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im ashamed..

Question Posted Thursday November 24 2005, 4:49 am

so i skipped school and there was weed and alcohol im 13 female by the way..
and anyways.
i was good i didnt smoke because its disgusting.
and it was only 33% alcohol..
anyways my freinds turned out to not be freinds.
and so i was like.. im tired. then this guy goes oh here ill take you upstairs.. and show you where you can sleep.
so we went into the room yes we.. and he locked the door we were on his parents bed.
and he started making out with me.
hes 15.
and im like EWWWWWWWWWWW because he was so fugly.
and yeah he was on top of me..
then i stopped thinking omg what do i do.
then he took of his pants..
and started making out again..
and then he put my hand yeah you know.
and made me give him a handjob while makingout.
then he took of my pants.
And got on top of me.
and i pushed him of
and was like no!
im not going to have sex with you.
im a virgin.
and im afraid to have sex..
i didnt say that but yeah
and then hes like i love you.
suck my dick.
and im like no.
and hes like.
yes then you wont have to do anymore.
and im like NO.
i was thinking if i dont want to do anymore i wont do anymore.
and then he tried to have sex with me again.
i pushed him of.
and left to go get my twin brother and pretend i was at school.
what is this??
peer presure
im freaked out.

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Kayendall06 answered Friday March 31 2006, 9:11 pm:
That is rape and a very bad thing. He was pressuring you to have sex with him and you need to tell some one. Good Luck.

[ Kayendall06's advice column | Ask Kayendall06 A Question

sweeTie3 answered Tuesday December 20 2005, 7:36 pm:
rape by definition is trying to get someone to have sex with yuo when the other person doesnt want to have nething to do with it. and thats the way you and him yah id say it was rape..i think you should really tell someone..and i kno your like afraid to be i ws at this party and so he was taking of my pants blah blah..yah kno? but i think it would be better for you to get out like wut you feel..maybe it doesnt bother you i dont kno? watch wut you drink to..and when he said hed take yuo upstairs..ehh gotta watch out for things like that..dont ever trust people..seriously.

[ sweeTie3's advice column | Ask sweeTie3 A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Tuesday December 13 2005, 11:41 am:
yeah thats considered rape
i would tell someone
like before...
it is 66 percent proof
just next time try to watch out for drinking
i'd go to the dr. and get checked
and tell someone

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

wjpool answered Friday December 2 2005, 3:06 pm:
yes if he did not get inside of you it is still atemt rape and sexual assault but definatly attempted rape and i am 13 so i know it is not that easy to say no and go to peer preasure if you see this guy enough i think it would help if you told someone becasue that is goign to be scary for you if you have to see him adn by telling someone you could stop from future girls being his next victim these things are very serious

[ wjpool's advice column | Ask wjpool A Question

JuiiCy-x-3 answered Friday November 25 2005, 3:13 pm:
Well i think this is two things. Peer pressure&& Rape. Because when the dude told you that he was gunna take you upstairs.. Didn't a little bell ring off in your head that he was gunna try to do something? idk. maybe you didn't.

And The rape part.. YEAH. i think he was [trying] to rape you because you didn't have sex with him.. So yeah..

you need to be careful. Watch peoples face expressions when they are telling you what their gunna do to you..

i hope i helped..

[ JuiiCy-x-3's advice column | Ask JuiiCy-x-3 A Question

XO_LiZ_69_0X answered Friday November 25 2005, 11:20 am:
uhmm..yeah that would be like date rape, and it is completely your fault, because you shouldn`t be drinking nevertheless skipping school. You should be ashamed at what you did, and i hope you learned a lesson...
now i think that you should go see a doctor, or someone @ a free clinic or something and have them check for HIV/AIDS or any other STD`s.

hope i helped

[ ♥ ] Elizabeth [ ♥ ]

[ XO_LiZ_69_0X's advice column | Ask XO_LiZ_69_0X A Question

Christeena answered Friday November 25 2005, 10:29 am:
Drinking at 13 and cutting class does not make you good.

If it's not rape it would be sexual assault. But if you tried that in a court they might bring up the fact that you were drinking and you cut class.

Guess you learned your lesson, huh?

Personally, if he was being that forward, I wouldn't have just pushed him off but hit him and ran.

[ Christeena's advice column | Ask Christeena A Question

King answered Friday November 25 2005, 1:48 am:
"only 33%" thats 66 proof and more than enough to get a little girl fucked up. good thing you were a "good girl" and didn't smoke though *rolls eyes*

you should be ashamed of yourself. this is how date rape is made. and as fortunate as it is, the difference between some grown ass woman getting fuckin the ass in a dark alley, and date rape, is it takes 2. you have every right to be ashamed of yourself and i hope to god you've learned your lesson.

i didnt even bother reading the other answers, but if they're sugar coated at all, then you should be ashamed of yourself too for helping this girl become another statistic.

