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I was supposed to get my period on January 7th, its January 12th and nothing.

I have all my normal before period symptoms like sore breasts, cramps , etc but my period is never this late and me and my boyfriend never use condoms because i'm allergic to latex . i was supposed to start birth control as soon as i got this period but it hasnt gotten here yet . i'm questioning being pregnant because i've got a huggeeee increase in appetite, i'm literally ALWAYS hungry, and i've been more tired than lately. i smoke and i drink so i'm not sure how easy it would be for me to be pregnant , but is it possible? please help! (link)
It definitely is possible that you're pregnant because you don't use condoms.. BUT you most likely aren't. This used to happen to me all the time.. I would stress out about being pregnant which would actually delay my period for a few days to a week. You're most likely thinking too much about being pregnant, which is causing stress. To be sure, take a pregnancy test.. Especially if your period doesn't arrive in a few more days. But remember to just be calm and try your best to put it out of your mind.
Good luck!

i have a crush on this guy but he has a girlfriend. im a cheerleader and he is a basketball player so i see his family a lot. his mom is always smiling at me. she offered to help me with my stuff once and she always makes sure she says hi to me when she sees me. once she even asked me what phone i was using and got the same one for her son. so anyway last night i had a dream about the guy and his girlfriend (we can call them ben and angel) anyway i dreamt that i saw bens facebook and peopole were posting on his wall things like "oh man it will be ok you'll get over it" and then i went to school the next day and angel was acting all buddy buddy to me like she was excited to see me. then she saw the book i was reading and then she was like "i was never really into sappy love stories" then all the other girls came over and were fascinated by her and she was talking to us all. i suggested we all add her on facebook. she told us her name and she was like "i know its a stupid name right?" so we all hugged her and the main part that really surprised me was that she looked at me as if i was competition to her. like she knew i liked her boyfriend or whatever. and i thought that was really weird. and the whole time this dream thing was happening i was wondering why ben was not butting in to talk with us since he was sitting right there.
what could this dream mean? any ideas? thanks (link)
Type in keywords of your dream like break up, crush, couple, facebook, book, surprise, competition, love, story, group, etc.

What I do is write down my dream, then what each keyword means, and how it reflects on my life at the moment.

I hope this helped! :)

how do i get an effect like this on my photos?

any websites that will do it or anything would be great

idont know if this matters but i have photoshop at school! (link)
upload your picture
go to 'create'
then 'effects'
then scroll down and click 'cross process'
you can 'fade' the amount of cross process to your liking.

also, playing with the temperature of the picture can do it as well.
click 'edit'
then 'colors'
and 'raise' the 'temperature'

hope this helped! :)


so my senior prom is in may and i know i'm probably wayy to excited to already start thinking about my dress but i have an idea :)

the style i'm aiming for is classic, grecian goddess type. i want my dress to be white, preferably chiffon texture, 1 strap only, and with gold and silver decorations (minimal).

i did some reasearch and here are a bunch of pics that relate to what i want


now if you've noticed, the website i got these from are pretty pricey... i'm not willing to spend 300 or 400 dollars on a dress.

so my question is.. can someone either recommend a dress to me, or maybe even a website/store that would have something like this but cheaper??

i also was thinking about designing it myself? we have a fabric store in my town, but i'm not sure if it would be more expensive to actually create it myself, rather than buy it? do you think creating it myself would be too expensive? and dont worry about the work load :) i love to sew and my mom does too. if anything, i could just pay a seamstress to sew it all together. but again, i'm not sure how much that would cost me.

thank you! (link)
1 and 6 are my favorites :)


A few weeks ago, I'd say 3 I went to the doctor and ended up finding out I had a yeast & bacterial infection, first one ever. The doctor gave me one pill to take for the yeast infection and then a set of pills to take twice a day for a week for hte bacterial infection and I did that. Well things seemed to be getting better and then I ended up getting my period. So a week passed and then I ended up getting the same signs of the yeast or bacterial infection, or both. I'm guessing it hasn't gone away so I took another pill for the yeast infection, I had one refill on that one. Well it's been about 5 days since I took that and things haven't seemed to gotten better. I'm still getting the greenish discharge and still itching a bit. Do you think I should wait to see if it starts getting better or do you think I should go into the doctor again? I am suppose to be getting my period in about a week so I'm not sure whether to wait or not..

