking about getting my tongue pierced but i dont want my parents to find out so i need a tongue colored pink so it doesnt stand out. does anyone know where i can find a tongue ring, i prefer a plastic ont or something thats not metal cuz im alergic to certain metals but i dont know which , can anyone help?

if your parents make you talk a lot and watch you eat then they will probably find out so im just telling you to watch out and good luck with it


what can i get my bf for christmas? im going shopping tomorrow and then otherwise i cant get it to him until school starts again.
btw he likes ice hockey and biking...
any suggestion will help..thanks!:)

buy a picture frame and put a picture of the two fo you in it!


I am not a "love" person . Annd , I do usually ignore these posts and keep who I like secert , Usually hiding it by saying I don't like anyone .
Plus , I don't agree with dating at my age .
So , As horrible as it is , I have began to like someone . Not gonna lie , He's ughh very full of himself >.>
ANYWAYS , I do indeed try to ignore him , Keep away XDD .Butt , He talks to me and I don't mean to sound rude but ignoring someone when they start to talk to you is rather hard . Espically in dance .
I wont go into grieve detail why he's full of himself , He just is .
So , In other words Im a confused girl .
Well , How do I not give him the wrong impression ? I guess XDD .

if you want him to like you more then u should become friends first then it could go father from that


Iam 17 years old and i babysit my niece and my nephew every saturday from 3:00pm until 10:00pm and all we do is color and watch movies and iam pretty sure they get tired of it sometimes i read them stories but iam running out of ideas.cheyanne(girl is 5)kaligha is 3)and iam running out of activities for them to do please help me.

how about you have some contest kind of things but make it a tie all of the time. (give them prizes if you do that)a dance contest is fun for them or even tell stupid/funny stories that they would like. tell knock knock jokes too. i know it sounds stupid but they are just kids. make it fun for all of you. im going through it too.



Does anyone know any yearbook themes? I'm really stressed out about it and it would be cool if there were some recommendations. Thanx

you could use your school logo. sorry ifi din't help as much.


I have a couple scars from deep cuts and they're really embarrassing and gross. I was wondering if anyone knew any products that fade scars or any ways that I could disguise/hide/get rid of them. I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks so much.

try mederma. rub it on daily and it will be gone in no time at all.


i really need help getting rid of acne. I cant spend a lot of money on real expensive products...ive used neutrogena and a few other things but it doesnt help....does anyone know of anything i could do or try?

try noxzima. after you use that every night, use stridex pad to clean off your face. i hope i helped.
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So in 7th Grade I was over weight and I lost about 40 pounds in 2 months. I have stretch marks what can i do to get them gone completley. Also, how do u get cellulite (spelling) to go away.
i want to be a model when i grow up and i dont want to deal with stretch marks and cellulite.

try palmer's cocoa butter. it works for strech marks. it says that its for pregnacy but w/e. you are still able to use it though. i hope i helped.

also how do u lose 40 lbs in 2 months. can you tell me more about that? thx.

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OKay. so im 5'3 and im about 115 pounds. is this a good weight to be for my height? i know i have lots of muscle and stuff but i still feel like im always bigger than my friends. or i feel im fat becuz i have all that lower tummy fat and it makes me look bigger from the front. i am not sure what to do. and i eat healthy and everything and im very athletic. but the fat never comes off! im so self conscious! please help!! :/ thanks a bunch!

your fine. you don't have to worry. i feel the same way. im 5'3'' and am 135 lbs. i wish i could lose some weight so im trying. i hope i helped.


My hair is naturally frizzy and wavy.

Everymorning during the school year i straighten it for the most part

But my hair never looks the best until that night when it gets a little greesier (prob. because i dye it straighten it and sometimes blow dry it) but if i wash it every other day it looks really bad (like super greesy) the next day if i don't wash it

My problem is i am going to go running everymorning come home shower blowdry it and the whole shabang but my problem is it always looks dry and frizz's easily if it has been washed in the past 12 hours or so. I know its not the straighter but more of just my hair is dry but i know i have to shower after i run because I am going to be sweaty

My question is how can i wash my hair and get all the sweat out but keep it from being as dry looking (and it frizzes right away once i step outside if ti was freshly washed because its humid where i live most of the time). I was thinking maybe just rinsing it with water would work and acually shampoo it before bed but i wasn't sure

any ideas?

any products to help? I am not going to stop straightening or change straightener so don't suggest that (unless you use the most amazing straighter ever for under $50 because I use a helen of troy and i love it. but don't make your choice of straightener your adivce alone)

My school is an open campus so i go outside for about 5 mins every 45 mins so i can't avoid the elements (i live in PA)

you probably should use sunslik. it helps with greese. or even try nutrogena. it helps me with my greesy hair. i hope i helped.


Ok this might sound stupid but i wanna know if this is normal. sometimes if i hear a song that i really really love it makes me want to cry, i think just becuase its so beautiful and i feel so deep, its kind of disturbing. for me its enjoy the silence by depeche mode, and lacuna coil covered it, i like that one just as much.

So is this normal? It might be becuase music is such an important part in my life? Thanks.

hi- its totally normal. that happens to me sometimes if i think about something sad at the same time so its like backround music. lol. you don't have to worry about it. i hope i helped.


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