Hi peepsss.............

I'm from Curacao ..a little island in the carribean .
Currently I'm studying and living in Holland(Europe)

In good papiamentu (that's my language )we say ""Mi ta un hende alegre y semper kontentu"

Hopi bendishon pa boso tur (God bless you all)


my boyfriend james raped me a month ago and I think I may be pregnant and my mom will kick me out even if I was raped she's the type of person who thinks I could have done something about it I told my mom he raped me and she asked me how I could be so stupid to let something like that happen what should I do,Iam only 17 and my boyfriend is 19.

I'm very sorry to hear this but ..did you go to the police ?

Did you told your bf your pregnant?
This is not alright ....You need to seek for help .

Maybe he will try to do it again ,just be more carefull and he clearly do not love you if he did he would have never raped you ..

Good luck


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