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Hey, I'm a 14 year old horse back rider. I have 2 horses named Jewel and Skye, 4 dogs plus 7 I'm training(with my family), and 2 parakeets. Also I have a dog boarding kennel in my back yard. I have lots of animals ya think?! I love all feedback and questions just let me know your problem and I'll write back. Also when I ask a question I rate it in my opinion I don't want any hard feelings by it.

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I hear a couple of words from the lyrics and all i could describe the song as it's mellow kind of like something tracy chapman would sing but i am not too sure if it's by her... the lyrics include something like along the lines of:

You're the words to a famous song


you're the words to a song that plays


I sing to you toodoodoo...etc
or was it I sing for you??
maybe?? and then i sing for you...

anyway I'd really appreciate the help! (link)
I'm not sure but Lady Antebellum sings I Run To You, that sounds similar to those lyrics.

what is the dark in tall, dark, and handsome? when talking about guys (link)
Sorry to contradict but I aays thought it meant mysterious.

i have a husky that has a inffection around his eyes. His eyes are very swollen and red. can anybody help me with this because i dont know what to do.? (link)
When one or both of your pet's eyelids puff up, she is probably having an allergic reaction to an insect bite, a medication that she is taking, or simply seasonal pollen. Swelling may also occur when something gets stuck under the eyelid.
If there is a yellow or green discharge or crusting around the eyes your husky could have an infection, either in the eyelid itself or in the tear-producing glands nearby.
Some dogs are born with this thing where the lashes brush against the eye. The constant irritation may cause the eyelids to swell.

What can I do about a runny nose?

Under my nose, is a bit raw from all the sneezing and wiping my nose. And every time my head is down, my nose gets all runny and ...makes a gross mess.

What can I do for tomorrow in school? We have essays to write and I can't keep my head up.

Is there anything I can do? I'm taking a tissue box of course but anything else? (link)
What Jessica said also for your dry nose put some vaseline or chap stick there and it'll start to heal and use soft tissues. ADVIL will help ifyou have head pressure too.


Hi myself and partner are not married and im trying to decide which surname suits him better mine or my partners

Jack Harte


Jack Stapleton

Im Stuck with the name jack as it really suits him.

Id be grateful for your opinions

Thank you (link)
Personally I like Stapleton

I have a problem with my cat eating wet food. She won't eat it, but she will lick the juice/sauce up from it. However she has no problem eating dry food. She'll eat 1/2 cup of it within a day. But I want to know why she will not eat her wet food. I have tried just every kind of wet food out there. But nothing worked. What could I do to solve this or fix this? Or should I just forget it and leave her with just dry food?

But just a note I really want her to eat wet food because it's nutritious and has important ingredients in there that aren't contained in dry food.

And because of this my cat is pretty skinny -- only three pounds.

If it helps, my cat is approximately 7 months old (older kitten).

Thanks in advance! (link)
Cats know about their own nutrition better than we think sometimes. So maybe some of the chemicals upset her stomach. Another thing could also be is if she has loose stool she may have worms. It is very common in puppies and kittens because they are close to the ground. If it is worms it is an easy fix you just get some medication.

Hope I helped

is spaying and neutering a pet wrong? (link)
It is actually a very GOOD thing. If you didn't then there would be even more of an overpopulation.

Okay, I dont need help coping,
I just need to know if I'm alright.
I mean my grandma died when i was in 5th grade,
I'm going into 10th now, and I was closer to her,
more close than the usual grandchild grandma bond.
I mean ever since I was born I came over to my grandparents house EVERDAY after school,
and I stayed there a lot. And I still cry over her, and how I miss her.

I mean when it happened, sure I was sad, and I understood she was gone, but today I understand more, and it just makes me wish she was here.

Especially since I'm volunteering at a nursing home, for some reason I get weird notions that my grandma is stuck somewhere in there, since she said she woudl hate to be there ever. And that I just cant find her, and shes miserable.

And this month, august, is the month she died,
on the twenty eigth actually, and it was a tuesday. and i cant take it, i don tknow what to do, and if i'm going to be okay? Is it usual to still beupst about things like this even if it happened a long time ago?

Hey I know what yout going through my uncle and I were the same way. What I did was I made a colage of his life and instead of crying on the day he died I celebrate his life. I throw a big party with all of his friends and family.

It was even harder for me because my parents didn't tell me and I found out by hearing it from my abusive babysitter. I still remember what she said..."WOW a man died at the wheel from having a heart-attack. He crashed into a ditch and died instantly." I wondered what his name was it turned out to be my uncle. My mom soon walked in I was still in shock. I flipped out because they didn't tell me to this day I still have anger about it.

