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i have great feeling when i finger myself and it looks like i have a orgasim but in have nothing coming out like what comes out of a male when he has an orgasim (link)
Male and female sexual organs are made differently and also have different biological functions. The male organ is designed to release fluid(semen)which contains sperm that are supposed to meet with the female egg to form a baby. That semen is what your referring to as 'what comes out when a male has an orgasm'. Women generally release just a little fluid that is supposed to lubricate the woman's vagina during sex. Their's nothing wrong with you. your a girl so your body cannot behave in the same way as a mans.

yes am a christain and i do beleive in God.
Hi! I hope my answer will be of help to you somehow.
Let me talk also about purity since purity and righteousness go hand in hand.
On our way to purity and righteousness the first step is true conversion. We need Christ to renew us and make us clean. 1st John 1:9 says "IF WE CONFESS OUR SINS, HE IS FAITHFUL AND JUST TO FORGIVE US OUR SINS AND TO CLEANSE US FROM ALL OUR UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.
Then you need to study and meditate on the word of God. It will help you know what God requires of you &it will actually give you the guidelines to living a pure and righteous life as God wants.
Psalms119:9 "HOW CAN A YOUNG MAN KEEP HIS WAY PURE? BY LIVING ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD'' we can't really know how to live a holy life if we don't read God's word.
Prayer is another essential part that we need. As Christians God instructed us to pray always. Constant prayer of a pure and humble heart allows us to draw the strength that we require to overcome temptations and lead a pure life.
Avoid bad company. By bad company I mean avoid ungodly people who have no fear of the Lord in them. 1st Cor 15:33 "DO NOT BE DECEIVED; EVIL COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD HABITS. Also
A determination to sin no more. For us to obtain purity and lead a righteous life we've got to make the conscious decision to stop sinning deliberately. Obviously we can't continues to sin and excpect to lead a holy life.
Develop a pure thought line. Here again we have to delight in God's word and meditate on it. Feeding your heart and mind with God's word will make you clean and transform you inside out. As you do this you've got to be willing to "CAST DOWN ARGUMENTS AND EVERY HIGH THING THAT EXALTS ITSELF AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, and to BRING EVERY THOUGHT INTO CAPTIVITY TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST.2nd Cor 10:5
The devil obviously is your enemy and he'll try to discourage you from living a holy life or try to convince you that its impossible to live a holy life, just remember 1)the devil is your enemy. 2) that the devil is a liar and their is no truth whatsoever in him. And 3)God commanded us to be holy so living a holy life is very possible through the help of our God.
The devil is a liar and a misleader. So "SUBMIT YOURSELF THEREFORE TO GOD, RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU" James 4:7. Use God's word to overcome the devil.
Don't be discouraged, God said that those who seek Him dilligently shall find Him.

how can truely live a rughteous life? cause i really do want to live arighteous life, i do hunger and thirst after righteousness but it seems am not living right. (link)
Are you a Christian? Do you believe in Christ?. If you can tell me that then perhaps I can give my two cents advice.

