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hey!.. i can help you with almost anything.. ive been thru alot its un imaginable.. so juss leave something and ill check n and update.. k thanx.. *aSh

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Hi im a 15/f. I really like this guy a lot.. more than ive liked any boy i think .. and thats big lol. Well whenever i see him he always wants to do stuff that i'd only do if i was going out with him. I doubt he knows i like him and hes very irresistable when he gets going. But hes a player and i really want a relationship right now. Its not like i only like him for his looks .. he has a great personality and almost everything i want in a boyfriend. Anyways, what do you think i should do or say to him ?

well if you wan t a realationship this probably isnt tha guy you want i mean sometimes they culd change but then again it could b hard... and some ppl just dont change.. you culd try n tell himthat you have feelings for him but make shur he is aloen.. b like.. "look i like you alot but i kno how you are.. i really wana b with you" n c wat he says otherwise you need a guy who could actually treat u right =] .. well keep me updated =p aSh!

hOpe i heLpeD..*


Hey, u dont know me but i thought maybe u culd help :) I like my best friend. and i know he likes me too. cuz he tells me all the time and asks me out and all but i just cant do it. i know i really do wanna go out with him but for some reason i just cant. i know part of the reason is because i dont wanna ruin a good friendship. because it has happend to some of my friends before and they dont even talk now. and i definetly dont want that 2 happen. well, thanks so much! x33 (im ur age 2.. lol the thing down bottom says include your age. hah)

Hey.. i kno exactly what to tell you.. i had a best buddy once.. who was a guy.. he liked me alot and i like him alot.. well i thought the same thing as you and denied my feelings a number of times.. and he started to fade away from me.. and one day i realized my mistake.. we got together but it was juss to late he didnt care like he used to.. i say :: take tha chance dont lose it.. you dont wana go on juss sayin wat if this and wat if that.. you guys seem to like eachother alot so ur right for eachother.. juss make a promise to forever stay friends.. do it before its to late..

hOpe i heLped * aSh
ever need sumthing..
im here //=]Good Luck


Hey Ash,
I'm back again :-\. What should i do about *you know who?* I mean i like him a lot but not enough to stop doing everything, like hanging out with my friend's because he said he was going to meet me somewhere or call me. I'm missing out on a lot but, everytime i try and forget about him he does something unbelievably amazing and sweet, and i'm tired of being pushed around but i just can't stop thinking about him. :-\. I know you know what i'm talking about, please help me.

ALLY! all i kan tell you to do is kall him or try n c him somewhere n talk to him hes stupid and wont get it unless you talk to his face.. hes a stupid guy and you derserve alot better to.. hes juss bein a guy... damn them.. but yeahh i will b right here for you wenever n imma help u thru this k huny! i luv you! x3-- aSh!


-)) AshOlee ((-
Theirs this guy i like alot.. you could basically say i love him .. ive always been their for him and hes always been their for me.. and ive never had the heart to tell him how i feel.. so one nite when my friend came over we were all chylln.. and he took my phone to call a girl.. so i got mad an took the phone nd left nd when got into it.. and i screamed infront of everyone that i was jelous.. so then later that nite.. he started talking to be about everything and he made me cry.. and then when he tried to kiss my problems away.. i left .. and i dont know what to do.. cuz i dont wanna be in a realonship wid some one who treats me bad and has a nother girlfriend.. so wha should i do ..
love always..
hot dog

hey Hot dOg.. well first off lemme juss say you only derserve tha best! ur wonderful dont let him get you down.. hes bein a typical guy by juss tryin to kiss you.. he only treated you like that and then kissed you cuz he knew he could.. thas how they are.. if you really love him and he dumps his girlfriend you culd give it a try but you never kno and he unno wat hes missin !!! dont mess around with him if he has a girl.. tell him thas fucked up and if he really wants you to dump her.. you culd try talkin to him .. other wise your a great girl.. you need tha best dont worry it'll come sooner than you think im here for you wenever k i love you!! x3-- BuN!


