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My friend is such a copy cat. she won't stop copying me! lik eyesterday i changed my myspace to a christmas theme and she did do and got like the same layout as me but mine had strips and hers didn't. then, me and this guy(mike) have been talking for awhile and she is purposly trying to lead him on and now shes ahead of me on his top eight and she thinks its all cool to lead him on. he is kind of a pervert so if he says something gross to me i say ew or that won't happen but she will go along with the pervish stuff. what should i do about her copying and her stealing everything i have? (she has stolen more then just a guy or attempted to) should i talk to the guy about her and shoul di talk to her? or just stay out of it?

Your best friend is probably copying you because she likes your ideas. Take it as a complement. If certain things really tick you off, have a calm talk with her explaining that although you're glad she and her are so close, you would like to have a few things that you do individually. She should take the hint. Although I wouldn't recommend doing thatin the case of guys, though; guys come and go, but friends can last forever. Try not to let her know who you like from now on.


I'm a 21 year old woman and I live alone. My next-door neighbor is a middle-aged man, and I feel that he gives me excess attention. Since I moved here last year, he's left several gifts on my doorstep, including t-shirts, candies, home-grown vegetables, and long letters about how people come into your life for a reason. He often offers to fix up my car or cook for me. Last year, I contacted my property managment and, without naming names, let them know that a neighbor was being too friendly. What scares me is that they knew it was him, and he laid low for a bit. Eventually he confronted me, jokingly asking if I really thought he meant me harm. At one point, a policeman knocked and asked me if I knew my "older, African-American neighbor" but wouldn't tell me why. I feel somewhat guilty of racism and snobbery, but, more importantly, I don't feel entirely secure. He might be spying on me. He knows if I've been napping or on my computer. Tonight I was dozing off on the couch, having a little alone time, when he knocked. I have blinds, but I noticed they were a bit tilted. When I opened, he asked if I were "daydreaming" and then asked my boyfriend's name, claiming he might have received a package for him. I've had all kinds of weid encounters with him in the past--he told me I was hot once, and once my boyfriend and I forgot the window was open, and I when we left my apartment, we saw he had hung a bag of candy from my doorknob. Truth be told, he gives me the creeps. Am I a racist or a snob, or do I really have something to worry about? Contacting the management didn't work, so what should I do?

This guy seems extremely creepy. Maybe not perverted, but he's strange enough for you to want to seek help. Look him up on the sexual predators list (just to make sure). Maybe he has a mental problem. Make a visit to the police station sometime soon and explain your encounters to them. If anything strange ever happens again, make sure to call the police as soon as it does so that they can come and talk to him. If you have to, get a restraining order. This guy is not normal!


are uggs still in style and if they are do you wear them with your pants tucked into them or kept out?

Yes, they are. They're actually more fashionable if you wear them with a mini skirt. Although if you did wear them with jeans, I would tuck them in.


today i was walking into the girls locker room and there was this guy behind me walking into the guys locker room and all of a sudden he started like singing so i turned around to see what he was doing and he was liek.. you like my singing? and i was like.yeahhhh... im really shy so its hard to talk to guys and like i dont know what to say. and then he kept saying stuff to me like come on give me a smile just a little smile and stuff like you like my singing. really random weird and even sounds a little creepy now haha. but like yeah then when i came out i saw him again and he was like come on smile so i was like i am and hes like let me introduce myself im tommy whats ur name so i told him my name and then he shook my hand. it was sooo weird but i didnt know what to do you know? then his friend was there and like laughed at him kinda..so idk if like he actually wanted to talk to me or was just being an idiot and doing that to make fun of me. what do you think he meant by it? by the way im 14/f and a freshman..i think he might\'ve been a junior.. yeah help? thankss.

He was probably just trying to make a joke. And he probably though you were cute too, since he started talking to you. Be confident; come up with something witty to say next time. And if you see this guy again, there will probably be a 'next time,' since these type of goofs never stop.


