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Hey Hey Hey yall! lol. My name is Bria Chine't and i am 14 years old. I live in South Jersey. I am mixed wit black white and a lil PR. I have a wonderful boyfriend named John. I love him to death. I love giving advice and i love helping people to make them happy. Mad ppl come to me for advice. I have a myspace if u wanna see it my link is so snd me a friend request. anywhom...i love meeting new people and im cool as hell. so hit me up and i'll be sure to help u.

Gender: Female
Location: Vineland Nj
Occupation: Hmm...Babysitting?
Age: 14
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when i get something or buy something, and my friends want to get it to, i usually say that i have it but i don't care if they get it - i really dont. but then when i want to get something my friend has, she acts like i can't get it. i don't think its fair. and i dont get it. should i just get it anyway? or what? (link)
Yes, get it hun. Or tell her thats not fair. Because its not. She can have what you have but you cant have what she has? BULL. Or you could just stop telling her where u get ur stuff. Act how she acts and see if she likes it. Well i hope i helped..

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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