Let me just start out by saying, I am a firm believer in God. He is my life, and I love him so much. :D But, you see, I was raised in a Christian household. I grew up being told that Jesus was my savior, and God was my Father. I never questioned anything. Until now. I am known amongst my friends as the religious one, the one they know to NEVER offer a drink or cigarette to. Ever. ;D I have strong ideals of what is right and wrong, and a strong conscience, of which I believe to be God guiding me. So being known as that person, my friend not long ago once came to me with a dilemma, asking me all these questions about Jesus, God, etc. I had not the slightest clue of how to answer. All my faith in Him wasn't born, it was always there. I hadn't been convinced of his presence. There was never any question. So therefore, I have no facts or anything. No shield against the questions of curious people! I only have/need love, and feelings of His presence to convince me. You can't really debate with feelings, lol. Anyway, I've recently realized; All these years of just assuming and stuff, and only dealing with God, I have no idea what the Holy Spirit is! I also have no relationship with Jesus. Which has made me realize: I'm a lukewarm. I'm a poser. I've gone through my life believing I was a true christian, and now it's sorta hit me like a ton of bricks. So after all those words, here's my question: How are all three really connected? Are Jesus and God the same thing? But, why did Jesus refer to God as "The Father" if he WAS God? If they're all the same thing, what's the point of having three different things? I'm so confused. I pray to God like he's my best friend, and my dad. We're pretty tight. But when it comes to Jesus... I don't understand! When I pray to God, am I praying to Jesus too? But the Bible says if I don't know Jesus, I might as well not know God. So according to the Bible, it doesn't matter that I trust and believe in God as much as I do if I don't have a relationship with Jesus? I mean I know Christ is the only way but... UGH. -Face/palm- I've looked it up on Google, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit thing? But I've only gotten either huge, complicated answers, or useless historical answers. I've prayed to God about it, and I think Advicenators is where He's telling me to go to. I need a human to human ANSWER, ya know, that ANSWERS my question? So can someone simply answer my questions without any unnecessary crap or anything, like stupid Wikipedia? LOL. Thank you, my sanity depends on you! OH, side question, when I'm worshiping God in song, this unknown wave of emotion flows in my chest, and all my questions fade away, and it's as if He's looking down on me, and it's calm and serene... Is this rational, and normal? My brain's not making that up, is it? xDDD! (link)
The Trinity! WOW isn't this a question and a half! And WOW to the answers I've read also. Let me add my answer too and hope it will help you atleast and remove the confusion. Our God is not a God of confusion:-) my answer is going to differ alittle from some of the others but I hope it helps. Bare with me I'll try to make my answer as short as possible.
First it's not humanly possible to fully understand the Trinity because its a mystery and we are also limited in our understanding. So within the nature of God their are 3separate and distinct persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They are all equal & eternal and they all posses intellect, emotion, and will. An example of the egg has been used, let me add some 2others. 1)Water exists in 3froms i.e solid, liquid and gas yet all of them are still water. 2)You. You have the physical body, soul and spirit yet your still one person. Their aren't 3of you. Same with the trinity, they are ONE but different persons. The Father is not the Son, the Father is not the Holy Spirit &Jesus is not the Holy Spirit. They are all separate and distinct, but they are all one.
WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the trinity and like the Father and the Son, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD. In Acts 5;3 Peter asked Ananias why he had lied to the Holy Spirit, in verse4 Peter says that he(Ananias) lied not to men but to God(Holy Spirit) The Holy Spirit is God also because He is eternal, all knowing, all powerful, all present etc. So my dear the Holy Spirit is God not a thing or force or I don't know what.
ARE JESUS & GOD THE SAME? Jesus IS God but He is not the Father. As I said they are 3persons in the nature of God, they are Separate and distinct but they're all equal so Jesus is God. When your praying to God your still praying to Jesus because He is God. Their is only ONE God.
WHY DID JESUS CALL GOD "FATHER" Jesus existed both as God and as Man too. Depending on the context in which He calls God ''Father'' He might have called Him that as a man. Also as I've said Jesus and the Father are distinct and separate persons the Father isn't the Son and the Son isn't the Father but they are all God.
As for knowing God and not Jesus, Jesus said that you can't get to the Father except through Jesus so their is no way you can bypass Jesus to go to the Father direct. I differ with the person who said that we aren't to pray to Jesus. We can pray to Him because He IS God and He is well able to provide. Their's only One God.
Yes I think its normal to feel at peace when worshipping God in song as long as its God's Spirit that is giving you the peace. I hope I've helped alittle. Feel free to ask for clarification or anything we're all learning. Your question has helped me alot also.