A big HUGE thing I hate like crazy is when people go digging for compliments. I find it kind of pathetic, but in my home I am constantly torn apart and picked at for every little thing. Always told I'm not pretty or not smart and that I'm a terrible person and noones ever going to want to marry me. (Theres alot more I just dont wanna say it all.) Well because of this I have been losing more and more confidence and I've been tending to go digging for compliments. I mean I always get compliments from everyone, about how I look and how I dress, but at times when I'm not I get insicure. I know that might sound pathetic but i start feeling really bad and down about everything about me and feel the need to have other say good things about me. Is there anything I can do to lift my confidence and stop me from being the type of person I hate? or is it just a self problem that i have to overcome?
Thanks to taking the time to read this,
sorry im being so immature and stupidd.

You aren't immature or stupid at all. Deep down, you know that those things your family says to you aren't true. Furthermore, your family probably knows they aren't true, too. Whoever is saying those horrible things to you is probably either jealous of you or feeling very insecure about themselves. I know that there's not much you can do in your situation, because I'm in your situation. My mom rarely says anything positive about me on her own will; mostly everything she says is prying, criticism, or mean comments. Try to ignore it that best you can. If if gets really bad, talk to someone kind in your home, or another relative. You ARE pretty, you ARE smart, you're a great person, and I'm sure tons of guys are in love with you, and you don't need anyone to reinforce or contradict that.

Best wishes, God bless.


here's my problem:
I'm one of the youngest cousins on one side of my family and it's getting depressing for me to watch them all leave for college. 2 of them I don't even know! Part of the reason being that I have 10 other cousins besides them and a second cousin. I miss them so much and they don't even know it! I used to like one of my cousins when I was little before I knew he was my cousin, and I'm pretty sure he found out. I don't know what to do because now he might still think I do, but that was 7 years ago, everyone says I should tell him before he leaves for college too, but isn't there an easier way?

I'm sorry all of your cousins are going off to college. I know its very hard seeing family leave-- there's huge age gap between my brother and I, who left for college when I was only 3! I guess it was better, because I was younger and barely remember, but allthroughout my childhood I really missed out on a sibling experience, since he was my only one. But I remember it used to make me feel better when I e-mailed him (when I got older, of course). I suggest you ask your aunts and uncles your cousins' e-mail addresses, so you can stay in touch. If they don't know, you could ask for their mailing addresses, so you can send them a letter and ask. Some might even have screen names, although I doubt your aunts and uncles know those, so you may want to ask them personally.

About your cousin-- I'm sure he knows that you don't like him anymore. You were just a little kid and didn't know any better. I used to like my cousin, too, when I was a toddler, but then I thought he was "icky" then I was 5, and made sure he knew it, lol. Your cousin has probably even forgotten about it, since its been a whole 7 years. I wouldn't worry about it much.


Overall, I have good clear skin. But I often break out along my hairline. Also, my nose looks horrible because of all the blackheads and redness have tiny zits. What would you recommend to treat these areas? Nothing too expensive...

If you came here to ask the question, you must be feeling insecure. And if its something as trival as "a few pimples here and there," then I would recommend treating it. First off, make sure you are washing your face twice daily- showering counts. So, if you take showers at night, before you go to school, scrub your face with a wet washcloth. Once you have that routine established, use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser every time you wash your face. I believe you can buy the biggest one for $8-12. Just one pump into each palm, then rub it onto your problem areas. Then use the washcloth to wash it off. When you shower, just rub it on before you go in, then wash it off under the showerhead. After 2 weeks, the Cetaphil should be fully working, so if you don't see the results you want, I would continue to use it until the bottle runs out, but I would also buy Aveeno. It makes different things for different problems, so look around to see type you need. I have an Ultra Calming Moisturizing Cream for redness and a common skin condition I have, so you might want that for your nose. I believe it was only $6 for a small container.

Good luck.


