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Question Posted Tuesday December 6 2005, 5:58 pm

Can anyone translate the line from 'Romeo and Juliet' for me?

Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

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xXxpinky615xXx answered Saturday December 10 2005, 10:09 pm:
Wherefore in Shakespeareian language means WHY. WHY art (are) you Romeo?

Romeo oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name and if thou wilt not be but sworn my love, and I will no longer be Capulet.


Romeo oh Romeo, why must you be Romeo?

Deny your father and refuse to take his name (last name) and if you will not, swear to be my love and I will no longer be a Capulet. (She'll marry him).

[ xXxpinky615xXx's advice column | Ask xXxpinky615xXx A Question

XO_LiZ_69_0X answered Wednesday December 7 2005, 7:19 pm:
Romeo Romeo where are you Romeo

[ ♥ ]Elizabeth

[ XO_LiZ_69_0X's advice column | Ask XO_LiZ_69_0X A Question

TeenWillHelpTeens answered Wednesday December 7 2005, 3:36 pm:

ROMEO ROMEO where are you ROMEO

jesus christ

[ TeenWillHelpTeens's advice column | Ask TeenWillHelpTeens A Question

FunnyCide answered Wednesday December 7 2005, 1:56 pm:
I love Shakespeare!!

Common misconceptions lead people to believe that the line "Romeo, Romeo. Wherefor art thou, Romeo?" truely means "Where are you?" Which is wrong. What Juliet means is "Romeo, Romeo. Why is your name Romeo?" Because the next line is like 'deny thy father, and refuse thy name' or something, and that's talking about his last name. She's a Capulet (I'm not exactly sure how these are spelled.. it's been a while since I read this one) and Romeo is a Montegue, and their familys are fuding. They aren't allowed to be together. Juliet is asking why he has to be Romeo Montegue and why she has to be Juliet Capulet, not where he is.

I sometimes use these books called "Shakespeare Made Easy," they have the old English version of the text on the right and the modern English version on the left. So you can compare them side by side. I like them alot, they're not expensive, a few dollars a piece, and if you buy them you can write in them.. which I like to do. Notes, yeah. They make everything much easier.

[ FunnyCide's advice column | Ask FunnyCide A Question

cynicalladvice answered Wednesday December 7 2005, 12:04 am:

Romeo, Romeo Where are you Romeo?

or is this like a symbollic thing, where you have to analyze what it means.

She lusts for him. She can barely stand being apart from him, it foreshadows her killing her self for him, kinda, sorta, but not really. yeah... we haven't done that book yet...

[ cynicalladvice's advice column | Ask cynicalladvice A Question

Ask_Kayla answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 11:53 pm:
im reading that book right now in school... romeo,romeo.wherefore art thou, romeo? means..
oh, romeo, romeo, why do you have to be romeo?

that is from the book that im useing it has the book in old english and in a text that explains it all..its called NO FEAR SHAKESPEAR...its really helpful

hope i helped!
<3 kayla

[ Ask_Kayla's advice column | Ask Ask_Kayla A Question

dancinqueen08 answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 10:05 pm:
The misconception is that it means where are you Romeo. Sorry to say, but that is WRONG. It means why are you (is your name) Romeo. Basically, she's saying why do you have to be of the Montague family (or the enemy family of her own). The line is her wishing that he had a different last name so that it would be acceptable for her to love him. Hope I helped.

[ dancinqueen08's advice column | Ask dancinqueen08 A Question

fabulous11 answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 9:43 pm:
its like saying where are you romeo

[ fabulous11's advice column | Ask fabulous11 A Question

truadvice answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 8:36 pm:
where are you romeo

[ truadvice's advice column | Ask truadvice A Question

TheHeadHonchoPoncho57 answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 8:20 pm:
Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo?*


[ TheHeadHonchoPoncho57's advice column | Ask TheHeadHonchoPoncho57 A Question

S_C answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 7:56 pm:
Ohhh I like this question, I read it last year. Before reading it and getting the trasnlation from my teacher I had always thought it meant "Where are you Romeo" but my english teacher last year said that was wrong. All my friends argue with me about it, but it REALLY means...

