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Make F on test

Question Posted Thursday January 20 2005, 3:13 pm

I always study for test really hard. But all the time when I get the test back I made an F. I just get nervios and mess up. How can I get over it? I dont want to study all the time like I do and all I get is an F. It will really help me if yall tell me how to get over the freakking out on the test.THanks

I rate high (4&5)

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Melanie4981 answered Friday January 21 2005, 9:43 am:
Depending on what you are studying for try going to

It is a fab site with loads of study materials and some really cool stuff like tests and stuff to determine your learning style and how best you can prepare yourself for tests.

My only other advice is that the worst thing you can do is stress out about it!! When I was doing my A-Levels (Don't know what the USA equivalent is but I was 18 at the time) I used to be a huge Red Hot Chillies/ Greenday fan (still am!!) and I used to listen to them when I was revising, just before I went into a test and my stress levels were almost colliding with the moon, I used to listen to the music in my head and it really chilled me out! (I'm not crazy, really!)

Hope it all goes ok and you get the results you want in your next test!!

Take Care

Mel xxx

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alisonmarie answered Friday January 21 2005, 6:50 am:
Why not speak to an advice and guidance counselor at your school? They can help you talk with your teachers about your nerves, and possible figure out alternatives for you.

These could include taking tests in an empty room, not having time limits, or letting you submit extra credit work to make up the difference between an F and, say, a C.

If you've got a pattern of feeling really nervous before/during tests, the only way to change that is to either change where/how you take test, or to change how you feel about them.

Sometimes just changing a small thing - even sitting at the back of the room or starting the tests early - can break the cycle. Your school should be understanding if you explain how hard you study and how nervous you feel. Teachers want students to succeed, and they need YOU to tell them how to help you.

If you feel more relaxed you might do better, and that'll help your nerves go down even more. You can also talk to teachers about different ways to study - maybe the way you prepare for a test isn't the best way for you. There's notecards, just reading books, trying to write down what you've learned, talking to a tape recorder, etc. Different strokes for different folks.

Good luck.

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xokristabelle answered Thursday January 20 2005, 7:40 pm:
It depends on what subject. For math, I go in to my teacher's room after school and he helps me study, or study with your friends. Don't have coffee or a lot of sugar the day of the test. Eat a good breakfast (ie cereal, 1 slice toast, orange juice and/or milk(. If you don't have the test in the morning bring a snack, being hungry messes up your nerves. Make yourself a study guide and review all your homework. Wear something comfortable, but make sure you like it so you feel good. Put your hair up so it's no in your face. Come prepared with binder paper, at least 3 pencils, an eraser, a black or blue pen, and a red pen (in case u correct it in class). Also take a deep breath before the test, maybe google some breathing exercises. Bring water but don't drink too much, or you'll have to go to the bathroom.

When it's time for the test, listen to the instructions very carefully and ask questions if you need to. Make sure it's crystal clear. Answer the easiest questions first (usually multiple choice) then go back to harder ones (like essay questions). For essay questions make an outline first so in case you don't finish writing the final draft, you'll still get partial credit.

I'd recommend talking to your teachers about this- they probably have more specific stratagies you can use.

Good luck!

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BabiiD answered Thursday January 20 2005, 6:58 pm:
Just calm down and when you study, think about what you are learning, not what you are trying to cram into you brain!!!!Sometimes you should stay afterschool or take alot of notes in class and read them before bed. Thats what I do. P.S. sometimes its iight to let your brain have some rest for a day or so.

[ BabiiD's advice column | Ask BabiiD A Question

xASH answered Thursday January 20 2005, 6:10 pm:
First you should still study. But when you get the test, just take a deep breath and chill out. You're most likely getting so freaked out that you just forget everything. Don't stress out over the test just relax and be confident that you know the answeres

[ xASH's advice column | Ask xASH A Question

pixistix answered Thursday January 20 2005, 5:34 pm:
Hi! How bou't trying to bring a little special rock or ring or bracelet. Get a good nights rest before the day of the test. Try getting everything else off your mind when the test starts. Make a little song in your head and sing it in your head to reminde you of the answers on the test. Have fun with the test! Just remiber that you cna succed either way!

[ pixistix's advice column | Ask pixistix A Question

525 answered Thursday January 20 2005, 5:15 pm:
well, dont stress! I make As without studying. Look at it like this, whats the worse that could happen? It will all pass, so just keep it cool!

[ 525's advice column | Ask 525 A Question

buckems answered Thursday January 20 2005, 5:01 pm:
Let me guess your parents pressure you into getting good grades!! I finally got over the fear of failing and ever since i have been doing better in school!! School is easy is you just treat it like any thign else..

[ buckems's advice column | Ask buckems A Question

KMUL05 answered Thursday January 20 2005, 5:00 pm:
You needa calm down..when you are taking a test..dont be cocky..and dont be "whats the use i am going to fail anyways." go slow check your answers..if you studied you should kno the stuff..hope i helped! xo mauh

[ KMUL05's advice column | Ask KMUL05 A Question

mysterycocomix answered Thursday January 20 2005, 4:38 pm:
Have you asked your teacher to help you? Maybe its the way you are studying. Try staying for after school tutoring. By saying, "I don't get it" doesn't help the teacher understand what YOU don't understand. I know it helped me when I started to drop in Texas History class. Instead of studying by yourself, get a parent, teacher, sibling, or friend to read the questions and you answer. Or have them read the answer and you say the question. You always learn faster when you are teaching something to somebody. I REALLY hope I helped!
love ya ~K~

[ mysterycocomix's advice column | Ask mysterycocomix A Question

bAbiixPhAtT3 answered Thursday January 20 2005, 4:33 pm:
try studing for weeks ahead maybe that would help

[ bAbiixPhAtT3's advice column | Ask bAbiixPhAtT3 A Question

CoNfUsEd001 answered Thursday January 20 2005, 4:30 pm:
i have the same problem. Just try not to cram it all in one night. Believe me that just makes things worse! lol well this is waht i do. The day that i have a test i just tell myself. Take your time, read the questions good and check over them. I know checking over it is really a long process but it works.! Hopefully this will work! good luck let me know if it works!

[ CoNfUsEd001's advice column | Ask CoNfUsEd001 A Question

BeautifulMadness answered Thursday January 20 2005, 4:22 pm:
I'm exactly the same. It sucks doesn't it?
Anyway, I heard a bit ago that if you do something familiar during a mental block in a test, it helps to calm you down and get you thinking straight. In my last test (a German exam) I had a total mental block on what this word meant. I remember the tip and recited the alphabet in my head and it worked! I'm not saying that it will always work, but you could try it :)
I also find that revising STRAIGHT before an exam doesn't help. Leave at least half an hour between revising and the exam...I know it's hard not to cram revise, but if you've done enough revision before hand, that extra half hour will serve no purpose but to confuse you.
Also, go in BELIEVING that you can get a good mark - you don't have to be thinking, 'I'll come out with an A', but if you go in thinking, 'God I am going to go to pieces in there' will. Try and think positive :)
Good luck on all your exams and I hoped that helped!
Blessed Be,
Rach xxx

[ BeautifulMadness's advice column | Ask BeautifulMadness A Question

jodie_272 answered Thursday January 20 2005, 4:12 pm:
Make sure you are revising the right things and if your not sure what to revise ask your teacher. if this problem continues you need to speak to your teacher anyway because its important to do well if you want anything from life!! (or money.. LOL) GD LUK!

[ jodie_272's advice column | Ask jodie_272 A Question

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