Hi peepsss.............

I'm from Curacao ..a little island in the carribean .
Currently I'm studying and living in Holland(Europe)

In good papiamentu (that's my language )we say ""Mi ta un hende alegre y semper kontentu"

Hopi bendishon pa boso tur (God bless you all)


It's hard for advice if the question needs to be brief as there's no background on which to base the answer.

That said, my 15yo daughter (not living here) is showing many signs of a teenager in trouble; she recognises life's tough for her at the moment yet when I've suggested therapy or councelling she flat out refuses. Those close to her have tried to councel her but I feel she needs someone she's not related to, before she'll open up and face the turmoil in her life (some she's created and some out of her control).

I am seriously concerned for her welfare and have tried seeking advice from the "welfare system" which was unable to help.

I'm a 42yo single mum with another daughter 14yo living with me.

Has anyone any advice that is practical?

sorry ...,Maybe I didn't understand clearly what you ment ..my apoligies.

I just mentioned that you should be ready because I work in a teenage center and once we let them go home back most of them comes back worse ...Becuase most parents think that once they are home everything is gone change in a spin into sugarland..

I just wanted to help

I have quiet a lot experience that's why I mentioned to you

Good luck anyway and you don't need to grade this

Dod bless


(Rating: 2) I disagree that I should try to be her friend - that comes later, first and foremost she needs her mother. Holidays/hotels are an expense I can't afford. As to your "are your ready to handle her once she is home?" I had already mentioned that was unnerving - so obviously I have considered the difficulities that would bring.........so your question infers that I've not considered that, when I obviously have. I feel you are stating the obvious but aren't forthcoming with useful advice. Thanks for taking the time to comment though.

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