"Why does your name have to be Romeo?"

Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo, deny thy father and refuse thy name.... or I shall do just that (or something along those lines)

It means Why do you have to be Romeo MONTEGUE (SP?) because she's a Capulet and it is forbidden for her to be with a Montegue. Then she says that if he won't deny his name (change his name) she will change hers to be with him. Yeah, it's sweet, it was a good romance story. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Hope I helped!

[ S_C's advice column | Ask S_C A Question

MikeDaBoobNinja answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:49 pm:
Hmm, I wonder what you want it translated in...
Spanish- Romeo, Romeo. ¿Por qué arte usted, Romeo?
French- Roméo, Roméo. Pourquoi l'art tu, Roméo ?
Binary- 01010010011011110110110101100101011011110010110

I love you,
The Waffler

[ MikeDaBoobNinja's advice column | Ask MikeDaBoobNinja A Question

bigboy13 answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:49 pm:
it's basically (where are you romeo)

[ bigboy13's advice column | Ask bigboy13 A Question

DeadMemories answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:34 pm:
Romeo Romeo, Where are you, Romeo?

-----------------What Are You Talking About!?!?----I Gave You The Translation. Unlike Smartass people. I Tried. And Unless I Get A 3 or 4 uh I'm gonna report you! Thanks, ::Grins::

Ok Then. Will Do.

[ DeadMemories's advice column | Ask DeadMemories A Question

ankeagle14 answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:33 pm:
Romeo, Romeo, where are you, Romeo?


it could also mean "where is thy romeo?" but in this case it means "where are you Romeo?"

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

[ ankeagle14's advice column | Ask ankeagle14 A Question

x_mystery answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:24 pm:
I'm not sure what you mean by "translate", but I can explain the play to you somewhat.

There are two families, the Montagues and the Capulets. The families do not get along, infact, they are enemies. The Capulets (Juliet's family) have a party, and plan for Juliet to find someone to marry at the ball. At parties back then, young suitors even if they were not invited would come, but with masks on. Romeo(From the Montague family) goes to the party, and dances with Juliet. They fall in love, and then find out that they are from enemy families. They get married in secret, by the Friar in his room. Later, Romeo gets in a fight, and kills someone. He is told that he either must get out of town, or stay in Verona and be executed. Juliet does not want her lover to leave, so her and the Friar have a plan for her to drink a potion that will make her appear dead, and she will only be sleeping, and Romeo will come to her and they will reveal the marriage. However, Romeo does not get the letter telling him that Juliet is NOT really dead - the day she is engaged to be married to the suitor her parents set her up with. Romeo thinks his lover is dead, finds an apothocary, and drinks a lethal potion. Juliet wakes up, to find her love dead, kisses Romeo, and then stabs herself and dies.

Romantic, eh? And if I totally just wasted my time and you were wondering what "Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" meant, its just Juliet wondering where Romeo is.

EDIT: Why are you rating so low on this? If you already looked it up yourself, don't ask. Troll ratings are not cool.

[ x_mystery's advice column | Ask x_mystery A Question

LoveCouldntBeAnyBetter answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:24 pm:
**actually they are wrong, it means Romeo, Romeo. Why are you Romeo. she is saying why must you be the enemy of the capulets, making everything complicated, hope i helped**

[ LoveCouldntBeAnyBetter's advice column | Ask LoveCouldntBeAnyBetter A Question

xO_Hollister_xO answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:21 pm:
Romeo, Romeo, where are you, Romeo.


Feedback: Umm if you looked it up why would you ask?

[ xO_Hollister_xO's advice column | Ask xO_Hollister_xO A Question

Darkened_Tears answered Tuesday December 6 2005, 6:02 pm:
Romeo,Romeo, Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Romeo,Romeo, Where are you, Romeo?

[ Darkened_Tears's advice column | Ask Darkened_Tears A Question

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