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12 year old having sex with 18 year old

Question Posted Sunday November 4 2012, 12:33 pm

12/F well I have a 18 year old boyfriend and he wanted to have sex and I'm to scared that if I say no he won't love me anyway now he's always expecting me to have sex with him and when I don't want to he asks me if I don't love him anymore and he has naked pictures of me and I don't know how he got them what must I do(my mom doesn't know about our relationship)

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LuvvyMacher answered Friday November 16 2012, 7:18 am:
Its fine people make mistakes and send nudies to the wrong people but ou souldnt of don't that in the first place also your WAY to young for sex! your vagina is still developing ! darling this is why you don't meet boys way out of your leuge ! but don't panic, unless you know eachother in real life witch is scary, But if you do love him deeply and truly , just beg him not to send any pictures of you and your body to anyone and tell him that your too young for sex and hopefully he'll understand

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Simone101 answered Monday November 5 2012, 5:14 pm:

I don't blame you because you are 12...he is an adult. He's 18 trying to have sex with a 12 year old. That is against the law and he can be registered as a sex offender because of that. Believe me, don't have sex with him you are too young. I'm 15 and there is no way I'd ever do that for one, and not even with an 18 year old. He's supposed to be off to college in a couple months and you have not even experienced highschool yet. Listen. You are an intelligent young girl, and it's best to just tell your parents everything even about the pictures. Your situation can only get worse if you don't. No matter how embarrassed you feel or disappointed they get, remember they will hold your boyfriend responsible for all of this. For one he is manipulating your feelings and being very calculated trying to convince you to have sex with him. If he released your naked photos he would get in trouble as that is against the law to exploit an adolescent and he is an adult. This is wrong and letting your parents handle all of this is only the right way to go.

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adviceman49 answered Monday November 5 2012, 3:20 pm:
There are so many things wrong her I don't even know where to begin.

First of all there is no way an 18 year old man, yes he is a man, should be dating a 12 year old girl. There is a 6 year age difference between you which makes it illegal for him to be even dating you let alone having sex with you. He is a pervert and a sexual predator. If he could get sex from someone his own age he would not be dating 12 year old girls.

There are only three lines in your letter to us but you say it yourself in your letter. If you do not give him sex he asks if you don't love him. Sex is not love or proof of love. It is the culmination of a person’s love for another. I know you don't understand this, if you did you would not be dating a man 6 years older than you and having sex with him. This is very, very wrong. He belongs in jail.

He is a criminal in the eyes of the law. In the eyes of the law he is committing statutory rape. Not by virtue of having sex with you but just by being with you. Having sex with you is a second charge of being a sexual predator. The fact that he has naked pictures of you is a third charge of being in possession of child pornography. You are a child you are naked that is child porn. If he shares these photos with anyone he is distributing child porn that is a forth charge. Then there is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. These charges add up to several lifetimes in jail which is where he belongs.

No have you done anything wrong. No not really. Sexual predators look for girls like you to take advantage of. You must have been thrilled that someone his age was interested in you a 12 year old girl. This is what men like him count on. He may have bought you nice gifts or said all the things you wanted to hear. Whatever it took to get you to trust him and let him have sex with you. Trust me he is not in love with you. He lusts for your young body. As you grow older you and your body will mature in to what a young woman should be and look like. He will lose all interest in you when that happens. This will happen very soon within a year or less.

I am old enough to be your grandfather so if you remember nothing else of what I’ve written here remember this. You are a victim. You are the victim of a child molester and you need to tell your parents. Will they be upset? Yes, but I doubt they will be upset at you for as I said you are the victim her and I would hope they see this. They need to call the police and file a complaint. There is no upside her for him. I don’t know you though I know what a 12 year old girl looks like. There can be no way he can mistake you for being 18. Your parents will know this.
Do not see this man again, do not call him. Tell your parents today what has happened and have them call the police.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

rainhorse68 answered Monday November 5 2012, 7:48 am:
Hi. At eighteen he'll have all the usual male urges and desires going full-bore, and he'll certainly pull the 'you would if you really loved me' line to pressure you into sex. You are obviously mature-looking enough to turn him on. And you feel mature enough to be tempted, or there would be no question posted by you. And, ok. If he uses a condom properly there's little real chance of pregnancy resulting. But listen sweetheart, at twelve you'll take NOTHING GOOD OR POSITIVE away from the experience. Just admit the timing is all wrong, and tell him sex isn't an option just yet...full stop. You WILL regret the alternative. Be lucky!

[ rainhorse68's advice column | Ask rainhorse68 A Question

kayna answered Monday November 5 2012, 12:22 am:
You need to stop talking to him. He is a pedophile. He is a bad guy who is doing bad things.

[ kayna's advice column | Ask kayna A Question

whythehellnot answered Sunday November 4 2012, 8:53 pm:
baby this guy is obviusly just a pervert and want to have sex and does not love you.those naked pictures are considered child porn and he can get serius jail time for having those.if you took those pics, and gave them to anyone that is distributing child porn and is also very illegal.where the hell did you meet this freak?tell your mom and i f you really love him(idk why) dont have sex with him becouse that is statiatory rape and you will never see him again because he will be in jail.only here to help.....

[ whythehellnot's advice column | Ask whythehellnot A Question

juliet132132 answered Sunday November 4 2012, 8:43 pm:
I have to be frank with you. He doesn't love you. I've been in this situation before, and he left because I wouldn't have sex with him. I never did understand what I did wrong, but now that I'm older I realized that he was a sicko and I have no feelings towards that guy anymore. I don't even know him now. And I'm okay with that. I'm finally happy. I have a nice guy that waited with me. He was a virgin too. We lost our virginities together. I'm now 19 and we're still together. If he loved you, he wouldn't even ask if you wanted to have sex. Really, what you should do is call the police. Because he could have raped you if he wanted to. He's 18 and he obviously didn't care that you were a kid. You're not even a teenager yet.

[ juliet132132's advice column | Ask juliet132132 A Question

solidadvice4teens answered Sunday November 4 2012, 7:19 pm:
Your mom definitely should know EXACTLY what is going on PRONTO. Normal 18-year-olds are not dating 12-year-old kids or trying to coerce them into an illegal sexual act or acts.

This is one of those things you shout from every mountain as adults have to go after this creep and protect you. You may be confused right now but this was never love. You aren't going to get in trouble with your parents and MUST tell about those photos and threats he made. It's child porn and he must be stopped from potential distribution let alone owning it. You know this isn't right so you have to tell your parents about it. He should be in jail.

[ solidadvice4teens's advice column | Ask solidadvice4teens A Question

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