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Question Posted Tuesday December 13 2005, 7:02 pm

This is going to sound dumb. But every once and a while i get this really sharp pain right under my left boob like behind the rib cage. and it hurts so bad i cant breath. it knocks the wind out of me n i can't move, but this literally 15 seconds later its fine. it use to happen like every couple of months. but its been happening a lot this week.
wtf is this? lol i never bothered to ask anyone cause it didnt happen a lot. but now its becoming more frequent. any one else get this?

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muffinbutt answered Wednesday December 21 2005, 2:47 pm:
This used to happen to me fairly frequently, but it stopped after I began eating over at my boyfriend's house several times a week, so I think it was because of some dietary deficiency. Wish I could tell you what was deficient. You might try broadening your diet anyhow and see if that has any affect. I think the pain itself is a nerve spasming.

[ muffinbutt's advice column | Ask muffinbutt A Question

ncblondie answered Wednesday December 14 2005, 11:01 am:
I would talk to your parents about going to the doctor for a checkup. It may be nothing, but it's better to be safe and get checked in case it's something else. Good luck.

[ ncblondie's advice column | Ask ncblondie A Question

sizzlinmandolin answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 10:47 pm:
Do you sleep on your stomach? That happens to me the day after I sleep on my stomach so I try not to. Another thing that could cause it is wearing a bra that is too tight. Since it is happening so frequently though, you should mention it to your doctor the next time you go in. Maybe your doctor will know exactly what it is! I hope I helped and I hope you feel better soon! Good luck!

[ sizzlinmandolin's advice column | Ask sizzlinmandolin A Question

Briht_knee_89 answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 10:35 pm:
Hey Sweets!

yea, the same thing happens to me sometimes! i'm not really for sure what it is. but i don't think it's serious. or anything. so maybe, you could just tell your doctor about it at the next check-up or whatever. or if they keep getting worse.. i would schedule an appointment w/him soon!

okay, well, i hope everything works out.

[ Briht_knee_89's advice column | Ask Briht_knee_89 A Question

askmeimaguy answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 8:14 pm:
um behind your left boob under you ribcage is your heart so i could be heartburn like bad so see a doctor

[ askmeimaguy's advice column | Ask askmeimaguy A Question

HyperMickiHAhe answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 7:29 pm:
you should go to the doctor. I learned that you may have a type of cancer or disease. im not 100% sure, but you should visit a local doctor.

hope i helped


[ HyperMickiHAhe's advice column | Ask HyperMickiHAhe A Question

DaNcE_In_ThE_RaIn answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 7:11 pm:
tell your parents and go see the doctor!I have had that a couple times but not as frequent as you so i think you should tell your doctor..


[ DaNcE_In_ThE_RaIn's advice column | Ask DaNcE_In_ThE_RaIn A Question

x0blu3eyedbeautyx0 answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 7:10 pm:
it's normal. It's just growing pains, liek you got in your legs when you were little. It justs means your boobs are growing alot right now! Yay for you lol! Hope it goes away soon! &hearts; caitie

[ x0blu3eyedbeautyx0's advice column | Ask x0blu3eyedbeautyx0 A Question

Juicygirl answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 7:09 pm:
Doing crunches or ab work outs lately? You could have just pulled something. Be sure to take it easy for a couple days and wait until it gets better. The same thing happened to me but it went away after i took a break from dance for a few weeks.

If it doesnt go away after a few weeks, be sure to see your doctor ;)

[ Juicygirl's advice column | Ask Juicygirl A Question

Kr4z3y_Ch3lly answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 7:05 pm:
alright well im not intending to scare you or anything but i really think you should let a doctor know about this. i know someone who had similar symptoms and what they had was saver! so i really really really think you should go see the doctor and see what they say. theyll take x-rays and let you know whats going one. good luck with that hun!


[ Kr4z3y_Ch3lly's advice column | Ask Kr4z3y_Ch3lly A Question

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