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Hi I'm from the UK.

I have a 9 year old daughter who is very distressed and upset and i'm hoping you can help me help her!!

I moved away from her dad in 1999 (before she was born) due to domestic violence and gained an interdict to stop him coming near us. Since we weren't safe in the area we lived in after my split with him i moved to Edinburgh in 2002 and have been safe and living life normally ever since, that is until May last year when he managed to locate us.

Within a week we had to be placed in a Womans Aid refuge for our safety and he believes we live down in London now.

Ever since though he set up websites in search of us using videos and information from my daughters health problems to try and locate us. Now the first two websites we managed to get taken down as it pertained to a minors safety but the 3rd (which my daughter stumbled on last night) has only been up for a couple of days.

I've spoken to the police who confirmed this is a source of harassment yet won't do anything about it as its online. My solicitor reakons since he doesnt know where our new address is we should simply ignore it but its easier said than done!!

He is definately abusing my daughters right to safety and privacy. He has invaded both me and my daughters privacy by making this site and has caused us great annoyance and anxiety. The very fact he used her name as his web address shows he is abusing her right to privacy. If it was more about him it should have been called not

My daughter deserves the right to live life normally and safely - she does NOT deserve her privacy violated in such a manner and certainly not be hounded by him. Please for the safety of my daughter help me get him stopped for good!!

I need help! This is affecting my daughter greatly!! She has only JUST started relaxing after the last spate of websites and now shes back to sitting in her room crying - She doesn't understand why someone would ignore her requests to take it down and leave her alone as she wants nothing to do with him at the moment.

In light of this i would appreciate it if you could help!!

Similar situation with my wife had happened. Her biological father who is a pedophile and a child rapist has made several attempts to find her by making websites. Each time we appealed to the web hosting companies where the sites were being hosted at and pretty much told them what happened and to please remove the site or face legal action. Well, so far it's worked! You can do a "who is" on the domain and get the contact information on who to contact. Hope this helps!


Hey, what's a website where you can send free ringtones to your phone? thanks oh I have a verizon phone if that helps

Here's one I've used in the past. No guarantee it will work for your phone though. It does work with Sprint some of the time.


i am having trouble creating buttons in flash... here's the deal:

i created a small button. once you click on it a big image pops on screen when you release the image goes away. this big image covers almost all the stage... that isn't the problem... what is getting on my nerves and really causing me a dilemma is that once you click on the other buttons on the screen (like a rubber duck which is supposed to make a sound once clicked) are being blocked by the big image so when i try to click on anything else on the screen that image pops up. how do i make it so that the image still remains big but i could also click on other stuff too.. (how do i shrink the excess frame around the big image that is hogging everything... or so that only the small button reacts instead of the whole thing)

thank you so much in advance!!!

What version of Flash? Upload the .flv file and I'll see if I can't fix it for ya. ;) You can find a free host such as (Thank theymos for that link...)

Start a new topic here:

and send me the link. I can correspond further with you there.


Hi, I have no idea what my bf can get me. Like I honestly do not know and he doesnt know either. He refuses to get me clothes becuase I need to try EVERYTHING on. I am so focused on school and financial issues that I don't think of what I want. But I want something! I was thinking of jewellery because I don't have real gold earings or a bracelet, but he just bought me a new like 300 dollar cell and I don't want him spending alot. My phone has music so I don't need a mp3 player. I was thinking of a past time, something I can do by myself because I constantly find myself at home alone and BORED! I have a couple computer games and I am not a big fan. I have a ds. I don't want new games because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I LIKE! I was thinking of like spa coupons or a certificate. I do not know...please any ideas????

I was thinking of suggestions but every time I got to one, you've said you already got it! Ok, you are one of these difficult people to shop for. Trying to pawn this problem off on your boyfriend is just cruel! HA! Anyway, if I were him I'd just get you a prepaid Visa card to spend on however you wished or I'd buy some jewelry. Can't go wrong with gold. Gold is a good investment! Good thing about the prepaid Visa though is that you can have final say on what your gift is or just stash it away and use for an emergency.


I was just wondering if anyone knew what the song was during Little Nicky while he was running after the black guy took his flask and right before he found the guy's table thing. I've looked at the Little Nicky soundtrack online but I can't find it. Thanks.

Some words to the song would help. Foo Fighters "Everlong" is the only one I remember.


Is spray paint toxic once it's completely dry?
If normal kind is, is there a certain kind I can get that isn't when dried?

I want to paint both of my dogs crates pink and green, but I'm not sure if it'd be toxic to them once the paint dried. They aren't chewers so they shouldn't try to chew the paint off.