when you are so far down how to find the strength to climb back up? (link)
You look like you haven't lost all hope which is a great thing. First let me just say that God (if your a Christian and even if your not) is the only one who can trully give you the strength and courage to start your climb up. Please don't forget Him in your plans. So in my opinion first take your situation to the Lord in prayer. People usually tend to share with everybody about what they are going through(which is a good thing) but often forget or fail to take it to the one who trully can help them~God.
After that, just look at your situation and realize that when you hit rock bottom the only other way is up. Let me use some generall examples since you haven't indicated what is troubling you. If its rejection and loneliness remember first that Christ is always their for you and will never reject you. Then remember that person who trully loved you or still does even now. They saw something in you and they loved you for you. If your feeling hopeless and depressed remember that one person whom you encouraged or brought a smile to their faces. Their others you don't even know about.
If your feeling like a failure, know that nobody made in God's image is because God suerly isn't a failure Himself. Sure perhaps you failed at something major, but aren't you human?? Other than that their is something your good at no matter what it is.
So after all this you stand up, and say that yes I've been through this, or that but their is still hope for a new beginning. I'll Start afresh, and take charge of my life. I won't lie down and let depression beat me.
Ofcourse it won't be easy and sometimes you'll feel like your losing but again remember who God is. First You need God, you need true friends, encouraging family. Don't hang out with people who always bring you down, or they too are depressed. And as the others said, do fun staff, read the Bible and look at the beauty of God's creation. Talk positive, hang out with positive encouraging people. Suicide isn't the way my dear remember their others who are fighting for their lives in hospitals. You have your life.

Hi Im Gracie and Im 13. How do people know that God is real? I think I believe in God, but Im not sure. I pray sometimes, but when I do, I dnt feel anything. Its like Im talking to myself, and sometimes I feel a little weird. My dad says he believes in God but he's not really religous. he only goes to church because his girlfriend Katie makes him (shes SUPER religuous). Anyways I guess what I want to kno is, If you cant see him or hear him, how do you know he's there. If there is a God, will I go to hell because I wasnt sure that he was real? If God's real, do all the people that belive in other religions go to hell?? Its really confusing! (link)
Hi Gracie, primarilly the main thing you need to believe in the existance of God is faith. We walk by faith not by sight. However personally other than having faith completely in God I see all the natural creations like mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and all the beautifully scenery and I know without a doubt that is God.
Their also small things which happen like the ''small voice'' or a ''strong feeling'' which maybe told you not to go somewhere or don't do something.
Ofcourse their also many many other things that God does but faith is the main thing.
Will you go to hell because you doubt? I won't give a direct yes or no but I will say this. If you live in doubt as to wether God exists that will make you a lukewarm Christian which is worse than not believing at all. As the one before me said just pray in faith with a pure heart and ask God what you want Him to show you. And also associate with other strong Christians, ask them advice and read your King James Bible. That will strengthen your faith.
On hell, unfortunately yes those who don't believe in Christ and ONLY CHRIST are heading to hell. That doesn't only mean other religions but even other deceived Christians and the lukewarm ones. The best part of all this is their is ALWAYS HOPE for salvation for those are still alive. That's why Christians were commanded to preach the gospel to the unbelievers.
If I may add, signs and wonders follow the believers NOT unbelievers. That's why atheists always ask for proof on existence of God but never see them or rather refuse to acknowledge that some things its only God who can do.
Check out this link I hope it'll help you;
All the best.