Also, just a question. Would it be bad for me to have sex now? Not knowing if the infection cleared up or not, even if we did use a condom?

thanks!:) (link)
The same thing happened to me about a month ago.. I had greenish discharge so I bought a yeast infection test to make sure it wasn't something more serious, but it was just a yeast infection. I took the medicine for the yeast infection and still had a little bit of green discharge. Now I haven't had any irritation or green discharge so I'm sure you'll be fine but if you're still worried, get it checked out.

I just started birth control to help regulate my period. Well I'm on my 22nd day of my first pack, and I've forgotten to take my pill twice since I've started. I skipped those and just went to the next one. So my question is, since I skipped those pills, what does it mean? I know it doesn't make the pill as effective, but I don't need to worry about that because I am not sexually active. Also, how long does it take for it become just as effective again? (link)
You'll most likely have some spotting, bad cramps, dealyed or early period. Everything will most likely go back to normal once you start a new pack. Don't worry if you're feeling really PMS-y and are spotting, that's normal. Ideally, it will take a few weeks for it to be just as effective. Just make sure you don't skip anyore pills.. If you forget to take a pill, take it as soon as you remember.

i am wondering now if i made the right decision; to start with im 17/f and my x bfs 18. we were friends for a year before we started to date and we ended up dating for 4 months. he ended the relationship because he said he wasnt sure what he wanted anymore. i was really upset because i liked him a lot but i respected decision. he said he really liked me still and it would take time to get over me. i think the real reason was that he doesnt want a relationship, he never really lasts in relationships - i was his longest. more to the point; he asked if we can remain friends and at first i said yes. a few days later he text me and we were talking. it really hurt me speaking to him knowing that i can only be his friend so i told him i couldnt be friends with him for that reason. he seemed really angry and upset when i said this and he said he thinks i didnt care much about him to begin with. i know this isnt true but do you think i made the right decision to break off contact with him completely?? (link)
Well, when I dated a guy for two years he broke it off and asked if we could still be friends. I said yes but but a few days later I was feeling the same way you're feeling. I couldn't be friends with someone who doesn't want to be with me romantically, especially because it wouldn't help the healing process. You definitely did the right thing, talking to him daily would only lead you on and miss the relationship. I feel like he's saying that you don't care about him or never did because he's feeling guilty for hurting you. So right now, just worry about your own happiness. Take time for yourself and once you feel like you can be friends wtih him, let him know.

Ok so the Last time i had Sex befor My period was September 17th. My period comes in the end of the month and ends on the 4th of the next month.

My period came Heavy the first 2 days but then After that it wasnt that heavy for the last 3 days it was only on the pad a little bit and showed most when i wiped myself. Could i be preqo ? i havent been eatinq riqht i eat a little more then usual but i dont know if its bc im so worried and stressed or if its ah siqn of beinq pregnate. What do yu think ? (link)
You're just extremely paranoid. You got your period, so I'm sure you're fine. Usually, if you're pregnant you MIGHT get a little spotting.. but you actually got your period. You're just totally over thinking everything, so you question everything you're doing. You're not pregnant, but I do suggest you getting put on birth control so that you won't worry anymore. :)

okay so my boyfriend broke up with me the end of april and i believe i do still have feelings for him. (we're both virgins and never had sex together, we dated for close to a year and i was actually thinking about having sex with him like right before we broke up..btw i didn't see the breakup coming) i had this dream that we had sex the night he broke up with me. after we broke up we waited awhile to hang its july and we've hung out a few times and i had the same exact dream the night he broke up with me...does anyone know what or if this means anything?
17f & 17m if that helps (link)
Here is what dreaming about sex means:

To dream about sex, refers to the psychological completion and the integration of contrasting aspects of the Self. You need to be more receptive and incorporate aspects of your dream sex partner into your own character. Alternatively and a more direct interpretation of the dream, may be your libido's way of telling you that it's been too long since you have had sex.�It may indicate repressed sexual desires and your needs for physical and emotional love.�If you are looking for a place to have sex, then the dream may be analogous to your search for intimacy and closeness. To see your parents having sex in your dream, indicates that you are seeing similar aspects between their relationship and your current relationship. Most of us cringe at the thought of our parents having sex, so this dream imagery is really trying to get your attention. Consider your parents' real life relationship together and what you can learn from it.

