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my best friend stole my boyfriend

Question Posted Tuesday October 11 2005, 8:53 pm

Ok, so theres this boy in my class, michael. We were going out, and you kno, all that bf/gf stuff. We were really close and great together, we never fought, but of course there was a lil argument here and there. Well, one day he just broke up with me. He didnt tell me why, he just said we cant go out anymore and left. The next day, my best friend was wearing a shirt that said I love my bf. I asked her who her bf was and she said michael. She ddint even try to hide it or anything. I got really mad at her, and stopped talking to her. Now there are rumors going around that they had sex. I am really mad at my friend and i dont know what to do. I mean, i like her, but im really mad at her for stealing michael from him. What should i do???

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Additional info, added Tuesday October 11 2005, 8:53 pm:
btw im 13/f.

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Bioll answered Monday February 19 2007, 6:38 pm:
First off you are too young to worry about b/f issues. Sure have a b/f if you like, but always make yourself happy first. Forget about him and her, if they are that way with you then they are not friends worth having.

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CheerleaderGirl answered Friday October 14 2005, 3:56 am:
ok that definatly sucks but you have to get over the fact that there going out and move on to someone new maybe even go out with micheals friends to make him jelous? just a thought but anyway talk to your friend about it and say im really hert that you and micheal are going out and it was the day after our break up....just dont make it akward hope i helped ♥ Kelley ♥

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born2spend016 answered Thursday October 13 2005, 11:17 am:
ii think you should talk to them both. ask him why he dumped you and why she took him from you. tell her you really liked him and she wasnt a good frined for doing that. if she doesnt care then shes definatly NOT a good friend.

xOx ash-

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Marko answered Wednesday October 12 2005, 6:29 am:
If you can manage to get over the heartbreak you are suffering due to your not so best bud any more, talk to her again and see if she opens up too you.

Dont even take a second glance at that guy that broke your heart he knows what he did wrong.


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ghostpoo1 answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 10:47 pm:
well...first of all depends what age ur having sex at and 13's NOT a good age and its sorta disgusting i expect the rumors arent true.. but other than that if ur friend is really happy then be glad for her and just tell urself "this michael dude is an idiot" or soemthing like that

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XmeXohXmie answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 10:26 pm:
Yowza thats a bitch if I ever heard one...Haha. Ok, your friend is not a friend. Just to clear that up. So I am going to refer to her as Faker 1. And this "boyfriend" is not a boyfriend. So I will refer to him as Faker 2. These people lied to your face. These people do not care about you one bit. These people will not grow up to be successful people. Got that? Good.

Forget about them. I know it is going to be hard, but try. Know that he didnt care about you and she didnt care about you, so it isnt really a big loss of friendship of love. Hang out with other friends, other boys, maybe you will even get a new friend or bf out of this.

Hope it Helps and Good Luck!


[ XmeXohXmie's advice column | Ask XmeXohXmie A Question

FallenAngelBiatch answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:40 pm:
This sounds like a really bad situation but i think you should sit your friend down and have a serious coversation with her. You should definately get over Michael!! He's not worth it if he's going to go out with your best friend!! But also its not JUST Micheal's fault because it takes two people to go out so you should definately include that in your convo with your friend.

And I really doubt that they had sex!! I think they're just saying that to either get a rise out of you and for the attention!
Hope that Helped!!!

[ FallenAngelBiatch's advice column | Ask FallenAngelBiatch A Question

AdviceAbby answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:36 pm:
This is a bad situation. You like her but are mad at her for doing the unthink-able. If my friend did this to me, personaly I would try to kill him. LOL. That is not right though and it would never happen because my friend and I made a promise to never go out with each others' ex's. My advice for you is try to find a new buddy to hang out with. This relationship will probably end very soon. If they happen to break up and Micheal wants you back say no and tell him why. If your friend comes crawling back to you say no and tell her why. Next time make the promise I did with my friend. Leave me a message!

[ AdviceAbby's advice column | Ask AdviceAbby A Question

not_your_star34 answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:34 pm:
Talk to her about it. Go up to her when no one else is around (DON'T -I repeat- DON'T cause a scene.) and ask her something like this:
"Why did you go out with Michael when you know that I was going out with him? Why would you do that? And, are the rumors true that you two had sex?" Be calm about it. Yelling will make her become defensive, and it won't help.

I know you like her, because you two were best friends. But it's an unwritten rule: friends before boys, ALWAYS. Based on her actions, she seems to care more about the boy than you and your friendship. She doesn't seem like a good friend to begin with.

Even if you two patch things up, I don't think your friendship would be the same ever again. Being backstabbed usually ruins friendships.

I hope everything goes well.

I hope I helped, and if you have any more questions, feel free to leave one in my inbox!

[ not_your_star34's advice column | Ask not_your_star34 A Question

angelfire2708 answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:33 pm:
Sounds like you have a great friend there! Depending on how you feel about your ex, i guess you can base your decision about your best friend, and what you should do. Hes not worth the time of day, but then again you are best friends with his gf. If hes cool with having you around them, thats important, but if she sides with him on things, i think i would lose her as a friend. Because it should always be: CHICKS BEFORE DICKS!!

[ angelfire2708's advice column | Ask angelfire2708 A Question

Alpha345 answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:32 pm:
What kind of friend is that? You don't need a friend who is going to backstab you over a guy and just throw away everything you may have expierenced together over a small bit of lust that probably won't ever last more than a few months. And you definately don't need a boyfriend who is going to do that. Just drop her like a bad habit and the same goes for your boyfriend. There are better people out there than those two and they are easy to find. Just move on. Simple as that.

Hope this helps and you get some better friends.


[ Alpha345's advice column | Ask Alpha345 A Question

RockStoleMySoul answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:30 pm:
Okay okay sweetie! Settle down! First of all: She didn't steal your boyfriend. Your boyfriend made a choice, mind you, the choice a real ass hole would make, but he made the choice to break up. Now, being that you are younger, I can understand why you would be so upset, I've had that experience, but really sweetie, find a guy that is more worthy of your attention.

And as for the sex part...TOTAL BULLSHIT!! He probably wouldn't even know where to put it. So don't worry about it. And if you still want to be friends with this girl, talk it out with her, try to explain your side of why you're mad, but don't vent. Chances are that you'll become friends again.

If I've learned anything, it's NEVER CHOOSE A GUY OVER YOUR GIRL FRIEND!

[ RockStoleMySoul's advice column | Ask RockStoleMySoul A Question

Vendetta answered Tuesday October 11 2005, 9:19 pm:
You should talk to her about it. Or come to terms with reality. Is a friend who does this shit really the kind of person you'd want to be close with? The answer is most likely know. Losing a friend may be hard at first, but it definitely saves you from getting backstabbed multiple times in the future.

[ Vendetta's advice column | Ask Vendetta A Question

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