okay. i know alot of people say that being a homoselual is a sin. or in proper terms an abomination. Im gay and i would like to have a relationship with god and christ. but could i really have salvation, being what i am. I dont know because i hear reverends from both the liberal and conservative christian faiths give their " biblical facts" and i just dont know. any help will be great, thanks. :)
Hi friend! Let me start by saying that I don't condem anybody here but I'll just comment on some answers here. First Razhie the Bible still is the undisputed word of God. It always will be no matter how many denominations their are, besides the Bible is very clear on this issue. It doesn't require deep thinking and intepretation because its just simple and plain their. Their is no need to discredit it. When God authored it He made it simple so that everyone would understand it. Now Lightoftruth & a13d both say that God loves everybody. That is very true. God is loving, God IS LOVE. However the same God is still JUST, HOLY & PURE. He doesn't condone sin whatsoever. "DO NOT BE DECEIVED, GOD IS NOT MOCKED; FOR WHATEVER A MAN SOWS, THAT HE WILL ALSO REAP" Gal 6:7. If you trully want a relationship with God you've got to repent i.e stop sinning, turn away from your old ways. If you were a murderer/adulterer then you stop killing/cheating. You can't have a straight relationship with God while still in sin. Sin interferes that's why Christ died for us to remove it. Yes He loves everybody, He absolutely does but He is Holy, He will punish every sin if you don't confess and repent. If we can still live a sinful life and attain salvation then Jesus died in vain. Okay onto sweethoney, verses on homesexuality are very much in the N.T and still those that are in the OT, is it not the same God who wrote them?? Please the asker of this question, God doesn't change His mind. "JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER" Heb 13;8. Now finding a church that condones homosexuality?? Realy?? That to me would be like cheating one-self. Read the Bible, their many false prophets, like those who run those churches. Don't cheat yourself God is not pleased with people twisting His word and using it to satisfy their selfish interests. Christians condem homosexuals?? Personally I don't cause we're al sinners. People don't like being told the truth as it is, they just want to hear what they want, fortunately, God doesn't mix or sugarcoat words.
And finally, to the asker I don't condem you and never will. We're all sinners ALL of us. Read the Bible it will tell you about homosexuality. God loves you but He ABSOLUTELY DETESTS SIN. That's why He sent Christ to make us clean. Homosexuality is a sin just like lying adultery, and sin is what seperates us from God. NOBODY IS BORN A HOMOSEXUAL like society lies. If people were meant to be born homosexuals, God wouldn't have condemned it from the start would He?? All I can do is to encourage you to go to the Lord in prayer, ask with a pure heart for forgiveness, in faith ask for strength to overcome homosexuality. I probably sound ridiculous but it doesn't matter I know who my God is. You think it's hard to overcome homosexuality? That's why I said take it to the Lord in prayer. "BEHOLD, I AM THE LORD THE GOD OF ALL FLESH; IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR ME?" Jer 32:27
Could you really have salvation while still gay? No my dear you can't. Not my words, God's words in 1st COR 6;9-10(KJV)
However God doesn't turn away any of His children, we've all sinned, and we're all sinners. Repent, ask for strength, change from the old ways and pray. Prayer of faith and a pure hearts can move mountains, and can also change somebody who 'believes' is gay.
Inbox me if you want to discuss more, or if you have anything you want to say. Please don't denounce your faith for it has many rewards.
Take care.

Im torn between faiths. the two faiths that i am torn by are Buddhism and Christianity, i have studied both religions adimently. so im not ignorant to eithers teachings. i am just torn on the which one to choose. As it stands im not religious, but have been trying to find a higher meaning in my life and have narrowed it down to these two. I feel the connection to both, so i am a bit divided. so any tips.

peace. (link)
I really don't plan to tell you to choose this and drop that, but I'll tell you why I'm belive in Jesus. Well first because in Him I have the assuarence of a better life after this earth because He has forgiven me my sins and is preparing a place for me. In Him atleast I can identify myself i.e I'm His child He's my Father, we have a relationship He doesn't want me to just blindly or forcefully follow Him.
Other than that I'm absolutely sure that I worship a powerful God who overcame even death itself-Jesus is God-. I would'nt follow a god who is just as limited as I am, coz I wouldn't have any assurance in him. The Bible was inspired by God Himself, it isn't based on other humans thoughts, observations etc..etc and yes the Bible answers all my questions, from where man came from to what to do in a certain situation. Its the best literature that ever existed or ever will. It has EVERY ANSWER you would need in life. Have you tried to read the Bible? Its simply and easy to understand for everyone. Last but not least God is Holy, loving, selfless and many many more I haven't heard of any other selfless God, who would lay down His life for His people. He's my God, my friend, my father, my provider I mean EVERYTHING he's just EVERYTHING.
I also think that that salvation in Christ is the most simplest things ever.

