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Hello everyone !! My name is Natasha !..Im on advice nators to help out anyone with any serious probs..some not but yes if you ever need any good advice you can come to me ..I'll always here to help you out...

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i'm a male, over 20, alone as hell.
i've never been able to get a girlfriend, i've tried and tried.
it seems like some crule cycle with me, meet a girl, ask her out a couple of times, start to like her and suspect she likes me too, try to be there for her and everything, try to move things up a notch, get the "you're such a good/nice/fabulous guy, i just wanna be friends" routine. Then i'll let go of how i feel as much as posible and try being "just friends", then she picks up the biggest jerk known to mankind and i get to sit across the table watching them make out (TORTURE, for those who care). then the arshole will proceed to cheat on her, she's crushed, i have to listen to all the bullshit and cheer her up, only to find her back with the butthead a week later, then a month later he'll cheat on her AGAIN...
by the third time this happens i simply fuck off, cause she's still won't go out with me and she keeps on going back to the total jerk and every month i have to be there for her.
WHAT THE FUCK, girls always tell me what a "NICE GUY" i am and the friendship crap, but why won't they go out with me.
I'm starting to accept that i'll die alone and bitter, and am starting to avoid woman totally.
I just don't know what to do, i'm really starting to lose it with woman.
I'm over 20 and i haven't even kissed a girl yet. WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!
should i just kill myself now instead of becoming a full blown alcoholic?
should i try to like guy's more, and simply go gay?
at least i get alot of attention from gay guys trying to chat me up at bars, though im not gay. but women.......FUCK
i need advice please. (link)
well...this seems a lil crazy..i doubt you wanna hear just tell her how you ill tell you somethin may not have kissed a girl yet..barley any girlfrineds but thats not what life is about...people always say its about boys/girls frineds an marriage..but ya know its now it most def. i just say live your life the best you can an you know you will find someone soon...if you realli like this girl just all i have to say is tell her...tell how she shoudnt go back to him...and be there for her but not as much because you dont wanna be a good frined more as a boyfirned...oh yeah an also tell her she looks nice..but not alot..only some days...dont forget to menchin details about you how you could be a good boyfriend but do not say its you..just describe yourself in momeents when she is upset...well i really hope i could of helped...get back to me if it worked or you like my advice!!!

i have a best friend that keeps liking the same guy i do!!! and then when i go out with that guy and i really really like he she takes him from me!!! i was going out with this guy for almost 3 monthes going on 4 and she said to him that she thinks its a great idea for them to go out and instead of me and him going out soo he thought about it and he said oh what the hell and did!!! soo they only went out behind my bak for 3 weeks at least or i hope thats as long as they went out!! well my parents and her parents are like best friends and she always has to come over and i dont want her to at all!!! but there is nothing i can do i told my parents and their like well just put up with her just tonight over and over again!!! ok then she lies to much and gets me in trouble!!! then she thinks she is sooo much better than me in vball and she didnt even make it last year!!! so im just soo god damn tired of her!!! she will never leave me alone i tell her i hate her but she starts buying me things to suck up to me for what ever she has done!! which makes me even more angry!!! waht am i suppose to do?! i mean i have tryed everything but its not working!!! (link)
hey...well i have the same kind of what i did was just ingore her...i told her to leave me alone stop talking to when she went to suck up n buy me shit i didnt take it an just gave it with the guy thing..just tell her not to bother with you...also just curse her the fuck out an tell her to shut up an get a life of your tell her the truth of everything .
hope i helped

16/f the subject says, i've never been kissed. and it gets to me. everytime i think about it, i get all depressed and start to think that i'm ugly and that no one will ever like me and i'll never be loved. how do i stop thinking about this?! i don't wanna feel like this anymore....

thx in advance
i rate high for good answers! (link)
well....dont you ever think the first kiss you have will be first love...or maybe a romatic night with your boyfrined...kiss dosent always just come an go...usally its a special moment thats gonna come when the time is righht...dont lose faith .... just when you find the guy that you like alot an he likes you an when the right time come it will...belave me it takes dont be depressed just think about the perfect moment you wana have when its gunna come..
hope i helped


ill admit, we had our bad days. Me and will, well we went out a coupl of time over the years. I always ended up being the one to break it off. it never seemed right. Then he asked me back out and this time it was diff. i mean we got along SO MUCH BETTER then we ever did. then on 8th grade graduation night, he dumped me for no reason. he says he is over me and i swore i was over him too. now its like an old flame is being rekindled. he doesnt wanna try again but i think there might be something here we can build on. anyone have any advice for what i should tell him??? please help me if you do!! Love Kels (link)
you should talk to him about i bet you told him how you if you didnt just tell i think he dumped you just to get you back fro all those other times you broke up with him...or another thing is maybe he was just afraid he realli actually liked you an he didnt want it to get to serious...i mean you both are in 8 goin on 9....yeah you could get into a serious one but yet he is scared that he dont want none of you 2 to get hurt so he is helping the both of 1st you shoud talk to him ..ask him then just maybe start over as see what happens next
hope i helped

