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Hey Hey Hey yall! lol. My name is Bria Chine't and i am 14 years old. I live in South Jersey. I am mixed wit black white and a lil PR. I have a wonderful boyfriend named John. I love him to death. I love giving advice and i love helping people to make them happy. Mad ppl come to me for advice. I have a myspace if u wanna see it my link is so snd me a friend request. anywhom...i love meeting new people and im cool as hell. so hit me up and i'll be sure to help u.

Gender: Female
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Occupation: Hmm...Babysitting?
Age: 14
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hey ya'll sorry i'm always askin question about, well, privates, but i guess i'm just not educated about her enough. so the other day i was masturbating, and i felt something pop, and i thought "well how weird, b/c i know i've not got my hymen anymore." so i'm freakin a little bit, and then i look and theres some blood (not much, but it worries me nonetheless, b/c ive had my period this month already.)
so for two days i was fine, and then yesterday it was kindof itching a little, and then today, it was itching alot, and it stings very bad! i know this is not an std transmitted from another person b/c ive been checked since i last had sex.
so my question now is, what's going on? should i go to a doctor? can you get diseases or infections from masterbating?
any and all help is appreciated! thank you! (link)
You probably just hit like...the wrong thing, you might have scratched yourself or something. Probably nothing to worry about. Give it a week to a week and a half and see what happens.. Go to the doctor if it doesnt stop itching. u might need a douche or something. I'm pretty sure its nothin major. =) hope i helped hun

Me and my cousin has this "friendship" going on ..she told me that she was full in love with a guy that I happen to know because he was my neighbour back in the days..I DON'T LIKE THE GUY!!!!! he is a player for far as I know him ...I tried to tell her but she is blind ,she even slept with him many times ...Yesterday my sister told me he was trying to hit on another cousin of us

How do I tell my cousin this ?
Is there a gentle way to tell her ..or should I never ever tell her and let her findout herself ...doesn't that make me a bad friend/cousin?
No not at all! I do not think this makes you a bad cousin/ friend in anyway. Its actually trying to help her. Wouldnt you wanna know if you might be getting played? I sure would. Just sit her down tell her about how you know him and you know how he is. Tell her that your not *hating* or anything like that you are just trying to HELP* her.But if she doesnt wanna listen, fine...let her find out on her own. Maybe next time she'll learn. well hope i helped hun

my friend doesnt change her underwear for like, 2 weeks, and besides being incredibly gross, is it harmful? (link)
Oh my! That is yes VERY gross. It must be very harmful...i mean lots of bacteria and differnt discharges have GOT to be building up down their. This could cause a nasty yeast infection im sure! So what she gets out of the shower and puts the same undies back on? wow...ilk. you should tell her that it is very harmful. && compleatly un-sanitary. Buy her some panties, so you know that its not a financial thing ya know? know she has some to change into. Hope i helped hun!

my cat is like, 5 months old, and she is gray and fluffy with big green eyes. cute, right? well she wont quit biting me and climbing all over me. i know shes playing around, but i just wanna know, is there anything i can do to calm her down??!! I HAVE BITE MARKS AND SCRATCHES ALL OVER MY HANDS!! (link)
Hmm...she does sound cute

well im 13 and wanted to know what are good jobs that higher at that age if any. (link)
You could always babysit, and i know some churches have like things going on where u get paid to be a counceler there...and when ur 14 i know ice cream shops hire that young... but thats about it.

i have 2 questions about makeup:

1) is your eyeshadow supposed to be the same colors as your outfit or does it just have to contrast cuz for my 1st day of school outfit im wearing white and a light teal and i dont know wat color eyeshadow to wear.

2)how do u put blush on?? (link)
Um... i dont think it has to match, but i would try to get a color that ...ya know goes good with teal like a blue,teal,or grey even...but i wouldnt bust out wit no yellow pink or somethin out of the ordinary...ya know? and blush? i dont use it but i believe you get that big plump blush brush and dab it in the blush....and apply it evently to ur cheeks...not to dark or u'll look like a clown with sun well, hope i helped.

when i get something or buy something, and my friends want to get it to, i usually say that i have it but i don't care if they get it - i really dont. but then when i want to get something my friend has, she acts like i can't get it. i don't think its fair. and i dont get it. should i just get it anyway? or what? (link)
Yes, get it hun. Or tell her thats not fair. Because its not. She can have what you have but you cant have what she has? BULL. Or you could just stop telling her where u get ur stuff. Act how she acts and see if she likes it. Well i hope i helped..

i have blskc heads on the side of my nose that arent noticable but how can i get rid of them? what are some good blackhead treatments that work? (link)
I get them on my nose too sometimes hun

Is acne free a good pimple system? i bought it today and i just wanted to know. thanks for any help or advice. (link)
I have never tried that....but i have tried Pro Active and its great..a bit expensive though.Also next time you visit your physician...theres this medicine called Doxycyline...and its great! its a pill and i dont think it has any side effects either! but if you dont want to do that try that for about a week...a few of my friends say clean&clear works really good. but idk. hope i helped hun.

does anyone have the newest version of AOL triton? i was wondering if anyone knows how to get into chatrooms, or if there is any chatrooms in the first place, or if someone wants to chat im really bord! thanks! (link)
Um ii have AOL triton and im pretty sure there arent any chat rooms...but i know a cool website to chat in if u want to try it.. and u could always go on google to find chatrooms for teens. hope i helped hun.

about a 6 months ago i caught my b/f cheating on me. we were going out for about two years before that and i thought everything was perfect. no warning signs or anything. it hurt me really bad. after that i wouldnt go out with anyone because im so afraid that they'll hurt me like he did. i guess i have a huge trust problem. now theres this guy i like but i just cant go out with him. i know i should because he seems like the perfect guy, but so did my ex. thats my first problem. the other one is that i saw my ex a couple of weeks ago and that brought back old feelings. and he started to call me a few times too. i thought i was over him but now that hes made an appearance im not so sure. he says that he thinks we could patch things up and go out again. i told him that we could never because i wouldnt trust him. he says that he made a mistake and that hes sorry. its like i like him but i hate him. i dont know what to think anymore. (link)

i just wanted to say ur welcome, and if u ever have any more questions like this my screen name is XoJoHnSxWiiFeyXo becuz i can relate to this like ...100% alright bye hun.

Me and my 2 friends are all 13, and were going to the mall on saturday alone, like without a parent or nething. We all are probbly going 2 go into JC Penney's and get push-up bras lol so i was wondering if stores alow young people (like minors) to buy push up bras without an adult or older person there. (link) hun

well i really like these 2 guys but the one guy broke up with me and his life is really messed up but hes willing to take me back and the other guy is soo nice and sweet but i like the other guy more. im a 13 year old female. (link)
Well, since you like guy number one more, i think its best to stay with him because your closer to him. It'd be a waste to be with someone you didnt like. You have a better chance of the relationship working out with Guy number one. And who knows? u may be able to help him with some of his problems in his life.

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