Take a look at this links read them, sure you've read alot but reading 3more articles won't hurt:-)

I would really like to know what you choose I'm just curious, if you wouldn't mind telling me.

Is mastrbating bad for grls nd boys of age 16+?? (link)
YES!! Masterbating is wrong for men/women, girls/boys of whatever age. God doesn't condone it. Its a sexual sin.

Hi. just looking for some comments on this subject. Can anyone tell me why it is okay, to kill an unborn CHILD. But it is NOT okay to kill ANY other human being. there was a question talking about a doctor giving a young lady pills to "slow" the BABY's HEART rate down. then do the abortion. if a doctor was to give these pills to lets say, a 60 year old. or whoever that would be considered MURDER. I simply do not understand this. You know the bible says, that there will become a time when wrong will become right and right will become wrong. ladies and gentlemen I have found that we are in that time. With little kids for Gods sake having sex making babys when they are just babies theirselfs then saying I dont want this child then KILLING the child! My God have we went away from the word of God and God himself. But my question for you all is simply this. Why is it okay to kill an unborn child but not any other human being? (link)
Hi, I would just like to comment on NinjaNeer. He/she quoted the 'judge not that you may not be judged' scripture. Now this verse applies to the matters of the heart. As christians we can't judge the heart of other christians or people only God can. Because

'man looks at the outward appearence but God looks at the heart' 1st Samuel 16:7
so we can't and mustn't judge the heart.
When it comes to matters of action, right or wrong where facts are clear, like in abortion, where the Bible categorically states that abortion is wrong then as Christians we must speak up because God has condemed it.
Ofcourse evrybody has the right to do what they want according to the laws of the land and it wasn't right for the protesters to harass the couple no matter the reasons. That was wrong and its also wrong to harass those who choose to abort willingly. But as christians we must speak against abortion BUT NOT harass others. Absolutely not harass.

So the person who asked the question.. Yes we have gone from the word of God this days and we call good evil and evil good. And no its not okay to kill unborn children, its murder same as killing a 60 year old. Speaking up and judging actions and facts isn't wrong just don't judge the heart, leave that to God.

1st Cor 6:2
don't you know that God's people will judge the world?

I'm sixteen and a female.

This is weird for me to post advice about this on here, but whatever.

I masturbate frequently. I mean, not crazy, like to the point it runs my life, but about two or three times a day. Sometimes it's because I'm turned on for a random reason, or just because it feels good. But sometimes I just feel so gross afterwards.

I also watched some porn last night and today. I feel so nasty afterwards and I don't want to feel that way because it is normal, right? So why do I feel so disgusted after I do those types of things?

Thanks a lot! (link)
No! Its not normal for a person to masturbate and watch porn. Those are just lies that society made up. The Bible says in
1st Corinthians 6:18

Now why do you feel gross & nasty?? because the Holy Spirit who is in you is guiding you and telling you that what your doing is against God's will. If it was God's will you wouldn't feel that way. Follow the Holy Spirit its guiding you my dear. Masturbation and pornography have many negative effects. You may not see them now but they are their in the long run. It would be better avoid them now and
1)be obedient to God
2)save yourself some trouble in the future.