I think i messed up majorly with my crush. we danced last night at a monthly dance our town holds and it incredible. the thing is, we got bumped into, so we kinda broke apart, and he asked me in a sad way "oh is that it?" and i didnt know what to say. i should have let him know how much i love with by saying someone like "does it have to be?" but i didnt. i feel like i lost him completely. he said he really really likes me as a friend. im in love with him and i think he knows that but my problem is that i dont know how to go about talking to him anymore. i dont know what to say or what to talk about. im so confused. i feel like i screwed up big time. if you want the whole story about what happened, i posted a question called "heaven for me, hell for him?"
thx everyone
(link) goin through the same thing..but i went out with the kid before this...well i did lose him an i dont want that to happen to you...if you wanna talk to him...just talk about maybe hanging out as frineds..if you both are fighting then just try talkin to him an sort it if he gets all cocky then be the calm if you both arent aruging then just talk to him about hanging out..i mean yeah i bet you realli wanna go out with him ..but hey maybe if you both get really close then you could eaither go out or become frineds of not go out but do stuff together...something like this

You: Hey whats up
Boy:Nuthing to much just hangin out you?
You:Nuthing to much...i was wondering do you wanna just go out an hang know as frineds?
Boy: "and whatever he says"

see i mean its ain so hard
now if you 2 are aruging

You:Hey look im soory about the other night
boy: Yeah it was pretty meessed up
an then you to just talk it out
i've been through this just try it ...lets hope it works !!!!

-Hope i helped

hey do you get what this means>>>>>whats your flavor (link)
im thinking like what kind of guys/girls you like

Friday night I was at the movies. Me,my 2 friends and this guy that likes me took some pictures. I sat on his lap. I have a boyfriend of 3 months. Is that cheating and is it bad and should I tell my boyfriend? I feel really bad! Please help! (link)
Now if you Just sat on his lap thats not bad at al...but if you did shit with him then yes it is...but you can tell your boyfrined becasue you know sooner or later someone else would...who ever else was if your boyfrined is nice an understandable then you if he gets mad..well let him...he should be able to get over it...but dont feel quilty...things happen an well life goes just tell him !!
hOpe i helped

we are not going out
but he still his me. Se eya later Michy (link)
but he still his me....

i have a Question. The guy that beats me. His brother likes me and he said that if i do anything with his brother he will kill me. His brother is not like my ex he is a lot nicer and i really like him what should i do? Michy (link)
well...your boyfriend beats how my mom was...but then she kicked him he said he would kill you if you would do stuff with his bro..well you sould brkae up with him...or do something..beasue this isnt right, tell some if you do happen to brake up with him..make sure someone is with your mom..or leave him an go on vaction to your moms.....well if he keeps beatin you realli need to leave took my mom 15 years of beating to leave my dad.dont put your self through this ...well hopeing i helped..buh bye

my garbage cans do not fit under my sink in the kitchen, so we leave them to the side. What are some good things tht I can do to them to 'hide' them, because they look really ugly just standing out in the open. I want to make them look nicer. Thanks! (link)
Decorate put a style from the room there in on the can..then they would blend..hey ya never know it might just work

ok so my x-best friends ruined my life for the past couple months n now they wanna be friends again.. do i say yes n get hurt again or hold a grudge?? or neither... HELP!! (link)
well im goin through the same my friend runied ma life..and now im not frineds with her becasue she has been 2faced...but if she is doin alot wrong to you then dont be cool with her...i mean if she has been that bad then dont be anythin to
deal with her...when she talks to you dont talk to her treat her how she treated you..well hope i helped..


Hey.. This is pretty general. What are some basic signs that a guy likes you? (link)
some basic signs are
1. They look at you alot
2.They flirt
3.They call you more then ever
4.They are always talkin to you alot
5.they are REALLI nice
6. all over you

i have the same probs with this kid in school
and he likes me and thats what he does...hope i helped//


Well see i'm 15 and i'm a female and i'm not going out with this guy, but i gave him head and he ate me out at a football game in the back of his van. I was caught up in the moment and now everyone is calling me a slut. I have no idea of what to do, should i stick up for myself or just ignore them. The advice would be very helpful. thanks! (link)
Well..Just stick up for yourself...its what you wanted to do isnt there choice to choose who they think you are an then turn you down...they all are just pissed becasue they didnt do it before you...So just fuck them i think if they were all true frineds to you they wouldnt hope i helped

Ok hey well i have these 2 friends that i always have classes w/ we rarely never have class together maybe like 2 hrs outta the day..but in all the hours we do..they never really wanna talk to me they always ignore me like im not there and leave me out..and if i don't talk they get pissed off..and im sick of them absolutely am sick of there stupid crap they throw fits if i dont freakin give them there way..and lately..its really gotten to me cuz mostly this one girl is always talkin about her boyfriend..and im so0o sick of hearing about him b/c trust me hes my ex boyfriend and hes not that friggn special! we fought all the time..n he just wants her for sex..but you cant tell her that b/c shes so0o stuck up! so0o i guess my questoin do i talk to these people about my built up anger that could explode @ ne moment and get tonz of people pissed off @ me!