Well, I don't know an exact answer but I'll give you some information to look into. One, what type of material do you plan on painting? Pick the correct paint for that material. Two, talk with you vet or if you don't have one, just call a vet, they should be able to answer that over the phone. Maybe someone else here will have precise advice. Spray paint is toxic so like I was saying, talk to a vet. They'll be able to help you out more. You may also want to consider a non-toxic paint on (with a brush) paint. Here's a website that may help:


FYI I am 13
And your making us 13 year olds sound like 7 year olds
We are more mature then most people give us credit for
Do your think we have NO idea about sex?
No clue at all?
That statment is completely wrong
Schools now, you can't go one day without hearing about sex in movies, about parents doing it, kids thinking about it, or hearing about them doing it
Society is alot different now-a-days
And teens my age are alot more wise in things like this

So don't judge on age
It is, after all, JUST a number

If you have a problem with it talk to admin.
Like I said, if you have a problem you can either take it up with admin or another mod. Bashing the moderators will get you nowhere on this site.


i was totally ready to give my boyfriend a blow job and all and i wasnt nervous and it was my first time ever so i didnt really know what i was doing so he was trying to guide me a bit and he was telling me to suck it and i was mainly just doing the simple blow job you know in your mouth out in out and using my hands and stuff licking it a bit and he kept telling me to try sucking...what did he mean by that i had no idea and i didnt want to stop and ask.. it kinda put me down i felt like i wasnt doing it right maybe not pleasing him =/

Just so you know, this is not a sex advice column/site. A lot of children participate on/visit this website. Your question will probably be deleted. Feel free to ask other questions that don't pertain to sexual acts. Asking questions regarding safe sex shouldn't be a problem unless the Level 2 mods think otherwise.
Have a nice day.


I got a hostess job at Texas Roadhouse and I start training Monday, August 11(tommorrow). I was given a layout of the restaurant(with numbers and stuff on the seating areas) and a FULL MENU. Being a Hostess, I find it weird I have to remember the whole menu. I understand that I have to know the layout and the "numbers" for all of the tables/booths/bar, etc.

Anyways..I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I haven't ever taken a menu test, I haven't even had a job before. This is my first job and I really want it and wouldn't want to blow it!

Any advice on what to expect and how to remember this WHOLE ENTIRE MENU. Ahh!

Remembering what the sections are on the menu will be a big help. For instance, if I asked you to show me where the side salad is you could then point me in the right direction. I don't expect that they'll want you to remember the whole thing in a day! However, like I was saying, if you could start off by at least remembering what sections they have and then as you go, you'll remember what goes where. I'm not familiar with the restaurant nor the menu but when I was a teen I worked at the Awful...err I mean Waffle House and that's how I remembered the menu after one of the managers showed me. It took me about two weeks to get it down pretty good.


is it a waste of money? reviews?

Form your own opinion.
Just watch the video.
Spell evian backwards. Ah, it spells naive!


is lindsay lohan a lesbian with samantha?

is samantha a lesbian? why does she dress like a guy / sorta look like a guy? or is she just a cross-dresser?

According to Fox News, it's just rumors.,2933,357802,00.html
We shall see if the rumors have any truth to them... Eventually. In my opinion, Lohan looks pretty hot for Samantha.


I have about 12 floppy disks from about 4 or more years ago. I thought I had lost them, but I had them the whole time! Anyway, I put them in the (A:) Drive and it took FOREVER for it to read them. Finally, a box popped up saying that my disks needed to be formatted; however, going through the process would erase any information on the disks. I doubt there is anything on the disks I can't live without, but I don't need the disks anymore..just the information on them. Is there anyway I can go about getting the information onto my computer? Maybe from another computer?

Floppy disk are prone to errors/corruption (just like a politician.) If you are getting that error, chances are the diskettes are corrupt. If you want to spend some money, there's always hardware/software recovery tools and businesses that will charge you a pretty penny to recover the data. Not all is lost but you'll probably pay for it too.


What age do you think is appropriate to lose your virginity?

Good question. Now, here's my two cents. I've played that game. I lost my virginity at 15. I was all caught up in the moment. I didn't give two sheets about the aftermath, nor did I ask myself those "what ifs." Being a paid member here I am able to see your age and I might add that I commend you on asking such a thought provoking question. Age is of little importance except where as that person isn't able to except his or her responsibility for being a parent. Let's face it, sex is meant for reproduction. It's there for our species to survive. Yeah it feels good, if it didn't, we wouldn't do it and none of us would be here. If one isn't able to provide for one's offspring, then that person is not ready or as you might say, to young.


i know who i am and i am very comfortable with it. i don't mind sharing myself except that the true me will probably send my family's reputation down the drain and give all it's members a heart attack.