If you want to know if its normal and right then 1st consult God the All Knowing one- Read the Bible- you'll clearly understand why you feel disgusted. because you have the wonderful counsellor(The Holy Spirit) in you who is guiding you. No its not normal at all.

i want to become a Christian but i don't no how someone help? please? (link)
Nice, that would be the best decision you ever made in your life because your securing your soul for eternity in heaven. Salvation in Christ is very easy. Just confess your sins to God. Acknowledge that you've sinned and its only through the precious blood of Christ that you can attain forgivenes of sins and entry to heaven. You've got to Belive that your sins are forgiven. Then get yourself a King James bible, and then find a good a bible beliving church(not all churches are.) you can join church activities where you can meet some good christians so that they can help you grow in Christ.
Email me or give me your email address. I wil send you a short article about salvation in Christ. Its the simplest thing to do yet the most IMPORTANT decision you could ever make in this life.
God Bless.

Okay, I stopped attending my church because my favorite pastor was let go, he now runs a church out of his home on Sunday nights, what they call an "organic church." I love it. Now, there are a lot of people there that are older than me and more experienced in their walks with Christ. They are so on fire for Jesus and bringing up incredible topics and stories from the bible and all of the teenagers there hardly ever speak because we are so inexperienced. I want to be on fire like the rest of the group, I don't want to be it for them, I want to be on fire for Christ for me. It will help me to better understand the discussions, it will help me to interact more with the people in the group and if I know what to say and what to talk about, I won't feel so stupid to be speaking. My question is, how do I go about being this? Should I get a devotions book or memorize random verses or just read the bible in general? I know I'm a good person and I love Jesus with all my heart but I want to be the one next week to be speaking and raising my voice over the talk of everyone else because I have something incredible to add. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much, God Bless (link)
Wow:-) this is so wonderful that you want to know about God. You don't need to memorize the Bible and all that staff. Just start slowly, reading the Bible or rather studying the Bible then finding some christian articles, going to church and even listening to sermons. Do you have a pal maybe who is more 'mature in Christ' than you? They can help you.
You can email me and I could suggest some nice articles that will help you with your walk with Christ. Am not the most 'experienced' person in Christ but I was once inexperienced and slowly God is helping me grow in his word. We can help each other out.

I met a guy a short time ago and we ended up making out and exchanging numbers. I found out later that he is my friends ex and that she still likes him.
He came to my house for a party and tried to hook up with me again but I said no because my friend would be angry with me. We ended up hugging/cuddling the whole night.

My friend saw us hugging and got angry. I talked to her later and she told me that I should go for it and that she didn't want to get in the way of anything. I could tell she was still angry though. She was not acting angry and our conversation was normal. She did add in that she wouldn't hang out with me and the guy together ever again though. She would with just me or just him only not together.

She also told me that he likes me and that I shouldn't hurt him or break his heart. I am undecided if I like him as a person or just the idea of having him as a boyfriend.

Should I go for it? (link)
Don't go for it. Your friend clearly still likes the guy alot. Just let it be for now, perhaps after sometime, depending on your friends attitude and feelings you can hook up with the guy. Friendships always come first. If you date this guy now things will change between you and your friend for sure. You won't be comfortable teling her about your dates, etc...etc with this guy.
Just chill for a while. Friendships first, don't be fooled by your friend's words encouraging you to go for it. Deep down she's hurting and she expects you to know that it hurts her to see you with her ex even though she says different then do the right thing by her. Her Actions speak louder than her words. Besides you don't even know if you like the guy as a person or boyfriend for sure. You might find out later that you never realy liked the guy in the first place, but things will have already changed with your friend.
Just wait a while, your friendship is far more important.

Hi my boyfriend wants to have sex but i keep telling him no we are to young and he says if i dont he will break up with me and i love him what do i do? (link)
Well then let him break up with you. What kind of guy insists on having sex, and your the girlfriend! Not even his wife geez! That guy is just selfish and using the fact that you love him alot to blackmail you into having sex with him.
Think about it for a minute, you only get to give away your virginity once in your life. I'm sure you wouldn't want to remember that you were blackmailed out of it by some selfish boyfriend.
If you feel your too young to have sex then he should respect that. Stand firm don't be pressured into something you don't want. If he dumps you, fine, you'll be heartbroken but atleast you won't be regretful and won't feel used or cheated. Other than that you'll know for sure that he never realy loved you. He values sex more than you my dear and the fact that he stooped as low as blackmail just to get it is proof enough. If he doesn't backoff you might as well break up with him first as hard as it may be. I encourage you to abstain till marriage its rewarding. Wait til marriage sex will stil be their.

