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im thinking about getting my tongue pierced but i dont want my parents to find out so i need a tongue colored pink so it doesnt stand out. does anyone know where i can find a tongue ring, i prefer a plastic ont or something thats not metal cuz im alergic to certain metals but i dont know which , can anyone help?

if your parents make you talk a lot and watch you eat then they will probably find out so im just telling you to watch out and good luck with it


My hair is naturally frizzy and wavy.

Everymorning during the school year i straighten it for the most part

But my hair never looks the best until that night when it gets a little greesier (prob. because i dye it straighten it and sometimes blow dry it) but if i wash it every other day it looks really bad (like super greesy) the next day if i don't wash it

My problem is i am going to go running everymorning come home shower blowdry it and the whole shabang but my problem is it always looks dry and frizz's easily if it has been washed in the past 12 hours or so. I know its not the straighter but more of just my hair is dry but i know i have to shower after i run because I am going to be sweaty

My question is how can i wash my hair and get all the sweat out but keep it from being as dry looking (and it frizzes right away once i step outside if ti was freshly washed because its humid where i live most of the time). I was thinking maybe just rinsing it with water would work and acually shampoo it before bed but i wasn't sure

any ideas?

any products to help? I am not going to stop straightening or change straightener so don't suggest that (unless you use the most amazing straighter ever for under $50 because I use a helen of troy and i love it. but don't make your choice of straightener your adivce alone)

My school is an open campus so i go outside for about 5 mins every 45 mins so i can't avoid the elements (i live in PA)

you probably should use sunslik. it helps with greese. or even try nutrogena. it helps me with my greesy hair. i hope i helped.


I really wanna look good in my clothes and wear designer stuff but it's expensive and I was wondering where I could get clothes that look like designer. but i don't wanna be called a loser for wearing knock-offs and stuff. please help me find some good shops.

you could try marshall's. they have some stuff under $100. even better is to try nordstrom, they have a huge sale. if you don't have any of those stores near you, you could go on there website which is marshalls.com and nordstrom.com.
i hope i helped.

please rate. thx


does anyone know where you would to go order a manikin with certain dimmensions? Don't say eBay please, they don't have manikins with the right dimmensions. Thanks for the help

you could try amazon.com. If you have any more questions or need more advice, ask me in my column. Don't forget feedback.


How do you remove tips from nails without going to the nail salon and having them do it

hi-you probably should soak them in acetone. If you have anymore questions or need more advice, ask me in my column. Don't forget to leave feedback.


i want to get my hair permanently straightened, but my parents both said no. because: my mom said it would damage my hair because of the chemicals. my dad said that its not really permanent and it doesnt last a long time. and i don't have to worry about it being too expensive because my uncle works at a hair salon and he can do it for me for free. is what my mom and dad said true? what are some good things and bad things about getting it permanently straightened? thankss soooo much.

idk that much about hair but my uncle works at a salon and does my hair for free too. what you could do is ask you uncle if its true and if it ins't, he can convinse your parent to let him do it. i hope this plan works. if you need to ask me more questions or need more advice, ask me in my advice column.


I just got this shirt and it says "Dude, STFU" on it (cool points if you know where it's from). Well my mom said she doesn't mind if I wear it but my dad wouldn't like it. She told me to tell him STFU stands for something else but I can't come up with anything. Any help?

idk if this will help but Stop Tossing Food Up. it may seem stupid but your dad could believe it and not think it says Shut The F*** Up. if you need to ask me more questions or need more advice, ask me in my advice column.


My sweet 16 theme is Hollywood and me and my friends want to go all out. We are trying to think of people to dress as, but are coming up blank.

I'd love to hear some advice on it, or even a website for ideas.

I tried google but it didn't help me much.


the only person i could think of is paris hilton. what you could do for her is, you could have a poofy, tan hat, (not huge but looks like a visor)a cammi shirt, miniskirt w/legging and matching flip flops and curl your hair. only if you want, you can get a little pink purse and put a fake dog in it. (you really DONT HAVE TO DO IT!!!) to see other people, you should look at pictures of a certain person on the internet or on tv and see what they like to wear. also some sites on the internet sell the same clothes that celebs were. if you need to ask me more questions or need more advice, ask me in my advice column.


My hair is really poofy. Even after I straighten it bottom layer, then top. I've bleached my hair and all that good stuff. I was wondering, if I got my hair chemicaly straightened, would that make it non-poofy?

Sorry, for the bad spelling.

getting your hair chemically straightened would make it non-poofy. also just so u know if you do it and is a little frizzy, then get some john frieda frizz-control stuff. i use it and it works for me.
if you need to ask me more questions or need more advice, ask me in my advice column.


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