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Hey everyone. My name is Rachel, and I am fourteen, fifteen in June. I need help. Well, I have a HUGE crush on a guy at school. He's incredibly handsome, and hilarious. (My two need-haves, when it comes to guys.) But, here’s the problem. I'm a freshman he's a junior. He's 17 in May. It's not a problem for me, and he has a few Ex's in my grade, so it's not a problem for him either. But my mom is a whole other story. Well, I had transferred to my school at the beginning of the school year, and my mom had casually asked if I had any boys on the brain. I told her about... Well let's call him "T", and she said, "Well, you know he's too old for you, right?" I had no reply to that. That made me a little mad. I mean technically there's only a year in between us. ALSO, my mom and dad are married, and my mom is 42, my dad 48. Don't you think that's kind of hypocritical? I mean, I'm not being disrespectful, or I don't mean to be anyway, but I don't think that's very fair. If you ask me, I don't think T and I have that big of an age difference. But, if mommy says, Rachel does. If she tells me I can't date him, I won't, no questions asked. But if I convinced her otherwise and she said I could, I'd be content in doing so. So, lying and sneaking around is absolutely out of the question. But, I need a few tips on how to convince her that the difference isn't that large. Any ideas? Or even if you think the difference is big, give your opinion please! I will not judge or anything. Any advice will be accepted. Thanks~! J (link)
The best thing to do is have them talk to each other. Go out to get ice cream, coffee, or something.

But I honestly thing the age difference is a bit too much at your age. If you were older, like 18.. it would be more okay to me.

She just doesn't want you to get hurt & I don't want you to either. It's just I had a bad experience. (I didn't get fooled into having sex. He ended up raping me.)

Just make sure you really know the guy!!

I am an amatuer photographer. i have a 9megapixel digital camera, but im wondering if i need a better one. also, any tips or techniques would be greatly appreciated. and is it possible to take an online photography class? thanks in advance ;) (link)
That seems pretty good. But I suppose it really depends on the photos you take or want to take and what you're going to do with them.

I haven't gotten around to printing my pictures on anything bigger than the A4 paper.

So, if you like macro and your camera can't do that very well or if you like to do nature and have limited zoom, then look for something better. Well if you have a dslr, new lenses would be the way to go. :P

I like to go to this website for tips & techniques:

And it's possible to take online classes. I can't remember any at the moment but they aren't cheap. If you search on the forums on that website, you'll find the names of them and reviews.

okay so you know the book crank?
by ellen something or other? it's about like how some girl gets addicted to like crack or something and how she loses herself to it. and how she like gets herself back right?
well they even have it at my school library, and everyone at my school is reading it.
i go to a public school, and my older sister goes to a private lutheran school.
she claims that one of her classmates got like 5 detentions just for having that book at school.
their school is a little different though...
and she does have a history of making things up.
and right before she told my mom this, i wouldn't let her use my shampoo & conditioner. i think this was some type of revenge?

anyways, my mom took it away from me after that and was like "i wonder if i should send you to a religious school before you go over the deep end."
and i'm like WHAT?! because i've never done drugs or even come close to them. i make good grades, and good decisions, and i don't see why she'd even say that.
just because of a few books i read.
and i've read like burned, by that same author and she didn't have a problem with that.
so she took the book away, and won't let me read it.
of course i'm just gonna read it somewhere else, because i should be able to decide what i read.
what do you guys think?
i'm 14/f if that has a difference. (link)
You should probably tell her read some pages? I read it a long time ago so I don't really remember it very well.

But I remember thinking how unappealing everything was. It doesn't convince you to do any of that.

It was interesting to read in a point of view of someone doing that stuff. I learned a lot of things so that's why I'd keep reading it.

But it doesn't necessarily mean I'd do the same things.

18 female!
Basically, I had been with my boyfriend for 10 months. I have never loved anyone as much as i love him but i wasnt happy! I hardly ever saw him, he wanted to be with his friends at the weekend and I seen him about 2 nights a week if I was lucky enough. I was really hurting inside because i love him so much and wanted to be with him as much as possible, so I decided i would confront him about it, I explained that i would like to see him a bit more and asked if he could give up 1 night at the weekend to be with me, basically asked him to spend more time with me! but he wasnt happy, he said i was making him choose between me and his friends and said it would be best if we were apart! Now im left without the one person i loved most in the world!
did i do the right thing by tellin him how i felt even though it resulted in me loosing him? (link)
You did do the right thing. You weren't happy.

I really don't think he's worth it if he's not willing to spend a little more time with you. You barely see each other already.

And I think this:

" i was making him choose between me and his friends and said it would be best if we were apart!"

Very stupid.

I don't think you were making him choose or even asking too much.