My little brother suffers from an extreme case of obsessive compulsive dissorder and a short fuse. How do I deal with his upsetting behavior?

hey..i have OCD`s also and sometimes i get outta control.. i like to b left alone wen i am so i can calm down dont bother ur liddle brother also there is medicne for it so you kan consult a doctor.. otherwise just avoid him for a while cuz i kno wen im worked up ill throw a fit then com down on my own n i will b fine.. talk to ur mom about it too.. she culd help.. if you ever need anything [ im ] me .. * hope i helped --» aSh!


ok..there;s this guy *dan* and he liked me a long time ago and then i started to like him but all he did was break ^ we me n hurt me really bad..recenlty we started tlkin..n we fell inlove..blah blah..well all my friends are yellin at me cuz they think he;ll just hurt me again..i dont tho..i could b wrong but oh well..then there's this guy *james* he asked me out and stuff and i guess i really like him..but like i still luv * dan* and now *james* is all pissd at me and sayin shit ..all i want is to be *james* friend..cuz i luv *dan* but he won;'t..hes bein all possesive & shit..and all my frinds r tellin me to 4get * dan* n giv *james* a try..cuz hes like perfect & hell treat me better--which maybe true..but i need to go out w *dan* its jus sumin i hav to do..even tho i ikno ill prolli get hurt,,idk help =(..i feel bad *james* really likes me..shuld i giv him a chance? or trust *dan* after he hurt me 3 times? sorry so long

everyone is guna hurt you .. but you gotta decide whoes worth it.. honestly look i was n love too and now lookin back not bein with him again an again no matter how bad i wanted it is better for me.. all my friends tell me to date a guy i even kno will treat me right an its wat i need really =/ but i gave up on tha one i loved.. now we are friends n things are fine.. and im puttin alot of thinkin into wat i want dont set urself up hun give james a chance you will b happier n tha end ! if you ever need me IM meh! im here -- hope i helped.. *aSh!..


Hey..ok well i had a bestfriend that we used tu do EVERYTHING together i spent lyk 4th of July wiid her and everything..but now my one friend told her that i talked bout her but i would never do that..i mean lyk everyguy did lyk her n`d i would get a lil mad but thats all n`d stuffs..but i was at tha fair n`d i saw her and lyk i wanted say somethin but i didnt..lyk now i have a new bestfriend n`d everything but lyk i miss her alot..hope u can help me*

well if you didnt do it then talk to her about it.. one of you is guna have to bring tit up anyways.,. im shur that she doesnt hate you.. juss liek you dont hate her.. so call her n try n hang out.. n work things out.. also ask whoever said that you said sumthing why they did that cuz thas fucked up.. to go n ruin a friendship n all.. and it obvious you care bout this person so go n get her back.. ever need help on like wat ta say im here.. love always*aSh - hope i helped


well theres this guy that i happen to really like, and i just dont know if he likes me and i just wish that some how i could make him like me and i just dont know how that could possibly be.. he says we are just friends but i just want to take that one step forward.. what do i do??

hey.. well wow.. im n the exact same situation.. you kant really make some one like you but you can try.. like flirt around with him.. does he kno you like him? i mean his feelings myt change if he finds out he likes you.. dont act weird around him b urself.. he will like that .. try n b a good friend with him so he can c how much of a good person you are.. hang out with him alot.. sometimes they just arnt good at showin how they feel.. you culd try talkin to him urself.. b like you kno wat i like you alot i really think we shuld hook up.. and if he still thinks ur juss friends.. i guess your stuck.. i dont kno ur whole situation so yeah.. IM me and we kan talk and ill try n help you thru tha whole thing =] k..* hOpe i heLped 4 nOw.. aSh!