Im a 14 year old female. My life has many downs to it. I have many problems too. Then again, I have things to be greatful for. I have a few friends I love and many great church friends. I play high school softball, travel softball, and basketball. I absolutely love sports causr I am mainly a pitcher! Then...last week I was in a terrible car crash. I had to go into immediate surgery and had servere brain injurys that caused me not to remember anyone for a few days. I almost lost my legs completely but I didnt. But i AM paralyzed the rest of my life in a wheel chair!! I never thought anything like that could happen to me. I can
never do sports again or walk again! I just lay in this hospital bed as my friends and family telll me how sorry they are. The amazing part is that I havent cried since it happpened because I want to be strong. Theres noone I have to cry with but now I need a shoulder to burst on! (link)
I'm sorry to hear about what happened dear. It's admirable that you want to be strong but your human you also need a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps you could talk to both your parents or either one whom you feel more comfortable with. Maybe a close brother or sister or your best friend whom you trust. Breaking down is just but human and when we are down God lifts us up. Above all my dear remember God is your father, with him you don't have to be strong when you realy aren't, because theirs nothing hidden from Him. Actually He want's you the way you are. Just the way you are. Talk to Him like your best pal, cry, and express all your emotions to Him, He cares and loves you alot.

Hi I want to die but I can't bring my self to do it I am crying while I write this message! My girlfriend after 3 years dosent want me anymore I ant got anything with out her I gave up so much and I dnt have anything (link)
Please don't kill yourself. Just like anonymous below said I hope you have God in your life. God didn't give you a spirit of hoplessnes. Yes disapointments are their in life but we can overcome it all through Christ who strengthens us. EVERY human life is precious. Pray to God He listens, He cares and He loves you. Also talk to somebody. You've been given a number to call for help, do it. Suicide isn't the answer. It gets better with time and with God.

soo i'm kinda stuck. I'm not really sure how to explain this. I'm considered catholic. But at the same time, i'm not really sure if I believe in catholicism. My family and I celebrate catholic holidays like christmas and easter. Its a tradition blah blah blah but i'm not like super religious about it. I don't go to church. like ever. the last time i went to church was maybe 7 years ago for christmas. My friends talk about the bible, about mary and jesus and his disciples. But in all honesty... It makes no sense to me. I really have no idea how to explain this haha. I believe in it.. but not that much. Like I believe there is a god, and there was a jesus. But i'm not like super duper religious, like I don't read the bible. I don't think I have ever read anything from the bible haha.

anyways.. I'm at the point in my life where a lot of bad stuff is happening. A lot of drama and stress. One of my friends told me to pray and become more religious. She said that I should go to church more often and confide in a priest and confess my sins. She says this will make me a happier person. (I am almost at rock bottom in my life right now)

Part of me believes that I should pray and confess my sins etc. But part of me believes that this will make no effect at all. I've tried praying before.. I really have. many and multiple times. I tried praying so hard, outloud and in my head. But the thing is... nothing ever changes. I dont understand how some people can pray and then things magically change for them. But how come when I pray, nothing changes???