Enjoy your time without him please.

i get teased a lot at school and i rly don't know why... and i only get teased by my friends and every single thing i say or wear they analyze and look for something to criticize me for but they only do it to me but then they invite me to the mall and include me in their groups and stuff but they treat me like im a joke or something

im always nice to them and if they say something i just kinda let it go but its rly starting to get annoying and im getting tired of it... how do i get them to stop?

i don't have a lot of other friends so i cant leave their group and i don't want to talk to them about it or start an argument... are there any small things i could do so they will stop targeting me for everything?? does anyone else have this problem?? (link)
You really should tell them to knock it off. Don't let it go, they'll just keep doing it. If they aren't going to respect you then it's not going to get any better for you.

Don't let them "act" angry at you. You get angry, let them know exactly how you feel.

I had a lot of friends that did that. Now it's easy to see that most of them didn't care at all.

I told one of them I didn't appreciate the way she treated me and if she didn't stop it, there's no reason to stay friends. And after a couple of days, she apologized and never did it again.

If they don't stop, then they don't care about your feelings. They're not your friends.

okay, i have like a bunch of black hair on my arms and i guess i could live with that but i was wondering if i shave it then will the hair grow back thicker that before? if it does i might as well leave it as it is. i really wanna know. (link)
I've been doing it for years and it never grew back thicker. The hair did get a bit lighter though.

okay weird question but how come sometimes when u sit in a chair it makes your but itch really bad? Please answer (link)
It's probably because your butt goes numb after a while of sitting and when you get the feeling back, it can feel itchy.

Or it may be because you're sweaty or allergic to whatever you're wearing.

am a 16 year old female.. nd i already got too tired from life.. i wanna gt away from it.. its all that i want right now..
i just wanna know the best way to do it..
and please answer me as soon as possible.. cuz i wanna do it by next week max..
thnxx all xoxox (link)
Life is meant to be enjoyable and fun.

Years ago, I saw no reason in living.
But I also saw no reason in killing myself either.

I thought a lot about things. And I figured out all the things I wanted to do. Help others in any way I can. Go to different countries to learn new things.

Write down your thoughts.
Go out to places.
Watch or read something

Don't give up.


Hi, me and my boyfriend 16/m have been together for 11 months (a year in 2 weeks). But now I dont know if I can even make it to a year. When we first got together everything was great, but I guess that's how it is in most cases. He started to change a little over summer break. Now, it's even worse. I just feel like he lusts me now, and I really don't like it. I told him that I'm not into anything sexual until I'm married (or at lest old enough to know what I'm doing), but he just doesn't seem to get that. He always talks about other girls, he says it's just to make me jealous, I told him that doesn't work on me anymore. He rarely calls me unless I beg him to. He always busy, it seems like he loves his computer more than me. I mean, how can I lose to an inanimate object!? I always seem to do everything I can think of to make him happy, but he just doesn't get it. I guess I've changed too. I used to never cry, he used to make me really happy, and now it seems like everytime I talk to him via. phone, I ALWAYS cry. I've gotten more... naive, confused, and I just feel like I lost all respect for myself. I feel if I just get away from him and focus on myself I can regain my self respect. Now, the thing is, I don't know how to break it to him lol. Now, that I typed this out I see how bad it really was. Could anyone give me some advice?
Much Appreciated~ (link)
I had a boyfriend like him. I really want to say that when you do try to break up with him, don't be fooled by what he says if he still "wants/loves" you. But I don't really know how he's really like.

But it seems like he doesn't respect you at all. He shouldn't be making you feel bad. And if you want his attention, it shouldn't have to get to the point where you have to beg for it.

You'll be much happier without him.

okay, i'm a 15 year old female. i'm still in school and i need help on finding out what i wish to be. i really really love english and writing (and money (lol), so i think i want to go into that feild. i dont want to be a teacher, and im not really into the whole write for the newspaper as a job. i also love to read by the way. i would love for someone to give me some help or give me a couple choices on jobs including english/listerature. I am going to go to college for this. (link)
What do you like to write about exactly?

My friend loves to write stories and poems about everything.
She's already got quite a few published in magazines, graphic novels, and such.

My other friend likes to review/analyze books.
She's also got some of those published in magazines.

They both got decent money from it.

where can i buy that top the girl has in the top pic. its so pretty! :) (link)
Can't view the picture. The profile is private.

15/f. i do volunteer work with friends on saturday. i met these 2 guys a few weeks ago(noah and matt-theyre good friends).they don't go to my school. when i first met them i was attracted to noah. we were flirting alot but he has a girlfriend. i saw them again this past saturday (3/14). matt & i were talking alot & flirting. he gave me his number and we were texting. long story short, i ended up telling him i was interested in him and noah. he asked me who i liked more and my friends convinced me to tell him i liked him more because noah has a gf. i completely regret telling him that now. we texted from about 9:30-1:30 that night. the conversation was kind of awkward and i can tell he doesnt trust me, i guess he has a reason not to though. meanwhile, noah and i started talking around 11:30. we stayed up until 3 IMing each other. he was dropping hints during the convo that would imply he's interested. he even told me he was confused with what he felt about me(because he has a gf). the convo flowed smoothly and wasnt awkward at all. i really like him but i feel bad now. matt is kind of clingy and he's always asking me questions about what i'm doing.i don't want to hurt him but its not fair to him if i tell him i like him when i like noah. what should i do? (link)
You don't want to keep leading him on, it'll hurt him even more.