i met this guy couple of weeks ago i liked him right away he came over to my house a couple of times and we had fun chillin together then one day he stops talking to me what should i do i still really like him and just wish he were togehter.... tracy

i knoe you.. =O.. but eyy i knoe ur story dont sweat him hes so uh! try n talk to him and get him to stay ur friend but no one can make someone like you.. and plus this guy is dumb and mean .. he doesnt knoe what he is missin.. and he never will hes that way .. so dont sweat a relationship you will b hurt more.. try n b a good friend =).. cuz atleast someway you will b close.. ne ways IM me to talk.. hope i helped =) *aSh!


hi..ok well i kno this mite sound but like i think a gurls virginity is really important..n like i really wanna be a V till i get married..cuz i think its special n loose it to the guy u REALLY do love..but then sumtimes i jus get horny or w/e n i really wanna do it..or even if im not horny..i juss get this..erge? iuno but like iuno wut to do..cuz i wanna do it really bad but then i dont..ya kno? well ya..hopefully you can help..if not..then thas kool too : )

hey.. well this is all ur choice hun.. dont ever let anyone pressure you but w.e... and you dont have to have sex.. there are many other things you kan do if you juss have an "urge".. I.E. oral sex.. or yehh.. if tha type of person that will touch themselves you culd um do that.. =/.. i wish you luck =) hope i helped * aSh!

»rate meH .. » if you ever need anything im here =)


okay so there is this boy that ive liked for a long time... but yea c hes a mayjor playa and everytime i hook up wit him or w/e he always plays me over but his charm is sooo good and cute that i fall for him no matter wut! how can i just forget about him! and erase him from my life cuz i knoe that the next time i talk to him hes gonna b all flirty and touchy feely to me and then i'll fall for him all over again. please help me get over him.

oo i have this problem toO.. try n only think of you guys as friends dont b around him so much.. and wen you are flirt with other guys so you can show him how uninterested you are.. and like hm.. just and if he does mess around with you juss walk away b like i cant.. n if he asks tell em .. i dont trust you.. one day he will kno wat hes missin.. hope i helped *AsH!


okay so today i went to my bff's jackie (we'll call her) and we went to her nfs house jo (we'll call him) so jackie and i went to jos house and he had some friends over and the're all kinda into a bad crowd and i really don't fit in with them or do the stuff they do. well they had these bomb things they made and there all swearing and hidding and r all talkin that "omg the f-in cops r gonna come! lets go into the woods" and so then i was gettin all scared so i really wanted to leae but i didnt wanna go with out jackie so i was droping hints like crazy tell her that i wanted to go. but i knoe she wanted to stay with jo so i kinda held off for awhile.. but then when the threw the first explosive that was it i just left and so jackie came with me.. i really wanted to cry bcuz i knoe thats the kinda crowd i knoe im not supposed to b in and i don't knoe y i ever hung out with them in the first place. did i do the right thing? even though all of jos friends and prolly jackie think im a goodie goodie or a wimp! how to i ever talk to them again with out them making fun of me??

oh my.. you deffinetly did tha right thing.. you dont need to worry bout wat they say cuz wen they are n truble they will look up to you cuz you can b good.. that will get you farther n life.. mayb if you dont want them makin funn of you say you werent feelin well? otherwise dont sweat it.. hope i helped ya =) [rate meh] *aSh


how do u girls keep ur hair down like i have straight hair but liek 10 mins after brushin it it get tangled up all messy can yall help me out

you have to train ur hair =).. mine always looked crappy down but now i have nice hair and i like leaving it down.. put some curl in it so it will stay like that.. wen you go sumwhere juss take a brush or sumthing and eventually ur hair shuld stay down.. wish i culd tell you more.. hope i helped *aSh!..

