Hi peepsss.............

I'm from Curacao ..a little island in the carribean .
Currently I'm studying and living in Holland(Europe)

In good papiamentu (that's my language )we say ""Mi ta un hende alegre y semper kontentu"

Hopi bendishon pa boso tur (God bless you all)


(Rating: 5) i just realized i never did rate you. Thank you soo much for your wonderful advice. i suppose he wasn't made for me though. however i am happily engaged to a wonderful caring man. :)
(Rating: 2) I disagree that I should try to be her friend - that comes later, first and foremost she needs her mother. Holidays/hotels are an expense I can't afford. As to your "are your ready to handle her once she is home?" I had already mentioned that was unnerving - so obviously I have considered the difficulities that would bring.........so your question infers that I've not considered that, when I obviously have. I feel you are stating the obvious but aren't forthcoming with useful advice. Thanks for taking the time to comment though.
(Rating: 5) great advice thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much..your probably the only person who could actually understand meee.

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