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Question Posted Tuesday August 23 2005, 9:25 pm

I am babysitting for this wild kid on Friday evening. He is a good boy age 7. BUT, he is everywhere at once! Any ideas on what kind of calming things I can do to entertain him so he isn't running through the house like a little maniac? I can just see him falling into sharp corners and things!

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XoXo_BloNdiEbAbeS answered Saturday September 24 2005, 11:20 am:
Ok try sitting him down and watching a movie he likes. Some kids like that. If not, go outside and play a sport with him so he loses more of him energy. Then take him inside and play a quiet game with him.
Good Luck!
XoXo Lindsay xoxomadeline

[ XoXo_BloNdiEbAbeS's advice column | Ask XoXo_BloNdiEbAbeS A Question

loveyalotsxoxo answered Wednesday September 21 2005, 9:47 pm:
ok to calm him down you have to show him whos boss.........i know u probelly heared that 1 million times but its true!!!!

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NicoleAlese answered Wednesday September 21 2005, 1:28 am:
well tell him that if he doesnt calm down you
will have to put him in time out for him to learn
thats what i do with my mothers day care kids
i grew up with it .. so that should do the trick
it will scare him and calm him down .. unless he
has ADHD or ADD .. then he should be taking his
meds. such as rydalin and others .. i had other
ideas too but i just forgot them .. ask me more
questions if you want im good at giving advice
--Nikky Alese--

[ NicoleAlese's advice column | Ask NicoleAlese A Question

ICANHELPYOU<3 answered Tuesday September 20 2005, 12:17 pm:
get sum kind of video games he should like that Hope i helped <3Smr<3

[ ICANHELPYOU<3's advice column | Ask ICANHELPYOU<3 A Question

SiiMpLiiAmAziiNx0 answered Wednesday September 14 2005, 8:05 pm:
Well to keep him settled down ask him if he wants to watch a moive or some thing, or maybe go outside. And tell him if he doesnt calm down then your just going to have to tell his mom?

[ SiiMpLiiAmAziiNx0's advice column | Ask SiiMpLiiAmAziiNx0 A Question

dntletitgo2urhead answered Thursday September 1 2005, 7:00 pm:
Well my little brother is 7 also, and he is very very hyper by the way haha. I would read him a story, (or, have him read you a short, easy one) if they don't have children's books in their house bring one from home or buy one before you babysit. Also maybe watch a quick half hour movie (my brother loves the ones with construction/bulldozers and stuff like that. he also likes bob the builder,lol) with him (how fun, lol). Or, just play with his toys with him. My brother has a lot of neat trucks and stuff that move by themselves, so let him teach you how to use them or whatever. Just make it interesting for the kid - but not too obnoxious for you, haha. Hope I could help =)

♥ Rachel

[ dntletitgo2urhead's advice column | Ask dntletitgo2urhead A Question

xO_aLex_xO answered Thursday August 25 2005, 1:32 am:
put a movie on or play a boardgame with him...also if he has like a video game or something- which i imagine he does- let him play that or something...

also be persuasive- like if you want your ice cream you have to settle down and get ready for bed....but the movie is your best bet- like ask before hand what movie you can rent that he would like...

i baby sit for a 6 yr old girl- movies(well and barbies)= calm children

muchh lovve

[ xO_aLex_xO's advice column | Ask xO_aLex_xO A Question

cjAdvice answered Wednesday August 24 2005, 5:47 pm:
Try to ceep him intertained. Tell him to bring over some toys, and rent a few movie's that he can choose from, and if you have a park near you just take him there, it is bound to get all that exsas energy burned off.

[ cjAdvice's advice column | Ask cjAdvice A Question

Azngangsta answered Wednesday August 24 2005, 9:46 am:
Movies work only for so long, so... You could let him take out all of his energy by letting him run around outside. If that's not possible, then I strongly suggest you let him play a simple videogame. Super Mario Bro. was always my favorite! If that's not possible then, try letting him play games on the computer. That should calm him down. I hope I helped!

[ Azngangsta's advice column | Ask Azngangsta A Question

kna_x3 answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 11:20 pm:
Maybe take him outside to play for awhile so he won't be running in the house and breaking stuff. Then watch a movie or play a board game with him. Hope I helped. :)

[ kna_x3's advice column | Ask kna_x3 A Question

truadvice answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 10:17 pm:
you need to make a schedule for him so he is organized while you watch him and he isnt everywhere and tell him if you fallow the schedule
he gets something like a toy next time of if he is really wild reading always comes a kid down , with in 15 minutes he will be focused , or you can just have him watch tv .

[ truadvice's advice column | Ask truadvice A Question

gUeSsHoO278 answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 10:10 pm:
play a game like monopoly or uno with him...try getting a movie you know he'll be really into....get him to play games on the computer

[ gUeSsHoO278's advice column | Ask gUeSsHoO278 A Question

TrustMe answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 10:02 pm:
Play games that have strict rules, like hide and go seek (but really you have to go find him), mother/father may i?, red-light green-light, you can even create games. It actually turns out to be really fun once he gets into it. and then he'll think that you're cooler and he'll tell his parents that so they'll think that you're a great babysitter and they'll call you for more jobs. And even if you absolutly HATE this kid, just accept the jobs b/c hey, your not in this to make friends with the kid, youre there for the money. By the way. The LEAST that you should be getting paid is 5 lower and no higher than 8 bucks. Good Luck!

[ TrustMe's advice column | Ask TrustMe A Question

x_mystery answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 9:45 pm:
Try going outside (preferably in a FENCED IN area..) and letting him run off a lot of his energy in the first hour or so. Then when you come back inside, put in a movie and dim the lights (or turn them out completely) so he gets sleepier. If he will drink it, try something like warm milk or caffine free hot tea to settle him down. This should make him calm down greatly, and the only time you should really have to deal with a wild child is when you are outside playing games. Good luck!

[ x_mystery's advice column | Ask x_mystery A Question

thinkpink03 answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 9:33 pm:
Get him to do an activity that doesnt involve a lot of running around at first. Like TV, video games, drawing, eating a snack. If hes satified with that then thats good! If he seems to get up or doesnt even want to do that, go outside and play a sport to get him to loose some of his energy. Ride bikes, play basketball, or if you cant even go outside play hide and go seek or tag or something. He'll probably get tired and maybe even want to take a nap (but probably not). If he's still being super-crazy just talk to him and tell him to calm down or you'll limit something he really loves.

Hope i helped & GOOD LUCK!
&hearts; Brianna

[ thinkpink03's advice column | Ask thinkpink03 A Question

jj_u_i_c_y answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 9:28 pm:
bribe him! you can bribe with candy, money, toys, later cerfew. you can have him watch tv or play a game. but if you play a game LET HIM WIN! if he looses you never know what will happen. but dont give off the impression that your letting him win. also dont let him get in the kitchen if theirs a door close it. i have some seriously bad memories of babysitting haha.

xO. jessica

[ jj_u_i_c_y's advice column | Ask jj_u_i_c_y A Question

sbloemeke answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 9:27 pm:
Put on a movie, and sit there and watch it with him. If he wants to gets up, ask where he is going, to make sure it has a destination.
If that doesn't work, play a board game with him. They generally help keep a person in one place. Make it long, like Monopoly.
If you do this, I think he'll remain fine.

[ sbloemeke's advice column | Ask sbloemeke A Question

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