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copy cat and stealer

Question Posted Tuesday November 28 2006, 4:03 pm

My friend is such a copy cat. she won't stop copying me! lik eyesterday i changed my myspace to a christmas theme and she did do and got like the same layout as me but mine had strips and hers didn't. then, me and this guy(mike) have been talking for awhile and she is purposly trying to lead him on and now shes ahead of me on his top eight and she thinks its all cool to lead him on. he is kind of a pervert so if he says something gross to me i say ew or that won't happen but she will go along with the pervish stuff. what should i do about her copying and her stealing everything i have? (she has stolen more then just a guy or attempted to) should i talk to the guy about her and shoul di talk to her? or just stay out of it?

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Erronius answered Tuesday November 28 2006, 10:39 pm:
Imitation is the sincerist form of flattery.

I wouldn't let it bother me. At most, its ammunitoin for friendly jabs and pokes. of course, your friend could deny everything so I wouldn't press home the thought too much.

If this guy is a pervert, I'm not sure I would care too awfully much about her leading him on. It might be less that she is stealing him, and more that she is willing to deal with him as a pervert, if you arent. If you are interested in him, than make a move /shrug. If not, then just watch the impending train wreck.

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Thief answered Tuesday November 28 2006, 9:53 pm:
i would just say go with the flow of the current till the seas calm. Going agenst the current would just make things a lil harder for you. If it is really bothering you, then consult to your boyfriend about it and work it out. If nothing and worse comes to worse like she takes him from you. Then you would have to forget about it, this sounds like a lose lose battle my friend.

If your boyfriend really does love you then he wouldn't do anything sneaky you know wwhat i mean? anyway hope this helps and good luck

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xoIDOLox answered Tuesday November 28 2006, 9:47 pm:
Your best friend is probably copying you because she likes your ideas. Take it as a complement. If certain things really tick you off, have a calm talk with her explaining that although you're glad she and her are so close, you would like to have a few things that you do individually. She should take the hint. Although I wouldn't recommend doing thatin the case of guys, though; guys come and go, but friends can last forever. Try not to let her know who you like from now on.

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ductape_n_roses answered Tuesday November 28 2006, 9:46 pm:
Well, it is coming towards Christmas and who knows, she just happens to like that layout and thought of getting it first but never got around to it or something. And the Mike guy thing, if she likes him, let her like him but really...why would anyone like a perverted guy? What's so wrong about talking to the same people.

Just lay cool for a while and just change your layout and Mike isn't the only guy in the world. Better yet, mke your own layout...she's bound to not be able to steal that. As for the guy, talk to Mike and if she brags about being on his top 8--in spots before you, just say cool? or something like that as if you weren't that interested.

Just ignore her little acts of wanting to be like you and just lead a normal life. If she really really starts to get on your nerves--like start to wear the same clothing or whatever, tell her that you need your own individuality without sharing it with someone else. Tell her that you love her but not enough to let her do everything you do.

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