Well this could go on forever, but I'll sum it up.
well in 9th grade i was friends with everyone. I really had no enimies and ppl would make fun of me (overweight) but it didnt bother me back then.
Now I'm in 10th grade and all my original friends just turned on me and started cracking on me and saying really brutal and hurtful comments about me. I wouldnt have mind if i came from the "bully" of the class but a lot of the jokes came from my friend for 5 years. They also shuned me and didnt want me to hang out with them.
I really dont know what to do, I go to very small school (17 students in the 10th grade) soo its kinda hard to get away from them. soo i would really like some one to give me some advice cause i really have no one else to turn to at this point : (
I'll rate really high I just really need some advice.

I'm so sorry your friends did that to you, I know the feeling. It hurts. Bad. But the best thing for you to do is just move on. Hold your head up high and be brave, because that's the best thing you can do right now. Ignore any further rude, ignorant comments. In a couple days, if your friends don't say anything positive about the situation (hmm.. let's think.. a "sorry" would be nice) you may want to approach them on your own. Remember Mandisa's speech to Simon Cowell on American Idol last year? That's the same thing you want to do: show them your bravery and make them sorry. Something as short and simple as "Real friends don't say mean things to each other. Although I doubt you'll apologize, I forgive you." If they have a look of disgust on their face, which they most likely will, you may want to add something like, "Don't worry, I wouldn't bother hanging out with people as rude as you anymore."

Sweetie, just remember that there are people out there who love you, and that after high school, your life will be great. You'll go off to college and meet new people who will know nothing about your past. Just hang in there for now, and try to make new friends. Good luck, and God bless.


For some reason I get SO MAD when a friend of mine gets pregnant. Like I had so many friends who ended up getting pregnant, but before that they always talked about being abstinent, and not anything like that and before I know it they're having babies.. I can't stand it at all. I do not know why it bothers me so much. I support them and help them out, but there's just something that angers me about them getting pregnant. Can someone please explain to me why or how I feel this way, and how I can get over this emotion?

You know that your friends are making bad decisions and you're sad, angry, and disappointed at and for them. Just by not using a condom on one night they basically put all of their aspirations and goals off by 10 years. This is a normal reaction you are having, and a good one, at that. It shows that you have morals and values and will most likely never make the same bad choices your friends did. Although you are angry that your friends are pregnant, you should let them know that you are always there for them, no matter what, because that's what they need right now. Best wishes.


so me and my b/f have been together about 6 weeks and really thats not that long i know but i wanna do something really sweet for him for christmas. i was gunna burn him a cd with a bunch of love songs on it. but then i was wondering if it would seem to early to do that?? we have moved kinda fast here at the beginning so we are really close so it wouldnt seem weird but would it just seem like something someone would do for like a one year thing??? thanks!

If your guy is into that type of music, then I would go for it. Great idea =)


ok. so i jsut got an ipod. and i was jsut wondering what are som good songs and bands that i can put on???

My Love -Justin Timberlake
Lips of an Angel - Hinder
Far Away - Nickelback
Smack That - Akon f/Eminem
How to Save a Life - the Fray
I Wanna Love You - Akon f/Snoop Dog
Hurt - Christina Aguilera
Too Little Too Late - Jojo
Say it Right - Nelly Furtado
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
London Bridge - Fergie
Honestly - Cartel *** my fave =)
But Its Better If You Do - Panic! at the Disco


I am 15 years old and i have really dark circles under my eyes and fine lines. i didnt have them during the summer but when school started i must be stressed because all of a sudden they showed up. Does any know any products to help this? most concealer dont work too good and they give me fine lines. any help? thanks

I have been cursed with deep veins under my eyes since I was bornl; it runs on my mothers' side of the family. They never go away, and when I get the least bit tired, it gets even darker. The only thing that does the trick for me is Covergirl Smoothers, Neutralizer. It makes a fine line at first, but once you rub it in, it works great.

