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Okay well I like this girl and she's a junior (yes I'm a girl too and I'm in 8th grade) but she has a boyfriend. I need help because I want to know if there's anyway I can forget about her because I know she'll never like me like that. But I really need help because I'm friends with this girl and I see her a lot so I need to stop thinking about her like that. Okay any advice would be cool and if you're only gonna say how girls liking girls is gross wrong etc don't cause ive heard it before and you can't change my mind. (link)
wow that is like a big thing to put on the web.
espically in 8th grade.
its so awesome.
you really need to tell her how you feel.

i want to impress my bf of 4 1/2 yrs. for v-day. and i want to do something fun a special. i want to go to dinner and wear a sassy dress and everything. but after that what should we do, that will make him feel loved. (link)

Well i've liked this girl for awhile. I am planing to tell her how i feel on Valentines Day. Are there any ideas how I could tell her? Also, are there any gift ideas?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - We are both 13, and she is kind of a silly person if that helps any... (link)
get her a fxcking teddy bear. put a little note in it saying
" i really like you and ur beautiful [or some overrated stuff like that] will you go out with me?"

oh and dont forget to give her a kiss.

I love singing, I've been singing on stage since I was 3. People say I'm good so I guess I am. But I also love drumming. I started that when I was 5. Next year I'll be in High School and the way the system works, I can't do choir and band. I really love both alot. Which do you think I should go for. (link)
band is a cult
go with choir

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