To dream about sex with someone other than your spouse or significant other, suggests dissatisfaction with the physical side of your relationship. On the other hand, it may be harmless fantasy. In such situations, you may find that you are less inhibited sexually and you can even bring that sense of adventure to your existing relationship. If you dream you are having sex with a celebrity, then it indicates your drive to be successful. Consider what movies your associate this celebrity with for clues as to where and what you want to achieve success in.

**To dream that you are having sex with an ex or something that is not your current mate, denotes your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation. You may feel nervous about exposing yourself or currently feel a resurgence of those old emotions and feelings that you felt back when you and your ex were together. Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for people approaching their wedding to experience especially erotic adventures with partners other than their intended spouses. This may be due to the intensity of your sexual passion with your fiance. It also relates to the new roles that you will be taking on and the uncertainty that that may bring.

Try translating your dreams more. Go to Even translating the littlest things in your dreams, like a fence, grass, etc. could help you out. Dreaming is what your subconcious mind is thinking. Take some time to reflect on your dreams and try to understand what they mean.

I hope this helps! :)

This is my first year on varsity, and I am one of only 3 new girls. I am going to be a senior this year. At cheer camp they do a secret sister thing and the girls name I picked is also a senior. We are supposed to get 3 gifts for them along with 3 clues. Since I don't know any of the girls very well it's hard to make them personal.

I only have 2 days, so I need some ideas quick! It is supposed to be cheapish, but I don't want to get crappy gifts, not knowing what the girls usually get for each other since its my first year doing this.

I emailed my coach for some ideas, and she said a few girls made scrapbooks and made blankets, but I don't have enough time for things like that :( She also mentioned candy treats, but that seems really cheap.

Any ideas?! THANKS! (link)
gift certificates are always golden. victoria's secret would be a good one or dunkin donuts, etc. :)

id really like help, im wearing a beautiful navy dress to a party, but what coulor of shoes do i wear? alot of people say navy and red go perfect but i just dont know.

any suggestions would be helpful and thankyou
xx (link)
Red would look really good. Also, you can try yellow or white. It depends on how bold you want to be. :)

my boyfriend and i had sex today, unfortunately when he pulled out there was cum on his stomach; meaning, the condom broke. he says he's 95% sure he pulled out before then, but there was a hole although the cum was on the condom & his stomach. i'm terrified and so is he. i'm not sure what i'm asking, whether it's your opinion or not, but i'm pretty sure that it would be inside me and not him? nothing was sticking from me to him so i'm just hoping that wasn't that. when i checked around my vagina, i found a lot of discharge - i THINK it was discharge - because it was odorless unlike cum.
i'm gonna wait 2 weeks for the test, but also my period since the first day i got it this month was about two weeks ago.
thanks for taking your time. (link)
I agree.. If I were you, I would take Plan B. It's about $50 and if you're not 18, have a friend of yours get it for you. Good luck!

What can I do to have more energy (link)
Eat carbs, such as bread- bread gives you energy and so do bananas. Also, I've been drinking one vitamin water (usually the yellow energy one, not the one that's in the can though) a day and noticed that I have more energy. Working out helps a lot too. If you sit on the couch all day, you'll just feel more tired. Drinking green tea helps too, without giving you too much caffeine. Hope this helps!

Do we have certain dreams for a reason? Is it to show us something about a certain person we didn't notice before?
For example, i recently slept on the floor for one night (dont ask why, i dont vene know myself =D) and i had two extremely vivid dreams.
In the first, one of my guy-mates (who've i've kinda got a crush on) was stood around outside with his friends. My friends and I walked past and he held his hand up to me for a high-five, which he does in real life all the time. So i high-fived him and, jokingly, grabbed his hand and continued walking off. Then all of a sudden i was about 15ft away from him and about to walk through one of the doors in my school and i still had his hand. He was a little like one of those Stretch Armstrong toys. After i stretched his hand to the doors he started stumbling towards me a little, and then i woke up all hazey. It felt so real!
My second dream was just as vivid, but i'm not really bothered about it. It was about my Dad trying to hurt me real bad, and flipping out over nothing. He chased me around my house and i was screaming and crying so hard, i was crying when i woke up. I think i dreamt this because we fell out big time just before i went to sleep. That might be why i slept on the floor that night?
Thanks, 13/F (link)
I'm really into psychology, especially dreams. I believe we definitely have dreams for a reason. If you want, you can go to and translate your dreams, just type in a key word from your dream like; door, school, running, etc. Hope this helps! :)