Try to get more sleep and eat at a regular pace, it might help, too.


ok well my friend max is an athiest. he doesnt belive in any kind of god. hes like a science nerd so that probably has something to do with it. well i really want him to belive in God but i dont know how i can talk to him about it. we arent close enough to talk about that stuff. what should i do?

Even though your friend and you are close, you should probably refrain from pursuading him to believe in your religion. It is his choice to be an atheist, and it should be respected. Would you like it if he tried to pursuade you to shy away from your religion and become and atheist? Probably not.

Although I do understand where you're coming from. Sometimes I feel the same way about the "lazy athiests," as I call them-- people who don't believe in God only because it suits them, so that they don't have to go to church or take the time to pray. I'm not saying your friend is like this, just stating my opinion. Although I have nothing against people who fully understand what it means to be an atheist and choose not to believe in God. So please, anyone, don't think I'm prejudice, because its just my opinion.


i think i got a subscription to cosmo girl and teen people, but lately they havent been coming. maybe i forgot tto pay (it hasn't been one year..) is there anyway/website to find out if my address has a subscription?

Teen People unexpectedly stopped its production a few months ago. You were supposed to get a postcard in the mail (at least, I did) to inform you, but maybe yours got lost in the mail. It said that they would return the money for the rest of the issues. If you don't get your money back soon, you should probably contact Teen People's customer services at 1-800-284-0200 or subsvcs@teen.customersvc.com

EDIT: I heard some girls at my school talking, and they said that instead of refunding all the money left from unused issues, you'll be getting a new teen magazine from In Style as soon as it comes out. You will be sent as many issues as you had left in your subscription.


im a 15/f almost 16 and i weigh 140 pounds and im 5'8' is that an okay weight for my height and age?

I am a size 7 now but i really want to be about a size 4 or 3. what are some things i could do to be that size??

thanks in advance!:]

Using the BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator, you are approximately in the 60th percentile. That means that you are heavier than 60% of people with your age and height, but you are lighter than 40%. That is a healthy calculation; anywhere between the 5th and 85th percentile is healthy. If you want a more accurate calculation, since I only estimated using the information you gave me, go here: http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/Calculator.aspx .

Before I continue, I just want to say that the BMI Index, although correct in the percent of people you are heavier than and lighter than, is not always correct in saying whether or not you are overweight or not. For example, since you are in the 60th percentile, that's saying that if you gain 10 or so pounds, you will probably be at risk of being overweight. I'm 5'3", 125 pounds, and am not overweight, most likely because of my body type. I have a mostly flat stomach, although I do have a little "extra" distributed throughout my body. I'm usually a size 4-5 in jeans, medium-large in tops, and I'm perfectly content with my body, although my BMI says I'm at risk of becoming overweight. So, just wanted to let you know that its not always right. =)

Now. I understand you wanting to become a little smaller, but you shouldn't try to loose too much weight. Changing your eating habits and exercise routines just a bit could tone your body, making you loose just enough weight to be healthy. (5-10 lb, depending on what you're comfortable with and your body type now.) To start, add more fruits and veggies to your diet, take out TV dinners, even the "fat free" ones, because they have TONS of salt, and instead of eating unhealthy snack foods, substitute -- you got it -- HEALTHIER ones. My favorite snack right now is Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Cups, and I'm not even on a diet. Try eating more whole grains, like General Mills cereals. As for exercise, add little things into your daily routine that give you a workout, like running (safely) up and down stairs at your house, doing 3-4 sets of 20 crunches daily, taking a jog around the block, or maybe something as simple as walking the long way around the mall. These little things, if done often, can make a difference. Lastly, the most important thing to do is to be positive. You know you can do it; just tell yourself that. Good luck, I know you'll be fine. =)


What colleges have the best journalism programs?
(Either in the U.S. or the UK)

Emerson College in Boston, Mass. has a pretty good program. Many TV reporters go there.


is it true that when you watch tv, go on the computer, and use your cellphone it increases the risk of brain cancer??

