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never been kissed

Question Posted Saturday June 4 2005, 6:30 pm

16/f the subject says, i've never been kissed. and it gets to me. everytime i think about it, i get all depressed and start to think that i'm ugly and that no one will ever like me and i'll never be loved. how do i stop thinking about this?! i don't wanna feel like this anymore....

thx in advance
i rate high for good answers!

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Additional info, added Saturday June 4 2005, 6:32 pm:
i've also only ever had one bf...and that was like three years ago.......

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xASH answered Sunday June 5 2005, 8:57 pm:
You shouldn't judge your self worth on how many times you've been kissed. You are most likely not an ugly girl and you shouldn't beat yourself up over this. The reason why boys dont' really ask u out so much is probaly becasue they can sense your low self-esteem. Have a little confidence and don't be afraid to approach a boy yourself. Trust me, there are many girls that are you age and haven't been kissed yet either. Don't give up and don't become depressed about just cheer up have a little confidence and the boys will be sure to notice.

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xBestAddiction answered Sunday June 5 2005, 4:19 pm:
First of all, your most likely not ugly. If you had a boyfriend then obviously your pretty. But if you don't feel pretty, you could ask your mom to take you out and you could get your makeup, hair, and nails done. Then go buy some new clothes that flatter your body. Believe me, I told my friend to do this and it made her feel a whole lot confident.♥

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XyouXandXmeX answered Sunday June 5 2005, 3:05 pm:
awww it's ok! I'm 15 and I've never had a first kiss! There's many other people out there that are probably thinking the same thing you are, so don't worry about it! I'm sure you're not ugly! One of my good friends is very pretty and it makes me uber jealous, but she's never kissed! You're probably just waiting for prince charming to come along and that's awesome because it will just make your first kiss more magical! Don't kiss a guy just because you think you have to! Wait and the right moment will come and I'm sure you will remember it forever.

[ XyouXandXmeX's advice column | Ask XyouXandXmeX A Question

GrAcIeBeLlE answered Sunday June 5 2005, 3:48 am:
be more out going!! Hope I helped!!

x3 gRacie

[ GrAcIeBeLlE's advice column | Ask GrAcIeBeLlE A Question

sweet-pink-babie answered Sunday June 5 2005, 2:02 am:
Never been kissed huh..

well you know what. just because you've never been kissed doesn't mean that your ugly.

Really god made you the way you are today. you gotta be proud of that.

Lots of beautiful girls have never been kissed.

and i bet your one of those 'beautiful' girls.

look in the mirror and say to your self that your beautiful the way you are.

be proud.

xox soraya x3

[ sweet-pink-babie's advice column | Ask sweet-pink-babie A Question

xopinklvrxo answered Saturday June 4 2005, 10:22 pm:
i think u should just kiss one of your siblings or relatives so u kno how it feels like hope i helped

[ xopinklvrxo's advice column | Ask xopinklvrxo A Question

reelbignathan answered Saturday June 4 2005, 8:57 pm:
dont let yourself down for never been kissed. with not being kissed yet, it will make your first time more magical. you should be proud of yourself for not giving yourself away to someone else who doesnt love you. you should be happy because your saving your first kiss for someone special that means alot to you

[ reelbignathan's advice column | Ask reelbignathan A Question

SummerLovingXo answered Saturday June 4 2005, 8:47 pm:
its ok...i know im only 14 but im still a makeout thats what some people call it...uhm..and i have had like 4 BF's.... try to get your miond off it...write poems! GO SHOPPING!! play sports! eat ice cream! do SOMETHING! volunteer!

[ SummerLovingXo's advice column | Ask SummerLovingXo A Question

LiL_Tasha76 answered Saturday June 4 2005, 8:33 pm:
well....dont you ever think the first kiss you have will be first love...or maybe a romatic night with your boyfrined...kiss dosent always just come an go...usally its a special moment thats gonna come when the time is righht...dont lose faith .... just when you find the guy that you like alot an he likes you an when the right time come it will...belave me it takes dont be depressed just think about the perfect moment you wana have when its gunna come..
hope i helped


[ LiL_Tasha76's advice column | Ask LiL_Tasha76 A Question

shake answered Saturday June 4 2005, 7:53 pm:
Dont worry, even if you are ugly you'll probably find someone.

[ shake's advice column | Ask shake A Question

texas_girl answered Saturday June 4 2005, 7:19 pm:
just because you have never been kissed and your 16 doesnt mean that you never will... a kiss is a thing that should be shared between 2 people when the are ready. you just havent found that perfect person yet. Dont worry they're out there it only takes time.
hope i helped

[ texas_girl's advice column | Ask texas_girl A Question

Mackenzie answered Saturday June 4 2005, 7:00 pm:
Heyyy... I have many fRiends who aRe 16 - AND OLDER and they STILL haven't kissed anyone!!! Honestly, theRe's no Reason you should woRRie about this. Just because SOMEONE else has done ceRtain things does NOT mean you should have alReady done them also!! You have PLENTY of time still, and it's definitely NOT uncommon foR people to have been thRough the same thing. But be it 12, 17, oR 20... it's not as big of a deal as you might assume. I know *TONS* and *TONS* of people who aRe aRound 20-21, and have still neveR even held hands with someone. HoweveR, if theRe's someone you know well and may slightly like, and you figuRe he just doesn't feel the same, then you *DEFINITELY* need to confRont him on this. Just be bold, be honest, and go foR it. It's the *ONLY* way to know FOR SHORE if he likes you oR not; you can *ASSUME* he does all you want... but you'll neveR know exactly how he feels unless it's coming stRaight fRom his lovely face. And if you'd like to spRing foR new guys entiRely, just tRy going up to one and giving it youR all! Just RemebeR to always be confident, and to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! See, I have NOOO pRoblem appRoaching people, because I believe that I can do anything, so I just push my feaRs aside and go foR it!! I'll walk up to some man in the mall and tell him flat out, "You'Re hot"... and it always gets us talking. Why does it always get us talking?? Because confidence is sexy, and even if he's involved, oR not wanting a Relationship with you specificly, any man who is a QUARTER of a man will speak with you foR just having enough guts to go foR it! I have complete faith in you; and I think you should too. Go get 'em, TigeR! =D

[ Mackenzie's advice column | Ask Mackenzie A Question

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