gah i'm just so confused! I'm catholic and believe in god and jesus. But not overly religious. Why does nothing change for me when I try to pray? I just need some religious advice please! (link)
Well 1st let me say this politely. Catholicism doesn't help anybody grow in Christ because they don't teach people how to have a personal relationship with God or how to pray. All they do is recital of prayer which in reality isn't prayer at all and is forbidden by the Bible. Confessing 2a priest won't help you either because 1)the priest is a human being and also sins.2) the Bible commands us to confess our sins ONLY to God not priest. I don't think their is any particular formular of praying but Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us how to pray, unfortunately catholicism won't teach you all this just useless recital of prayers. You don't need to become more religious or even religious at all. All you need is to accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour, accept your a sinner & confess your sins TO GOD then submitt your needs to Him and belive that He is well able. You have to have faith in God coz 'without faith it is impossible to please God' Becoming more religious, prayer recital, mary, priests, etc..etc won't help you with your problems or when your troubled only CHRIST. You say that you pray real hard but nothing happens you got to have FAITH, and get serious with God. The Bible says 'Draw near to God and He will draw near to you' You can email me if you want to know more or if you didn't understand something I wrote. Hope I helped.

I'm dating this guy. He's very sweet, smart, funny, and he notices all the little things about me. I feel like he really cares about me. I can be myself around him and we seem to have a good connection.

However, he's a little too sexual for me. We were laying in the grass for a bit and he put is hand up my shorts. I said no and pushed him away. He kept trying and I kept pushing him and threatened to get up and leave if he did so. So he kept his hand on my leg and calmed down a bit, but later he did it again. I kept saying no. And I got up and we talked about it and he said he'd stop and go as far as I wanted. But really, I want to wait. I know he likes doing dirty things, but I want to wait and see where we go in our relationship. I get the feeling he wants me for sex. I mean, we barely talk about sex, but still. He's very perverted and can't keep his hands off of me. I don't want our relationship to revolve around sex.

And something else: we've only been dating for a week or so, and he's already saying he loves me.

I still really like him but I don't know what else to do if he keeps being all over me like this. I want to stay with him. So how do I firmly tell him I don't want sex right now? (link)
This guy is bad news plain and simple. He doesn't respect your opinion or decisions and just keeps pushing you, that seems like lack of respect and selfishness. If he can't respect you or your decisions then he isn't worth your while. I Thought when people start going out they always seek to please eachother not insist on their own way. He is way too sexual and too early. I'd suggest you don't even be alone with him in a secluded area. You get the feeling he wants you for sex, then he most likely does. Trust your instincts, more often than not they are always right. Dump the guy and get somebody who atleast has the sense to respect a lady's decisions, more so the one he claims to love. Yes claims because he doesn't realy love you. Love isn't selfish and doesn't insist on its own way. Hope I helped.

I'm Catholic, and I have always believed in God.

But people talk about having personal relationships and experiences with Him and how He has spoken to them and given them signs and answered their prayers. And... I just never feel like I ever get answers to my prayers, or that He ever speaks to me in any way no matter how hard I pray.

And I fear that my faith will fade. And I need it to be stenghtened instead. I hate that i'm starting to have doubts. What can I do to make my relationship better with God, and to hear His answers?

There's this song that goes:
"I made You promises a thousand times. I tried to hear from Heaven but I talked the whole time. I think I made You too small. I never feared You at all. If You touched my face would I know You? Looked into my eyes could I behold You?

What do I know of You who spoke me into motion? Where have I even stood but the shore along Your ocean? Are You fire? Are You fury? Are You sacred? Are You beautiful? What do I know? What do I know of Holy?"

That's exactly how I feel, except that I don't know what to do about it.
Well first I think you have to accept Lord Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, then confess your sins and ask Him to forgive you your sins. After that you can express your wish to draw closer to Him.(I don't know if you have ever actually professed with your own mouth that Christ is Lord, acknowledged that your a sinner and asked for forgiveness) because its very important. I understand that catholics recite prayers so that's why I ask. Just try praying from your own heart and mind with a clean heart. Also ask Lord Jesus to send you the Holy Spirit to be your counsellor and guide you. Ofcourse their is also reading the Bible, listening to His word and associating with other beliver Christians who can help you. Constant prayer is also good, not reciting prayers but ones from your own heart. I don't mean to condem anyone but I just don't belive that catholicism actually teaches people how to have a personal relationship with Christ. I hope I've helped atleast.

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