There was a news report a few months ago about how too much light may give you cancer. This includes light from the television and computer, but also having a light on all night even when sleeping. There was only one study done, so its not 100% accurate yet. However, cell phone usage is not linked to cancer at all.


my name is katie. i am writing for advice because i found a glass pipe with weed in it in my moms purse about 6 months ago. we got into a huge fight about it and she promised me she would get rid of it.; i never saw after that. but the other day i was looking in my moms purse for my library card and it was in there. i am so sick of smelling that smell on her clothes. it makes me really depressed and today i couldnt take the pain anymore and i cut my arm with a pair of scissors. i am so sad. i am lost and confused as to why she lied to me and about something so horrible to lie about. she could get in huge trouble for this. and i dont want to lose her over something like drugs. i am just really depressed and i havent talked since i cut myself. my arm is still bleeding and i did it in the early afternoon. i dont want my special ed teachers or therapist to find out. i am terrified of going back to the hospital because last time i went there i was put in restraints for trying to hurt myself. please help me. i am so scared.

First of all, take some gauze (if you have it) or a heavy paper towel or two, fold it up, and put it over your wound. Then put a large band-aid over it. If its still bleeding tomorrow, see the nurse and tell her that scissors slipped from a cabinet when you opened it. Lying is not usually the best thing to do, but when you need help, you need to get it one way or another.

Now, put your hand over your heart and promise never to cut yourself again. Seriously. You know cutting is unhealthy, and although it may temporarily "take the pain away" (emotionally) it is not good for you in the long run. When you have a problem, whether it be about your mom or anyone else, the best thing to do is to talk to someone about it. In this case, though, I understand how it is hard to talk to anyone about your mom doing drugs, so you did the best thing you could by coming here and asking for advice.

About your mom-- you need to confront her and tell her that what she's doing is affecting you. Your mom probably is going through a lot right now too, hence the drug use, so the best way to tell her wouldn't be by exploding in her face as soon as you see her. When its a good time, tell her you need to talk privately, then share your worries and concerns. Prior to that, you may want to print out some information on the computer about weed and its side effects (on the body, and consequences with the law if discovered) for you to read up on so that you can be educated when you talk to your mom. Remember to be gentle, and be sure to tell your mom that you are and will always be there for her no matter what. In your conversation with your mother, I wouldn't dwell on the lying, because although it is an issue, it will not make her feel any better, and this is probably tougher for her than it is you. By all means, let her know that you are disappointed and angered by her lying, but don't be negative towards her. I wish you and your mom good luck. God bless.


My mom and brother are really sick. They have been puking all night and barely can move. I've been around them a lot and getting them stuff, but I am worried I will get sick too since apparently it's contagious. My dad just had surgery so I am not going to leave the house and make him take care of them. I just was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent myself from getting sick as well..besides staying away from them? Thank you =]

Handle things that they have touched through a paper towel. After you visit them, use Purel or another hand sanitizer. Try to disinfect all surfaces a few times a day, aka clean! Wash your hands before eating or touching your eyes, mouth, or a cut. Take a shower daily or even better twice daily. Good luck =)


Hey I am going clothes shopping tomorrow and I don't have that much money. Any recommendations as to where I can go for clothes that are cool and fashionable for the winter but don't cost that much. Even if it's an expensive place with great sales or clearance. THANKS!

I just went to Old Navy today and they had a really cute down vest for $25. And Kohl's has cute velour (I don't think its real velour, but oh well, lol) sweatsuits by Candies, not too expensive either. And if you need shoes, go to Payless-- I never go there, but my friend got these REALLY cute light brown fuzzy clogs with a buckle on the side. They look kind of ugly on the shelf, but once you try them on they look really cute, especially with jeans. They also have a higher clog (the other ones are flats) in the same color with fur around the ankle. The first pair I described are $18, the second $25, and where I went they had the BOGO half off (buy one, get one half off) sale, so I came out spending $33. So yeah lol, good luck.


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