I miss him like he was my father and I am still in shock 4 years later vut I am still living life and when I think of him I just think he wouldn't want me to be sad he would want me to be happy.

If youwant anyone to talk to I'm here. I really know what your going through.


hi, i recently (yesterday) bought a cocatiel from a pet shop. i dont know how old it is, but was wandering if you could give me some tips on hand taming him. thanks in advance (link)
I have a parakeet so I know exactly what your going through.

#1- Put you finger in the middle of the cage parallel to the back.

#2-Once s/he doesn't seemed bothered by your finger gently and slowly move your finger closer each day.

#3-Once s/he is comfortable with that put your finger against s/he stomach s/he probably will get on if not then leave it alone

#4-once its at least comfortable with you, you may bring it out. Once it learns to depend on you you will have a lasting relationship

Hope I helped


So i noticed a couple weeks ago that i have alot of black heads on my chin. theyre not that noticible unless you are face to face with me. but i was wondering what are some cheap black head remover stuff that you can get at walmart or somewhere cheap? thanks. (link)
I use Stridex. I'm not sure of the price range but it works really well. It removes grease and bad oils from your face.

If that doesn't work and if your willing to spend a little extra money go to your doctor and ask about differin. That may be expensive though.

my dog has the worst breath in the is way to much $ to take her to the vet to get her teeth cleaned so i need something to get the smell gone.
Greenie Bones clean thier teeth and makes thier breath smell better.They are a little expensive but they are totally worth it and all the dogs I've seen love them.

Hope I helped


ok well im trying to burn a cd off of itunes. Well everything was going great. I had a CD-R and i had evrything checked and ready to go. Everything was going smoothly until all of the sudden it said, cancelling cd burn, and it said it had an unknown error. Does anyone have any idea what happened? Can you please help me burn this cd????
thanks for your time.
-dumb blonde (link)
I have the same problem I am responding so I can see the answers too.

Thank you


hey everyone! I'm having a party and I need some really good songs to dance to, some recent songs. I have a lot of reggaeton songs, and of course I have Get Low, Yeah, etc. can someone please suggest some more? thanks.

[P.S. please just suggest hip-hop, reggae, and reggaeton songs] (link)
Maybe some songs like Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake or Goodnight Goodnight by Hot Hot Heat hope I helped


What do you use to take tarnish off fake silver? (link)
I don't know if it's true but I have heard that toothpaste will clear it back to regular shine.

My dog is throwing up blood She is eating a dog bone that she doesn't usally eat. I am really worried please give me advice (link)
Ok it may be a sign of internal bleeding. But throwing up blood is NEVER a good sign. If I were you I'd bring her to the vet it may save her life.

Hope I helped,

So I wanted to get a big tote bag for the school year. I wanted something that's going to be durable and can hold all my books, and yet still be cute and stylish.
Any suggestions? (link)
Out of 69 girls in my grade 30 have Vera Bradley bags. They are cute stylish and VERY handy. They are also expensive but there are faulty ones that look the same but are just an off cheaper brand. They are JUST as durable.

Hope I helped

I'm going into 9th grade at a Catholic high school (not that the fact that it's Catholic matters, mind you). I've never had a boyfriend, but I do talk to guys. I want to get a boyfriend next year. What is your advice for this? What can I do and how can I act? (link)
Act like yourself guys HATE frauds. Besides its better to be liked for who you are than be loved for someone your not.


my birthdayy is in late august. i don't really feel like having a party, and i want to do something fun maybe with just my best friend or a couple people. what are some suggestions? thankyouu! sorry if its in the wrong category. (link)
Go outside in your bathing suits and have a shaving cream fight. They are SOOOO much fun.

Every single time i go to bed, all my life i've had problems falling asleep. ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY. I CANNOT get comfortable, i toss and turn for hours before i can find a good stop, NONSTOP. Something is always bothering me, either my leg is not covred, or its covered too much, i'm bretahing on myself, y covers are itchy, tehres not enouhg covers, my leg is up too high, im falling off the bed, the lsit goes on and on! Most people ignore these thigns but tehy bug the heck out of me, i thought maybe i havr RLS (restless leg syndrome) but idk. does ANYBODY have any idea wat this is? or am i just like that and tehres nothing i can do about it (link)
I have that problem it is a sleep disorder. I have to take meds for it so I'd go to a doctor.

instead of using ILJ (i love jake) what are other ways of saying MPJ (me plus jake) that way other ppl wont know what im talking about..and if they ask what is another thing it stands for..

thanks in advance..bye (link)
IAJ I adore Jake
MTLIJ My true love is Jake

I'll let you know what else later

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