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Why do people try to stop people from killing themselves?

Question Posted Sunday February 26 2012, 6:42 pm

y do people try to stop people when they want to die? its probably for a good reason that they do not want to live anymore

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soph0900 answered Tuesday February 28 2012, 3:44 pm:
yeah, theres a lot of answers but i just had to give this very philosophical question a go:
Youre right, at the end of the day, its their life, do what they want.
I think people stop people from killing themselves out of consideration for others.
Most would have families who, it may not seem like it at the time, will acctually be sad if that person was gone.
WHAT IF there is acctually really awful afterlife and you regret killing yourself?
Also, if you commit sucide in a messy, public way like jumping in front of a train, think of the poor people who have to traumatized.. and clean it all up!

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theadvicegal answered Monday February 27 2012, 11:52 pm:
Not to sound rude, but this is a very uneducated question.

People stop other from commiting suicide out of love. No one enjoys loved ones dying, especially from something like suicide. As suffering from a train of suicidal contemplation and attempts, I can feel others pain. The reason why I thought about doing it was not because someone broke up with me, or something stupid, it was a very serious matter. Anyways, before I go off topic, think about it. Not everyone has a "good" reason for suicide, and people help other because they love and care about them. They want them remaining on the earth.

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thelaura answered Monday February 27 2012, 11:38 am:
You only get to live once, so you might as well make the most of it and not end it prematurely.
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I'll always remember that saying. and if anyone I know was contemplating killing themselves, I'd try my hardest to get them the help they need to survive.

[ thelaura's advice column | Ask thelaura A Question

DavidB answered Monday February 27 2012, 9:53 am:
suicide is sometimes a form of giving up feeling that is no way out of the current situation.

[ DavidB's advice column | Ask DavidB A Question

NinjaNeer answered Monday February 27 2012, 9:51 am:
I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you why I try to stop people.

About 6 years ago, I came to this site looking for an easy, painless way to kill myself. I had next to no relationship with my family, I was plummeting into a length battle with mental illness, and I was failing out of university. I asked a question without signing up so nobody would know who I was, and because I didn't plan on ever coming back.

I received an outpouring of answers sharing peoples' experiences, telling me things would get better, telling me that someone out there cared if I died, telling me that THEY cared if I died.

So I didn't try that time. I joined Advicenators, kept asking questions and started trying to make a difference in other peoples' lives. It's not like my life was magically solved, but I held on for just a while longer. There were a few suicide attempts and plans after that, but each time someone was able to catch me and stop me. Now, 6 years after that first question I'm happily married, living in a house that we purchased, curled up on the couch with our awesome dog. My life isn't perfect, but I'm learning more every day about how to cope with or change the things I'm not happy about. My relationship with most of my family is back on track and my bipolar disorder is pretty well regulated.

If I hadn't asked that question on Advicenators, I don't know if I'd have made it here. If the people who answered my question told me to go ahead, or even worse, stayed silent... I would be gone. I owe Advicenators my life. That is why I try my best to answer every suicide question. When I do answer, I share my story and tell them that they can make things better, that you shouldn't end your life based on one, or even 100 bad moments, because there are so many amazing moments waiting for you in the future.

I had good reasons to want to kill myself. I'm sure everyone who considers suicide does. I just like to point out the reasons why everyone should stay alive, and they're even better.

[ NinjaNeer's advice column | Ask NinjaNeer A Question

Xui answered Sunday February 26 2012, 11:00 pm:
I generally stay away from questions like these to avoid the aggravation but seeing you asked why...I'll give it a shot.

People only live once, There is nothing that should ever make someone want to end their lives. Honestly? I really believe that suicide is the cowardly way out. Everyone goes through shit in their lives, People lose houses, Jobs etc. but they don't go around just killing themselves over it. You seek professional help not suicide

When you commit suicide you end EVERYTHING and there is no going back. It's gone forever, 20,30,40 years down the line it's gone.....

You leave behind family, Friends, and future people you would meet in your life. The pain and the stupidity of being selfish has a massive effect on those who love and care about you. People go around asking why this person chose to end it this way, Why they couldn't just seek help or talk to someone about their problems.....

Everyone is here for a reason, Everyone has a reason to be here. Killing yourself because life isn't exactly how you want it at the moment is just plain selfish and wrong.

[ Xui's advice column | Ask Xui A Question

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