Just tell him the truth as soon as you can and be careful on how you say it.

I'd get a bit upset if I told I was just picked because I was single and the other person wasn't.

It might be better to just say you feel bad but it turns out you have stronger feelings for the other guy.

Something of that sort.

And I also don't think you should keep talking with Noah. It just doesn't seem very fair to his girlfriend. Give him time and if it turns out he likes you, go for it.

how should i do my make up with my new hair? and ways to play around with my hair to make it look pretty??

here's a picture for reference: (link)
Sorry, I'm not going to be much of help.
I don't know that much about hair & make up.

But I think a dark blue liner would bring
out your eyes more. Just line the upper lid.

im looking for into buying a new camera, and i really like the nikon d40 (
if anybody has it, can you tell me what you think of it? is it worth the money (i do take a lot of pictures)? what are any speacial "features" about it, and are they really hard to figure out?
anything, really. thanks a ton! (link)
I've been looking for a new camera too and had considered that one. But what really put me off was that there's no auto focus driver in the camera body. So you can only AF with certain lenses that's built into the lens.

And a lot of their lenses are a bit pricey.

So you can only focus manually with most third party lenses, but there's some exceptions.

These might help you decide:

And of course, the manual for those features:

If you're interested in any Canon cameras, I could probably be more of help. :P

First Question: I slept next to this guy and he wanted to have sex. I kept saying no, But he wouldnt get off me and I was still saying no when he ripped my clothes off and penetrated me. But I layed there and Let him do it because I wanted him to leave me alone. A couple times through this I said no, and tried to push him off me, but It didnt work. Is this considered Rape?

Second Question: I havent told anyone about this until now, and it happened a couple months ago, So theres no physical evidence left. But Ever since then Ive felt empty and numb to feelings and intimacy. Should I see a Counselor or therapist because of this? (link)
Something similar happened to me with my ex boyfriend. I felt so bad that I convinced myself that I was okay with him doing it and it wasn't rape.

I figured then I didn't want to have another relationship, it didn't seem like it was worth it.

When I had to go see a counselor, it was too awkward. I didn't say anything to her.

After 3 months, I told my close friend. He really helped me realize a lot of things. And after so many months, I started to like him. And we've been together for almost a year now.

It took some years to really get over it. But I'm somewhat okay now...

hi everyone!!
you know how everyone has their "trademark thing" ?
like, some ppl use a bunch of " i" (like iii love u)
and some ppl say mkay instead of okay
or like, a trademark smiley =D

whats your trademark thing? im trying to come up with mine. thanx so much! (link)
Mine would be -> :3

Yeah and you're a dumbass (link)
No. I don't think so.

You want this poor girl to get hurt?! Her mother has every right even though she is a legal adult!!!! (link)
You're paranoid.


I know this is usually impossible but it has to happen. How can I stop liking someone? I am basically in love with my best guy friend, we are together alot and whenever im with him Im really happy and It hurts me everytime I see him leave. He likes my best friend, alot. Ive liked him for over a year and Im fed up with it. I recently broke up with my first boyfriend because it wasnt working out, basically because I didnt care about him nearly as much as I cared about Jason.(my best guy friend). I cant stand liking him anymore because I know for a fact he would never like me that way. I need to move on, but how? (link)
Spend less time with him and more with another friend.

But I also think you should take a chance and tell him.

So I'm 18/f.
I'm in a long-distance relationship right now, with an amazing guy. He's coming to town for a week on the 14th and I can't wait to see him.

But my mom is being a huge hassle. For one, she's making him stay at a hotel on the other side of town (which is 60 bucks a night.) Plus, she read his blog on his myspace and made him add her as a friend on facebook just so she can "know what this kid's all about". I find myself repeatedly apologizing to him because of her invasion of our relationship (she's always asking me what he meant by blah blah blah or teasing me about what I'll leave him for a comment, etc.) It's getting so annoying. I know she means well, but I feel like I'm under constant supervision.

She's insisting on driving me to the airport to pick him up when he flies in, and she even refuses to wait in the car when I go in to find him. All I want is to say hello to him without her supervision, since I haven't seen him in person since December. How can I convince her to just back off?? Help! I'm desperate. (link)
With my mom, a simple "Back off please" or "I'd really like to be with my boyfriend without you watching our every move" should work.

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