3 years ago i graduated from highschool and was getting ready to go to college after summer. in the middle of it my grandfather died and the whole family had to pack and leave one night and spend the rest of the time in another city (which happens to be near my college). i was only given 1/2 a day to pack since my grandfather was on the verge of dying and my parents thought we could still make it in time.... little did i know that i wasn't going home for another three years....

here's the problem... in highschool i use to to write stories.... and i use to lock them up in this drawer in my room.... i have 2 keys one with me and the other i hid there just in case... i would have gone back to get it except my family decided to close the house and take a tour around the world... this year they returned and invited my older siblings to the house... my eldest found the key and i'm assuming she read everything and has been calling me for a TALK.... i know she probably took everything too in case she didn't get the chance to talk to me and i returned (so i won't burn them and she'd corner me when she has the chance) in any other situation i would have said so what because i know that i have no privacy. but writing is an outlet and at the time i really needed one....

the problem here is the content.... i've never had sex yet but i'm as experienced as could possibly be with out... and my stories are about sex and fantasies... and the charecters almost always have my name and the stories almost always talk about running away with a stranger and cover a spectrum of various taboos.... i am very explicit when i write (i mean worse than any porn screenwriter could ever be but not as vulgar) i don't write that way except in private and now that privacy is taken away. how do i deal with the embarrassment? and how do i prove that this is purely out of imagination not experience? i've lied before about befriending gays and lesbians and teens and what not so i don't have credit for the truth to be taken seriously. and my family has strong beliefs (very conservative!) about abortion, abstinence, homosexuality and so forth... i know i'm different but i love them so much to break away despite the possible drastic measures they may take.... for now how do i just fix this situation....


Well, being a "black sheep" in my family, I can only offer what advice I've used to deal with family members who've shunned me. You need to find something you have as credit with them. If it's your word, then the better. I have no clue to as what you wrote but I have a vivid imagination! I'd explain to them what you've stated here, that it's just fantasy and apart of human nature. Your family members may have thought of the same ideas but left them at that but you chose to write out those thoughts on paper. Every family has it's taboos. When one member of that family breaks those taboos, there's usually a reason why. I don't know your reason. Maybe you lived a sheltered life and written expression is your means of escape. I understand how you feel, you grew up with these folks, they feel they know you but they really don't. Sometimes family can be your worst enemy, where as perfect strangers who don't know you, have no concern about your past or twisted thoughts except you. We all have bad thoughts, that's just apart of being alive. It's funny (as in odd) how one can express his/her thoughts on paper and folks assume they have a right to become judgmental. If the Thought Police really existed, we'd all be in jail. Honestly, I wouldn't apologize for crap. Yeah, I know it's your family but they should accept you for you, after all you except them don't you? You are not hurting anyone nor have you committed a crime, you just chose to write your thoughts out. Hell, who knows, you may become the next best writer out there.


I am 16/f and I just got my license, but now I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I live in VA but I'll be moving out West in a year or so, so I plan to ride full time there, but what I want to know is how do you learn to ride a motorcycle? there really isnt a Behind the Wheel class for them. Also, are they really as dangerous as people say?

Check with your local DMV for classes on riding motorcycles. They should have a list of schools in your area. Yes motorcycles are dangerous. Why? Well you don't have seat belts for one, there's nothing to keep your from leaving the seat during a wreck. This is why motorcycle riders wear the gear they do, to keep their skin intact during a slide. Wearing a helmet is very important. Although a helmet wont do much good during a high impact collision most wrecks usually occur at low speeds. Another thing to is visibility. Not yours but the traffic around you. You have to keep an eye out for traffic, people wont see you as well as other vehicles. The weather. Weather conditions play a part with friction between you and the road. A good friend of mine was killed along Interstate 30. He was going to fast, he lost control and hit a fence post with his head. He even said himself, "There's riders who've had a wreck and those that will have another."

After all that, there's some good things to riding a bike. FREEDOM. There's nothing better than feeling the wind hit your face at 55MPH! Things looks bigger, more open. The ability to park damn near anywhere. The ability to zip through rush hour traffic, but I wouldn't recommend that to an unseasoned rider. Fuel economy! You'll save a ton of dough on gas. Yeah, you may have to fill up more often but you'll do it ten times cheaper! Depending on the bike, you may get up to 50MPG or more.

I personally had a 1974 Yamaha.


Thanks for the rating, I wasn't trying to scare you, just beware of your surroundings. Motorcycles can be enjoyed, just like any other vehicle. You just have to be extra careful with one and pay attention more. You're more likely to be injured during a wreck without proper gear, such as leathers and helmet. I don't think you should be scared but you should know what's up. Believe me, I had the same "talk" when I got my first bike at 15.


i am a female and i just had sex with my boyfriend and it burns when i pee what does that mean?