*** in response to your feedback, he didnt poor alcohol down your throat. you should be old enough to make your own choices. dont hate me because of a mistake you made. hate yourself just enough to learn your lesson***

[ King's advice column | Ask King A Question

kevin1986 answered Thursday November 24 2005, 11:46 pm:
Well it wasn't quite rape. But there's no question that this guy is a total asshole. You were right to not to do anything with him. Abd don't hang out with those people again. You could've been raped, or less likely, killed.Don't cut class again and consider this a lesson learned.

[ kevin1986's advice column | Ask kevin1986 A Question

Jessica13 answered Thursday November 24 2005, 10:57 pm:
well if he forsed you and did have sex with you that means if he inserted his you know what into yout hen yes this is rape if not then he was jsut doing what guys do being wrong and perverted you can tell somone if you would like but only when you are ready

I hope I helped

[ Jessica13's advice column | Ask Jessica13 A Question

MELiixMARiiE answered Thursday November 24 2005, 2:07 pm:
Well first of all good thing that you stood up for yourself. Some girls don't know what to do in a situation like that and they end up giving in because they're scared. And yes.. it's sexaul harassment and rape. Even though he did not have sex with you, rape is whenever someone is forcing you to participate in sexual acts whenever you do not want to. I would tell a parent or some adult that you trust what happened... they'll be able to help you out. If you present this in court, I don't know if there is much of a case where you'll win, but people will know what he did and then maybe he'll stop. You just need to tell someone what he did and get him punished for it because if you don't.. he might be going around doing this to other girls too, and other girls don't all have the power to stand up to him like you did. =/ I hope I helped.


[ MELiixMARiiE's advice column | Ask MELiixMARiiE A Question

Solemnstar answered Thursday November 24 2005, 1:26 pm:
1.its rape
2.good job standing up
3. go to court.
5. be careful what you say.
i knew this girl once and she told about being raped. no body whats to be with her.
im not tring to scare you but be careful.
i just know you need to deal with this and find out how you feel about it.
you dont like the feeling but you might not have had to if you did not skip class.
theres a lesson there.
tell your parents.
lying about it will make it worse

[ Solemnstar's advice column | Ask Solemnstar A Question

shannonsgirl answered Thursday November 24 2005, 12:10 pm:
that is rape he foreced him self on you and you said no but he kept doing it..

[ shannonsgirl's advice column | Ask shannonsgirl A Question

MissIiVannaH answered Thursday November 24 2005, 11:52 am:
That's rape. he was forcing you to do something. you should tell someone fast or any girls that he is also trying to get with that you can sence arn't ready for what he wants. It's a good thing you pushed him off some girls wouldn't have said anything just because they were scared. I suggest you to tell someone like an adult you trust cause it can be very HARD to tell your parents. I hope I helped.

[ MissIiVannaH's advice column | Ask MissIiVannaH A Question

malibubarbiie111 answered Thursday November 24 2005, 11:35 am:
if he forced you do do anything. i think it might be considered rape. but i think he has to force you to HAVE SEX. && actually get you to do it.* you should really tell someone you are close to, about this. they can get the cops involved. you may not want to look like you are "telling" on him. or whatever. but its the best thing to do. he can`t get away with forcing you to do something you don`t want to do. if you tell your mom or something. she`ll prolly be a lil upset because you skipped school. but she`ll be more upset over the fact that he forced you to do all of that stuff. would you rather her find out another way??? && be more upset that you couldn`t be up front with her... ♥x0x

[ malibubarbiie111's advice column | Ask malibubarbiie111 A Question

naimee answered Thursday November 24 2005, 11:35 am:
It's sexual harassment, and he had NO right to make you touch him in those ways especially if you didn't want to. It is also rape, rape is the crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts. You need to tell your parents, right away about this. You might be embarassed, but hun you really need to. This isn't something that you can just keep in the past and move on about. He could potentially do it to you again. I'm sorry. ):

[ naimee's advice column | Ask naimee A Question

GrAcIeBeLlE answered Thursday November 24 2005, 11:32 am:
OMG GOOD JOB! most girls are afriad to say no! YOU SHOULD GET AN AWARD!!! &hearts; hes a perevrted loser in lust! Tell your mom and he might go to jail for atempted rape (if you hate him that much) You mom will be so proud of you she will forget you skipped school! (probley) well anymore Q's leave in my inbox or AIM TiNKRxB3LL! <33 bye &hearts; GRACCiEE BAYB!

[ GrAcIeBeLlE's advice column | Ask GrAcIeBeLlE A Question

XxTxX answered Thursday November 24 2005, 11:08 am: is not rape..but yes he can get in a lot of trouble for that he was forcing something on u..i would tell ur mom about it..i hope i helped and i hope everything is ok

[ XxTxX's advice column | Ask XxTxX A Question

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