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Question Posted Tuesday February 7 2006, 6:05 pm

Well i've liked this girl for awhile. I am planing to tell her how i feel on Valentines Day. Are there any ideas how I could tell her? Also, are there any gift ideas?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - We are both 13, and she is kind of a silly person if that helps any...

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ivomitglitter answered Wednesday February 8 2006, 11:54 am:
get her a fxcking teddy bear. put a little note in it saying
" i really like you and ur beautiful [or some overrated stuff like that] will you go out with me?"

oh and dont forget to give her a kiss.

[ ivomitglitter's advice column | Ask ivomitglitter A Question

amandax33 answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 10:46 pm:
A card, With some of the feelings you feel about her. But make it a funny card. With a serious note at the bottom. Maybe some flowers to add to the card. Balloons.. haha sorry i kinda just thought of that. Chocolate!! A big plus! chocolate roses. Make a card useing the sweetheart candys and make it funny =D haha.. Kinda of loserish but i would be like flatterd if a guy did that to me! Everything else everyone has allready said.

[ amandax33's advice column | Ask amandax33 A Question

dorinflower55 answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 8:50 pm:
well i am 13. and i kinda am a funny, sarcasticy girl, so if you think she will be akward and shy with something like a regular teddy bear (which is still very sweet) then get one of those teddy bears that talk and have it say something witty or funny. or chocholate roses. those are soo cute! they might be expensive though, so get a few, or a box of chocholates, like godiva or something cute.
also a regular bouquet of flowers, either very colorful, one color, or (alittl eedxpensive) white, pink and red roses. they are so effing pretty together!
hope i helped! ask me in my in box if you have any other questions, or comments!

[ dorinflower55's advice column | Ask dorinflower55 A Question

x_mystery answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 8:24 pm:
I know that as a 14 year old girl, I'd completely melt if someone brought me a flower and a teddybear. I'm sure this other girl would too, and you could just come up to her and be like "I got these for you..I want you to be my Valentine, I really like you."

[ x_mystery's advice column | Ask x_mystery A Question

xsum41xch1k answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 7:04 pm:
if you are friends with any of hers...find a way to put a rose in her locker, and/or on her desk before she gets into the room...or what would be really cute is if you could get her like a dozen roses...but give her 11 of them like she dosent kno who they're from..and then for the 12th one...walk up to her and give it to her and tell her you like a really funny girl...and im still a sucker for a boy who is sweet like that

[ xsum41xch1k's advice column | Ask xsum41xch1k A Question

SweetxxIntoxication answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 6:42 pm:
a little teddy bear, with a rose, with a note telling her how you feel, i think would be really cute!

[ SweetxxIntoxication's advice column | Ask SweetxxIntoxication A Question

XSugarPieX77 answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 6:37 pm:
Hmm, shes a funny person. Ok, deffinitly make her a cute little card and in the inside, write You make me giggle.
lol! serioussly, that would be cute for a funny person.. Underneath that, write how you feel about her. Say why you like her and stuff. Get her flowers, or a teddy bear, chocolate works also. Good Luck and hope i helped!


[ XSugarPieX77's advice column | Ask XSugarPieX77 A Question

xogiggles37xo answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 6:35 pm:
well im 15 and something i would like for valentines day is maybe a funny card that says something sweet and a stuffed animal, or even a stuffed animal and balloons. anything like that i would love. it doesnt cost much ether. the balloon are maybe 67 cents each and it doesnt have to be a big stuffed animal maybe like a 3 dollar cute sized one!! well i hope i helped and i hope she likes whatever you get her.

[ xogiggles37xo's advice column | Ask xogiggles37xo A Question

Looking4princecharming answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 6:22 pm:
This answer is been trite(over used) but if it was me I would like to get Flowers or chocolates and a Teddy Bear. I'm kinda weird around Valentines Day since I like Valentines Day. So you say that she's silly well Flowers would be nice but they die quick so I would get the Teddy Bear so that maybe she can cuddle with it when she's sleeping. Well for the way you should tell her well I would write it down on a card, if you go to the same school well wait for her on her locker and then give the gifts and the card with it. or don't write it down and just tell when your at her locker. It would be romantic if you did it person instead of a card but you can still make her a card if you wanted though. No harm in that. Well hope I helped. Keep in touch


[ Looking4princecharming's advice column | Ask Looking4princecharming A Question

xOViLLYxO answered Tuesday February 7 2006, 6:21 pm:
Ah you sound super sweet!The cutest way is to just do it in person yeah phone and in note is sweeet but in person it just is so much more better! Just tell her exactly how you feel.Chocolate & flowers and a card would be so cute. Tell me how its goes! ♥

[ xOViLLYxO's advice column | Ask xOViLLYxO A Question

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