Possibly an infection. Your doctor can only tell you for sure. I recommend seeing a doctor.


I'm an addict. That's my personality. it seems like i always have to have an addiction. Unfortunately i've turned to dangerous and illegal addictions, even though I know its bad and I don't want to, I seem to go right back to terrible things. Is there a way out?

Yes there's a way out. You have to want to change. You can actually know what you are doing is bad and realize that it can hurt you but continue to do it. I'm a smoker, I know it's bad yet I still do it. Why? I don't really want to stop. If you really truly want to stop, there's probably a help/support group out there that has people in it just like you. If there's nothing in your area, consider seeking help from a mental health provider or even finding a support group online. Sometimes just talking about the addiction helps. Depending on the severity of an addiction such as with alcohol or drugs, it may require hospitalization. You can actually die from lack of alcohol if your body is addicted to it and you suffer from DTs (Delirium tremens.)


My name is Lea, i'm 22 years old, for about 10 years now i have seen/felt spirits and even had one talk to me in my dream i woke up from a dead sleep to answer her but dont remember what she asked me, that day i was doing some church work for the dead, her name come up twice! which never happends, when her name came up the second time i felt a hand on my shoulder and a feeling of peace .
my sightings have continued since then, not as strong. i sometimes feel like there is a presence, but it doesnt feel ... bad? or negitive.. more so just that someone is here. recently my "sightings" and a presence have been happening alot more, and alot stronger. my grandmother and great aunt, and even a few others in my family all have some sort of ability. it was never a family secret or anything and my grandmother and mother always seemed to think i had a gift. since my grandparents have all past, and now some other family members on my husbands side i feel them stronger and more frequently. i feel a man with me constantly. i saw him from my kitchen on the corner of my patio, as if he was covered in shadows. i could tell he was taller than me with either a shaved head or blad. which leads me to think its my grandfather or my husbands cousin who was recetly killed.

My question is could you, help me? I'm not asking for a reading but i'm sort of asking for help to .... tune my abilities or steer me in the way that i can become stronger so i can help/ communicate with the presents of energies.

I think the main focus is to just listen. You'll learn soon to decide if it's someone from another place talking to you or your own mind. Mistakes will be made but that's ok. I strongly feel that spirits communicate with us in ways they know we'll realize they are there. For an example, I see images more than I hear words. If I hear words, it's only simple phrases or just one word. Sometimes it's a word with an image. Being a psychic you'll feel those energies most of the time with out even thinking about it, whether it's good, negative or indifferent. You'll learn on your own to stay away from those energies that make you feel uncomfortable. Those energies are not always evil but just like the living, there are certain people you just rather not hang around. It's the same way over there. You may even encounter different energies at the same time. Just think of it as at your job. Some people you work with you like and others you don't. Sometimes the workers you like hang around the workers you don't. Here, we have our five senses to help us along the way, there we only have one. Strength comes with persistence and wisdom comes with age. I strongly believe that each person's gift is only meant for them and that no one is a better teacher other than the guidance of a higher energy. There's absolutely, positively a reason why you see the things you do, if it weren't so you wouldn't see them. It's certain people's destiny to never see the truth. To those that have seen the truth and know it, there's a peace that comes with it. It sounds to me as if though you have a guide. As I was reading this, I felt your grandfather was there. As I read on, you seemed to think that was the case too but stated it could have been your husband's cousin. As I write this I see something to do with a book and it's either opened at half way or open to page number 55. Whether or not that's of importance now, it may be in the future.

So I guess my answer is, in due time you'll learn to deal with those energies and your ability will grow with time.


i think this dog is sooo cute
and idk why but it just is haha
but what kind dog is this?

Looks like a mix of Cocker Spaniel and something Poodle.


Okay i hate to be rude but i have a question. okay so I was just helpin people like I do and I thought I was doing everything write. but when I woke up this morning i found out otherwise! I got this message from who knows who! saying that if i kept riting short answers then I would be baned from this site. but the thing is i rite some extremely long ones sometimes and some really short ones justt to boost confidence. but i think that who ever this person is shouldn't think that way.

I think that any bit of advise helps with there questions and confidence. I guess what im asking is if anyone agrees with me. and if you dont can you shed some light on what they mean. because honestly i think everthing helps. but maybe thats just me.

The English language is sacred. If you don't respect the language how is it that you are to be respected? Slang and cursing have their places too but not here. If you want to be viewed with a certain level of intelligence then loose the slang. Remember that folks who ask questions here are looking up to you not at you.


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