18/f. My boyfriend and I just recently started having sex. I began birth control about 2 months ago. I was told I should be on birth control for at least 3 months before I can have sex without a condom (though, I will continue to use condoms when I have sex). While we were having sex today the condom slipped off as he finished and I was getting off him. If by chance anything got on/in me, should I be concerned? (link)
I really don't think you have to worry.. Birth control ACTUALLY starts working after the first week of taking it. (Although, it wouldn't be as effective) Birth control becomes 99% effective after the first month of taking it. You really don't have anything to worry about, especially because his sperm didn't go directly into your vagina.

ive been having a reoccuring dream and it must mean something since it keeps coming back. im gettin on a bus to leave school and i look out the window and see my girlfriend, her best friend whos my best friend too, and her boyfriend whos also my best friend. they are all getting on a different bus to leave. i feel so angry in my dream upon seeing them and i dont know why. maybe because im alone on the bus? or is it that im jealous that my girlfriend is with my best friends? i dont know but this dream keeps happening. what does it mean? (link)
Okay, so I alwayys translate my dreams, and mos tof the time, it's always right. I'm using, you just type it a keyword of your dream and it tells you what it means.

Bus- To dream that you are waiting for a bus, indicates a temporary setback in achieving your personal goals. If you miss the bus or get on the wrong bus, then it indicates that an aspect of your life is out of control. You need to slow down and map out a new plan.

To dream that you are riding a bus, implies that you are going along with the crowd. You are lacking originality and are taking no control over where your life is taking.

School bus- To see a school bus in your dream, suggests that you are about to venture on a life journey needed for your own personal growth.

Window- To dream that you are looking out the window, signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness, point of view, awareness, and intuition. You may be reflecting on a decision and seeking guidance. Or you need to go out into the larger world and experience life.

Girlfriend- To see your girlfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with her and how you feel about her.

Friend- To see friends in your dream, signifies aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge these rejected aspects of yourself. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. Additionally, this symbol foretells of happy tidings from them and the arrival of good news.

Anger- To dream that you are holding or expressing anger, symbolizes frustrations and disappointments in your Self. You tend to repress your negative emotions or project your anger onto others. You need to look within yourself.

Being angry in your dream may have been carried over from your waking life. Dreams can function as a safe outlet where you can express your strong and/or negative emotions. You have some suppressed anger and aggression that you have not consciously acknowledged.

Alone- To dream that you are alone, indicates feelings of rejection. You may be feeling that no one understand you.

If you put all the pieces together, it'll start to make sense. It's possibly that you feel jealous that your girlfriend is hanging out with your friends, or that your girlfriend doesn't spend enough time with you. You may also have some trust issues.

I really hope this helps! :)

okay, so i've been with my boyfriend for 5 months now. we've tried to have sex a couple of times but we can never seem to get it in. i end up getting frustrated only show it and give up. i really want to share this experience with him - is there a way to get his penis inside of me easier? we've already tried fingering.
he claims it was in before when i was on top - but i didn't feel anything. is it supposed to hurt?
thanks! (link)
if you can, try having sex in the shower/bath. your muscles will be much more relaxed, making it easier. the first time will always hurt, but if you can use soap as a lubricant, it will make it go in easier, which will make it not hurt as bad. hope this helps. :)

not that i dont like advicenators, because i actually LOVE this site & i find it very helpful,, are there anyother websites like this where you can ask questions and other people help you?

i have this one situation.. that i already asked on this site,, and i just want to talk to as many people as possible and get as much feedback as i can..

i tried looking on google.. but i didnt get anything that i really liked..

thanks :) (link) :)

Yeah, I'm working on a playlist of confident songs? Such as shutup and drive by rihanna and 'like this' by kelly rowland. i'm not focused on the genre, but those are the only two i have haha. thanks (: (link)
Rockstar by Prima J :)

my boyfriend and i are going to try to have a baby within the next few months, and i heard that there is a certain day of ovulation(sp) that there can be a 90% chance of getting pregnant.

how can i know when that time is? (link)
use this period planner

it'll tell you when you will be ovulating next. good luck. :)

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