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Question Posted Monday June 5 2006, 6:29 am

how one can be most success in ones life?

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ContinuationSoda answered Wednesday June 7 2006, 11:36 pm:
there is no correct answer to this question. you see, in order for one to feel success, one must do what the heart desires. so it is different for everyone.

hope i helped.

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tasuki answered Wednesday June 7 2006, 9:51 pm:
You have to figure that one out yourself. Don't follow anybody else's path--it probably won't work for you. You have to make your own roads. If you reach a dead end, turn around and choose a different path. It also depends on what you mean by success. That word can mean a lot of different things to different people. It could mean having a lot of money, or it might mean helping as many people as you can. It's your journey, and it's all up to you. You've already started (like, since you were born...or conceived, depending on what you believe), so get going! And NEVER have regrets. Good luck.

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Mousetower answered Wednesday June 7 2006, 12:55 pm:
It depends how you define success. If it's all about jobs and money, then suck up to your boss, toe the company line and die with lots of toys. If it's about happiness (and I hope it is) then just try to do as much as you can. Go to lots of places. Meet lots of people. Do lots of interesting jobs. That way, you can look yourself in the eye (well, you can't, but you know what I mean) and say that you have got the most out of your life.
Anything else is just gravy.

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Nallie answered Monday June 5 2006, 8:37 pm:
You know...I think this is a wonderful question, how great that you asked!!! It is a simple question with the biggest potential! Start out by dreaming. Don't ever think that your dreams are too big. Then keep those pictures in your mind and read motivational books and listen to motivational CDs from people that are successful. Stay positive!

[ Nallie's advice column | Ask Nallie A Question

helpachick answered Monday June 5 2006, 5:16 pm:
bringing success to yourself <i think> means that you have certain goals set for your life, and you meet those goals. but when you meet those goals, you shouldn't slack off but maybe set a few new goals that are the one step higher. also, doing the things you enjoy will make you feel good about what you've done in your life, along with doing good things for others. xoxo helpachick

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Alin75 answered Monday June 5 2006, 3:17 pm:
As people have sort of said, the first step is to define success. If you talk to people about it, you will find that a lot of people dont really agree on how success is measured.

So the question I have to your question is... do you mean success as defined by the majority of society (and this too will vary depending upon where in the world you live), or success as a personal feeling?

If you mean the latter, then thats really an easy answer. Define those things that matter to you in life and then achieve them. You might feel strongly about stopping polution or helping unfortunate children, or animal rights or whatever. Then, to be successful you need to make a difference.

If you mean the former (as defined by the majority of society), and if you live in a typical western society, then its money, fame and power that usually dominate the criteria. If I knew how to get those in abundance, I would be in the Bahamas right now, or alternatively I would be tyranically ruling over some minor nation :)

All I am saying here is that there are really two ways to look at success. One way you might think yourself successful but everyone else may or may not agree, the other way people may find you successful and you may not agree.

I hate to leave you with some cheesy line that tells you to look inside yourself for answers, but in the end thats pretty much what we all have to do.

[ Alin75's advice column | Ask Alin75 A Question

ATLchick92 answered Monday June 5 2006, 12:52 pm:
Well, the only way to be successful in life, is to be succesful with yourself. If you are on of those people who try to do everything to impress yourself, then you will not be successful. Keep a clean slate and your hopes up. Live for today, but plan for tomorrow!

[ ATLchick92's advice column | Ask ATLchick92 A Question

lostinpraise answered Monday June 5 2006, 12:46 pm:
What a philosophical question!
It comes down to what you believe life is about. If it's about making your mark on this world, you'll be successful by having a passion to change something, and doing it, giving your life to that cause.
If it's about relationships, you'll succeed by devoting your time to encouraging others, listening and understanding.
If its about wealth, and career success, it takes hard work, dedication and often ruthlessness.
Or if, as I believe, life is about being truly happy, you can only be successful by relationship with your creator. i believe we're here to bring glory to God, therefore to be successful, and happy, we need to devote our lives and ourselves to Gods work, and whatever he asks us to do. That way, we succeed in living happy, purposeful life, and also doing what we are here to do.

[ lostinpraise's advice column | Ask lostinpraise A Question

DefinedEyes answered Monday June 5 2006, 9:13 am:
Its the way you make decisions on,
you have to set goals, and achieve them.
Never let little unimportant things get in the way of where you need to be.

[ DefinedEyes's advice column | Ask DefinedEyes A Question

Elcee answered Monday June 5 2006, 8:26 am:
By making the right choices for you. Learning everything that you can about life. Getting the best qualifications available and above all taking every chance that comes your way. Success isn't just about making money, you can be a successful mother/father or sister/brother and friend. Helping others when they need you the most will make you a successful friend. Listen to what other people are telling you and grab every opportunity to become a successful you. You are most successful when you are fulfilled and happy. Have a good life and live it to the full. Good luck.

[ Elcee's advice column | Ask Elcee A Question

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