Hi peepsss.............

I'm from Curacao ..a little island in the carribean .
Currently I'm studying and living in Holland(Europe)

In good papiamentu (that's my language )we say ""Mi ta un hende alegre y semper kontentu"

Hopi bendishon pa boso tur (God bless you all)


Okay. So I have this friend, well we're not really friends anymore, but I guess you could still say we are civil. We used to be best friends until we got in this big fight. Her birthday is coming up...Do I get her a present or no?

I think you really want to get her that present so I would say go ahead and buy her one

Good luck


My bff is evil. I've known her since 2nd grade when she was nice, then in 5th grade she turned evil. Nobody likes her. She's mean to everybody including me for no reason. I try to help her out and I never get anything positive out of her. Everybody since 5th grade (even my parents) has been telling me to ditch her, but would it be too late? Should I continue being her friend? Should I tell her off? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Talk to her and explain to her ...
Maybe she has something home bothering her ....or something else
Try to know why she bacame so mean..
if she do not want to listen or she keeps giving you negative things.......... "DITCH HER" because of her behaviour she may be shaking all the good people in YOUR way off .You never know people may think you are the same way she is..MEAN

Maybe she will open her eyes when she is standing alone ..some people are like that.
This will make your frienship stronger or breake it.
Try to not feel sad or wrong you can't care for her when she obviuosly don't do this for herself.


Pray for her every night.

Good luck and God bless you both.


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