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Girlfriend wants me to cum inside her!

Question Posted Wednesday November 18 2009, 8:14 pm

OK so I have to ask. My girlfriend has been crazy for me to cum inside her but I am afraid of making her pregnant. She is on birth control and everything but still I feel like she is trying to trap me with a baby. Why? Because this is what she told me: She said that having cum inside her is a feeling of completeness and is 1000x better than orgasms.

Have any of you ever heard this? Is this for real? Do you really feel like that?

Thank you!

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Rayvn answered Friday September 6 2013, 10:29 am:
Um. Duh. If you're "not ready" to cum inside her then you are not ready to have sex with her. Or are you just having sex with her for your sick horny pleasure? She is using a pill which is 99.9% effective so she obviously isn't trying to have a baby because IF SHE WAS SHE WOULDN'T BE USING A PILL. ...Duh. And that pill is 99.9% effective so there is no chance of getting pregnant. However if she was saving your cum from masturbation in a cup and taping it to her cervix and that made you think she was trying to "trap" you with a baby then again WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HAVING SEX WITH HER??!? She cannot possibly "trap" you if you are legitimate, love, feelings 100% that is worthy of having sex with, because you WANT to be with her you WANT to marry her it is not possible to "trap" you WHAT THE FUCK and if you don't like her then don't fucking have sex. In fact, you apparently hate her if you have been having sex but then not even cumming inside like its some kind of porn video. There is nothing "comfortable" about it if you are not "comfortable"cumming inside your GIRLFRIEND which you should be WANTING BECAUSE YOU LOVE HER (supposedly but obviously not) then you should definitely not be comfortable having sex with her if she doesn't mean that much!! In fact you should probably break up with her if you hate her so much that you would be inside her and then pull away.

...Regardless of your idiocy and extreme dickery, if you are inside and then take it away ESPECIALLY if you do it right when you were about to cum, it feels empty and deprived. And also she can't get a full satisfaction of knowing you are complete together. And will be very deprived when she can not finish her feeling of sex because you were not there sharing when you cum.
...Of course, you obviously could not feel complete together anyway since you don't love her sincerely and think she's a slut or something and could somehow "trap" you into something you should want anyway or else WAY THE HELL NOT be having sex or more likely abusing her by fucking. But yeah try again either cum inside her or don't start having sex with her and if you are even remotely worthy of having a girlfriend then next time wait until you actually you know love her before having sex before sticking your dick in her for some kind of sick pornographic pleasure, you have a hand.

[ Rayvn's advice column | Ask Rayvn A Question

Tjad answered Sunday July 11 2010, 3:34 am:
Dude speaking as another guy, if you trust her....DO IT!!! You think your girlfriend likes the feeling? It is frigging amazing feeling for guys too. One condition for me is my girlfriends be on some sort of birth control. Cause let's be honest if you're having sex pregnancy is a possibility no matter what. Enjoy it. Cumming inside a girl is one of my top things in life to do. You're young enjoy something that is just the bees knees lol. Good luck. TJ is a good baby name haha jk

[ Tjad's advice column | Ask Tjad A Question

WordsOfTheWise answered Thursday December 24 2009, 1:22 am:
Dude. Do not do it. My girl right now wants me to do the same thing. It's not safe, nor smart, unless you're in a committed relationship and want to risk having a child. I refuse to cum inside her. It pisses her off but I control that not her. Be safe bro.

[ WordsOfTheWise's advice column | Ask WordsOfTheWise A Question

heather01 answered Wednesday November 25 2009, 3:57 pm:
hey, my advice to you is continue to use protection. even through she is on birth control doesnt mean it prevents pregnancy 100 percent. i no shes yer gf but if she ends up pregnant do you really want to have to take care of a baby all bc you didnt wear a condom. goodluck and if you care about her youll use a condom.

<3 heatherr 18/f

[ heather01's advice column | Ask heather01 A Question

Eros answered Sunday November 22 2009, 11:31 am:
Look, she has obviously had someone cum inside her before. Let her go back to that guy. He obviously can't get her pregnant, but YOU CAN.

And you WILL. If you don't use a condom.

You have no idea what is in that girl's head. Of course she wants you to cum inside her because she wants a BABY....

Run, and run fast brother man....

You don't want to be trapped, do you???

And no she is lying to you....the actual feeling of female orgasm has got to be much more intense than feeling a guy's baby makers spill into her va jay jay...

Besides you should always use many many many diseases that you just do do do not want....

[ Eros's advice column | Ask Eros A Question

Kendra_Berri answered Friday November 20 2009, 10:57 pm:
It does create a greater feeling of intimacy between two loving partners. However, you should not feel pressured into doing it, because it could lead to pregnancy. Any man who does not wish to become a father yet must wear a condom to protect his own interests. Relying on your partner to prevent you from becoming a dad leads many men to fatherhood in the end.

Why? Because sometimes pills get forgotten or get taken too late, or she goes on anti-biotics or sometimes it just fails (rarely, but it's not 100% effective even if used perfectly. It's 99% effective, which still leaves a tiny window of risk that you rightly do not want to take).

So let her know you understand why she wants this, but her request makes you uncomfortable and that until you're ready to become a father, you're not going to be okay with it.

[ Kendra_Berri's advice column | Ask Kendra_Berri A Question

Razhie answered Thursday November 19 2009, 9:05 am:
Wow, I'm surprised people are being so judgemental on this...

Personally, I can believe the reason she gave completely, There are sex acts feel more fulfilling emotionally. It makes sense from and evolutionary perspective for a woman (and yes, I've met men too) and find that the most satisfying.

HOWEVER, you should not do anything you aren't comfortable with.
Be very clear with her about your feelings on this subject, and ask her to please stop badgering you about it.

You might ask her how she would feel if you kept asking her about a sex act she was uncomfortable with... That would make you a jackass right? What goes for the guy, goes for the girl. She needs to back off about this.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

brie answered Thursday November 19 2009, 3:02 am:
Fake it and get her reaction! TRAP TRAP TRAP. If anything i would rather my old man didn't

[ brie's advice column | Ask brie A Question

Roxy07 answered Wednesday November 18 2009, 10:11 pm:
Don't listen to her, feeling completeness by you cumming in her is a load of crock. You do what you need to do but until your ready for the consequences of sex, I wouldn't.

If your feeling like she is trying to trap you with a baby then who's to say that she really is taking her pill everyday like she's suppose too?

Just talk to her and tell her that your not comfortable in cumming inside her until you are both ready to have a baby or make that extra commitment to each other.

Good luch, hope I helped!

[ Roxy07's advice column | Ask Roxy07 A Question

the_unexpected answered Wednesday November 18 2009, 8:51 pm:
If she is on birth control and she takes it regularly, there isn't much of a risk of pregnancy if you cum inside her, and yes, it does feel better for the girl. However, you shouldn't do it if you don't feel comfortable with it.

[ the_unexpected's advice column | Ask the_unexpected A Question

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