[ if you ever need anything feel free 2 ask ]


ok well i have this bf. and we do some stuff together, but it always ends up with him fingering me! it doesnt bug me, but one time he tried to do it at MY HOUSE! and i cant figure out y thats all he wants to do....he always wants me to give him a blow job, but im only 13! can u tell me something else i can do that will still make him happy?? i just want it to look sexy when im doing it tho!! KK PLZ PLZ PLZ Help Me!!!

sorry.. but you dunt have many choices.. i mean you culd give em a hnadjob but thas boring on ur part =/.. im sayin get over ur fear and give em head.. thas all guys want not many other things pleasure them.. honestly its that or ur not gettin anywhere.. thats just tha way they are =/.. sorry hun.. hope i helped out .. i tried *aSh


Can someone get pregnant from pre-cum?

yes.. its more likely to happen with that =) *aSh


is any other columnist's writing different?? I mean I go to 'ask a question' and the font is bigger than it used to be!! its different!! is anyone else's like that?

yeah mee too =) oh well i guess its tha kool thing to do .. *aSh


ok now i wear thongs and i am kinda the one in skool that no one reallys notices. this is my last year of junor high and i want to be noticed. i want to sit down and have my thong hang out but then i have second thoughts bout it and chicken out. wheat can i do and is it ok if i do this?? plz help me


i agree with everyone else.. people will think its totally grose and probably make fun of you.. =( sorry if that doesnt help.. you get some tyt clothes that show off all ur curves n such.. or focase on tha part of ur body you like.. say you have nice breast.. ( not tryin to sound grose ) show them off.. but not to much.. you never wana get tha name as a slut.. you knoe wat they say " if you got it flaunt it " but yeh.. hope i helped * aSh


Heyy i just wanted to say that you are so pretty!! hehe welll okay.. i get horny like alot, im a girl tho and i just i know theres like masterbation and stuff, but it just doenst cut it for me, and i KNOW im too young for like a vibrator or anything.. and like ive tried masterbating, cause one time i got fingered and it felt SOO good.. so like what do i do to give my self pleasure?

thank you =) .. hmm well ive never personally masturbated but im gunna try n help you out.. mayb find a guy that will do things wif you.. because thas always entertaining .. haa.. or why dont you sit down n ordersome porn or something.. look at an erotic magazine.. i dunt know im sorry.. im tryin here.. why are you to young for a vibrator.. there is always a first for everything.. tha sooner tha better.. jimmy juss informed me katy is fisting herself.. that myt work oh and jimmy is using his right hand.. you can do eitheer of those .. it shuld help ya .. i wish i culd say more but ya.. keep me updated . . * hope i helped aSh!


Resently I have 3 guys who all say the care about me alot and that they wanna be with me.. But each one of them has done something to me that Hurt me really bad.. And I dont know how to pick which one to be with because i care about all of them very much.. its really gettin to me and everytime i think of one of them i start to cry! Please help me out..
Crazy nd Confused

wow.. dont beleive some tha guy that says he loves you beleive tha guy that proves it.. think about which one you think will hurt you first.. and/or who will hurt you tha most.. who do you trust more and think of who is better as a friend to you .. then i guess its up to you.. basically you juss have to choose.. i wish you tha best of luck.. n if it doesnt work out with tha first one you always got two others ;-) im j/k.. but i hope i helped.. keep me updated n if you ever need anything IM me on my AIM name.. hope i helped *aSh!


me and my sister fight all the time. shes a teenager. and i am three years younger than her. will she grow out of it? how should i act towards her? beacause right now i feel like i really need a sister, not an enemy :.(

hey! i have a big family.. there are 7 other kids.. i have 3 sisters.. the oldest is two years older than me.. growing up my sister abused me.. :( i never thought things culd get any better.. but yeah she grew out of it and now im 14 shes 16.. we still fight and disagree but thas normal.. she realized how much it scared me.. and basically i avoided her for tha most part.. and ignored tha hurtful things she wuld say to me.. teasing her back or antaginizing her wont help at all so basically just stay outta her way an soon she will realize how much she loves you.. never let her get to you.. in the end things shuld b fine .. just ride it out.. hope i helped.. :) *aSh.. :: p.s. if you ever need someone to talk to contact me on my AIM screenname..


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