Thanks a Bunch

Ill rate if i think its good or if u attempt

xOvEr AnD oVeR aGaInx (link)
well..what i have some of the same probs of my own..and those you say friends arent really your true frineds..they think you will DO ANYTHING for them no matter how pissed they are ..what you need to do is not talk to them let them talk to you ...and if they get pissed off becasue you didnt just do what they do to you..they will soonder notice how you feel upon them an they will stop ..well for your other friend about your ex...well tell her how annoying she is gettin always ytalkin about him ..i did it an ma frined yeah well she got mad but she got oveer just talk it out with her..and with the other 2 treat them the way they treat you..

hope i helped

how do u get a girl to want to go out with you? (link)
well from hearing from a gurl who had alot of really dont wanna be the guy gurls talk about in bad let me help you out
1.Flirt..then when you are just be really nice
2.ask her if she likes you ..."do you like me"?
3.Then tell her how you feel..
but one thing dont go any gushy mushy shyt right away....

4..never let a gurl run all over you..then they know you'll do anythin for them
5..not many gurls like guys who will do anythin for them ..well i sure dont
6..just be your self

-hope i helped ..

tasha leigh

ok my boyfriend will leave me messages and at the end of them hell tell me he loves me...and then when i call him back or watever or in person he wont say i wrote i love u on his hand one day cuz we wer messin around and he just so confused why wont he say it to me in person or on the fone but hell say it in messages? (link)
Same thing has happened to me ...i know its questiong you alot i bet...wwell maybe hes shy to tell you how he really feels about you...but he must love you alot to feel shy to say it...just dont make a big 2 just hang out alot i bet..some day he'll say may be soon or not but mt Boyfrined woukdnt say it eaither and then one day he did just give it time..some r shy then other boys..hope i helped

hey i have a problem with cutting and i dunno how to controll it and today 10/22/04 i wound up cutting my self agian because my b.f broke up with me and im like in love with him and ahh...hard to explain and well i need some advice on how to stop or atleast trying to controll it please help me!! ill rate you high and i would like some advice from ppl who actualy do it or used to thanks soo much and if you wanna takl to me more about it im me on
babi beautifulx3 or email me at

thanks so much!! ill rate ya a five if ya get at me

love always courtney (link)
well cuttin rea;ll;y worth it...i caan truley underatand on cuttin becasue you love this boii soo much..but do you think it solved sis use to cut..and she just reliazed she did it for the same reason but it didnt solve anything..there is nothin wromg with showin your feelings on hurting yourself ..but its point just think about it and when your about too...think is this goin to solve anything..?

hope i helped

-tasha leigh

Me and my best friend Krystal want to ask you this. Theres this girl, Holly, she keeps butting into me and Krystal's friend ship. I mean coming between me and Krystal. I feel that she wants to take my place. Its really getting me mad because she is really annoying to! Anyways she already slept over krystal's house once [ i was there to ] but shes that type of person that you get sick of quickly and Krystal doesnt want her to sleep over tonight. How can we let Holly down gently?? (link)
well same with me and my frined..there is this one gurl in class who calls my frined her rol model..yeah well just tell her that your frined is not aloud to have two people over at once and that you and your frined krystal alredy made plans so..and if she dont uinderstand..then tell her how you feel about her ..i mean it will only get worse ..soon enough she'll start to dress like you 2/..happened to me and cus just tell her that your frined can only have 1 frined over and it was you..and if she doesnt uunderstand then just tell her how you an frined think about her and how annyoing she is..hope i hleped
-tasha leigh

My last boyfriend and I used to call each other *all* the time. I really like my current boyfriend but I'm way to shy to call him! I'm always scared he'll be busy or something and that I will look stupid. (link)
well...what i do is just call him..i can see how you feel..but dont hold on callin some0ne...if he calls you then your okay...but just take a deep breath and call him ..when your on the fone just start a funny convo and then you most likley wont be afraid to call him...hOpe i Helped..

tasha leigh

alriqht . about three and a half yearsz aqo ii went out with this kid justin and we were on and off for about a year or two . for a short time we stopped talkinq but it started up aqain about 9 monthsz aqo . we started hanqinq out more and more and ii realized that ii still love him as much as ii did back then - if not more . ii dunno what to do about it thouqh because my best friend likesz him too . even thouqh she`sz only known him for 3 monthsz and she has a boyfriend of a year . ii dunno what to do thouqh . should ii tell him how ii feel or just keep it quiet ?? and how do yu think ii should qo about tellinq him that ii still love him ?? thanksz in advance for any advice yu miqht have .

xO stacii leiqh (link)
Well coming From me...Tell him how you Feel ...maybe he feels the same way about you but holding it all your doin now..You dont wanna hold any feelings in..and for your frined she has a man..she dont need 2 ..tell her that you known him longeer an how you feel for him...dont talk 24-7 about him then she'll start likin him more...just talk to her and be like "UmMm Well i might go out with Justin." -thats if he likes you- and see what she never know..if shes one true frined then she wont mind and she'll understand'll never know till you tell him how you fell..Eaither invite him to a movie and tell him..or write him a note...or better off ..tell him may be better so that he knows you arent shy to show your feelings..welll hope i helped...

P.S. make sure you tell your frined..

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