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my cat won't eat her food!

Question Posted Friday August 11 2006, 2:31 pm

I have a problem with my cat eating wet food. She won't eat it, but she will lick the juice/sauce up from it. However she has no problem eating dry food. She'll eat 1/2 cup of it within a day. But I want to know why she will not eat her wet food. I have tried just every kind of wet food out there. But nothing worked. What could I do to solve this or fix this? Or should I just forget it and leave her with just dry food?

But just a note I really want her to eat wet food because it's nutritious and has important ingredients in there that aren't contained in dry food.

And because of this my cat is pretty skinny -- only three pounds.

If it helps, my cat is approximately 7 months old (older kitten).

Thanks in advance!

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maggiesmom answered Tuesday September 4 2007, 5:29 pm:
Hi - My cat virtually gave up eating her dry food and the only thing she wanted was wet food and would only lick the sauce and not eat the meat, then five minutes later she was crying for more food and the sauce alone was not filling her up. So, I bought a cheap blender for $14. at Wal-Mart that has a "liquify" button on it and processed the wet food with a little water (no more water than is necessary, as you don't want to dilute all the good vitamins and nutrients). I liquify it to the point that you can't see any meat all, just liquid. At first she didn't eat all that much, but now she's eating it really well. I store it in a plactic container in the refrig. When she's hungry, I put it out and when she's done, I put it right back so that it doesn't spoil. Hope this helps. Cheryl

[ maggiesmom's advice column | Ask maggiesmom A Question

orphans answered Tuesday August 22 2006, 9:05 am:
my 5 month kitten was like that a couple of weeks ago, we went 2 the vet and they said starve him for 12 hours then feed him some white chicken. and then he was eating his meat and biscuits.
hope i helped

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

selectopaque answered Saturday August 12 2006, 9:36 am:
Cats don't drink water like they should. This is one reason why cats are more likely to get urinary problems. Since they don't drink much water, their urine tends to be more concentrated, making them more likely to get stones and what not.

This explains why your cat will only drink the juice out of the wet food. Her body is striving to get the most moisture out of her food. For some reason she doesn't eat the actual food... that just baffles me.

You can do one of two things. You can try to decrease her hard food portions and offer her soft food on top of the hard food, so that she has to get under the soft food to get the hard food, hopefully she'll eat at least some of the soft food, and will eventually get a taste for it.

Or, you could go for a better quality hard food and just feed her that. But, it's still a pretty good idea to keep something that will give her moisture, like tuna juice, or, if you don't mind spending the money of soft food just for the juice, then continue to do that.

Or, have you tried the kind of soft foods that don't come in juices. Some of them kind of look like a paste instead of chunks in juice.

Maybe she would like those.

Lastly, I have to say this... there may be an underlying health problem. Three pounds seems quite skinny for a seven month old kitten. Only by a couple of pounds, but thats a lot when your so tiny.

You might want to contact your vet and ask them.

[ selectopaque's advice column | Ask selectopaque A Question

Helpful answered Friday August 11 2006, 8:28 pm:
Maybe you could try using a plate instead of a bowl. Cats prefer eating off a flat surface because their heads aren't stuck in a bowl where they can't see anything. Or maybe your cat is full from all the dry food. Maybe you should talk to your vet to see what's up.

[ Helpful's advice column | Ask Helpful A Question

barrelracer15 answered Friday August 11 2006, 8:27 pm:
Sometimes cats and dogs have a problem when you suddenly change their food. Try giving your cat its dry food with a little wet food in the same bowl. Gradually decrease the dry food and increase the wet food. You should try to have your cat on all wet food in about a week to a week and a half. I hope this helps, I have a horse, a dog, and two cats and know how picky they can be with their food. Oh and cats don't like sweet things and know what they shouldn't eat... they aren't being stubborn, they're caring for their health.

[ barrelracer15's advice column | Ask barrelracer15 A Question

Jenesmane answered Friday August 11 2006, 4:22 pm:
Cats know about their own nutrition better than we think sometimes. So maybe some of the chemicals upset her stomach. Another thing could also be is if she has loose stool she may have worms. It is very common in puppies and kittens because they are close to the ground. If it is worms it is an easy fix you just get some medication.

Hope I helped

[ Jenesmane's advice column | Ask Jenesmane A Question

isis answered Friday August 11 2006, 4:13 pm:
If you're using a good quality dry cat food it should in fact be better nutritionally for your cat than the usual wet food. It also has the advantage of helping to scrape the teeth of tarter build up. You just need to ensure she has constant access to water as she would need to drink more. If you want her to put on some weight, there are a variety of dry foods geared to dietary requirements. Hills Science Plan is a good one and so is James Wellbeloved. You would need to use one for kittens until she is a year old. Then change to adult, when she is 7 you would need to put her on the senior diet.
If you want her to have the occasional wet food as a treat, she may not like 'lumps' in her food. I know my cats, although they mainly eat the dry diet, will not eat lumpy wet food. They too, will just lick the gravy. I have to either buy pate or mash the lumps in any other wet food.
Hope that helps and good luck.

[ isis's advice column | Ask isis A Question

katie_knows_all481 answered Friday August 11 2006, 4:01 pm:
Try mashing the wet food, and mixing dry food with it. cutting it up may help with a kitten.
Feeding it treats may also help with putting on weight.
Of course, the person who would have the best advice is a vet. if my first idea doesn't work, take your kitty to a vet, and get his/her advice =)
hope i helped!!!
Kaitlyn <3

[ katie_knows_all481's advice column | Ask katie_knows_all481 A Question

THA_PRiNCESZ631 answered Friday August 11 2006, 3:42 pm:
if you want your cat to eat the wet food i say you dump the juice from the wet food into the dry food &/or mix the dry & wet food together .. hope i helpedd xox casper

[ THA_PRiNCESZ631's advice column | Ask THA_PRiNCESZ631 A Question

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