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1*What time is it: 10:24pm
2*Todays Date: 1.28.05
3*Full Name: becca norris
4*Gender: bella
5*Age: four * teen
6*Birthday: 11.24.90
7*Siblings(age,sex): 2 sisters, 22 . 15
8*Parents: mommy
9*Nieces: layla
10*Nephews: hunter . eathan
11*School: JMMS
12*School colors: blue + yellow
13*Car: i dont have a car
14*Car color: ?
15*Eye color: blue
16*Hair Color: brown wit blonde highlights
17*Hair Length: ast my shoulders
18*Weight: 108
19*Height: 4*11
20*Skin(pale white,tan,dark,black): white
21*what are you wearing as of now: pajamas
22*Are you wearing make-up? no
23*Did you take a shower today? yeah
24*Pets(names,kind): doggies, pepper, tippy , oddball
25*What are you drinking right now? nothing
26*Do you smoke? yepp
27*If so, what do you smoke? newport 100s'z
28*Do you have a car, or is it your parents? cant drive yet
29*Are you listening to music? yepp
30*If so, what song, and who is it by? candy shop . 50 cent
31*What are your screen names? bAbiixPhAtT3
32*Crush: Jimbo
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hi well im a girl im 14 and i like watchin porn on my comp... but its like lezbo porn but i like guys..what dose that mean?? am I a lezbo??
and is it even worse that i finger my self to it??
--Jamilyn (link)
maybe you like both? or maybe your just experminting with different things

How can i convince my mom to let me go over my boyfriends house? Im 14 and hes 16 i guess she somewhat doesnt approve of that. Its imbarresing for him to come here because I live in a small apartment and my mom would have to sit with us omg that would be so bad. I dont kow why but even if he was my age she still wouldnt let me go over a guys house.Does she not trust me? (link)
she probably doesnt trust him

ok well im trying to deal with my problem but i haven't been doing it for that long but like everytime i stick my fingers down my throat it like feels like i scratch something in the same spot everytime and then it starts that the reason its bleeding?
xO thanks (link)
the reason you bleed is because when you stick your finger down your throat your nail scratches the you throat and after awhile you will starte to bleed and when you throw up acid comes up and its harmful to your throat so that might be a reason to.

Please help me with my relationship problem, my boyfriend is like absessed with tickling me, he thinks it's funny and cute. It's fun, but it gets annoying. When I tell him to stop, he just keeps doing it. I can't get away. What do I do?? No matter how much I ask, he won't stop. (link)
i think you should tell him its annoying, you have to be honest in your relationship

I am part of a group of 5 with my best friend who i have known longer than everyone else. My best friend has been really attached to me and i feel like she doesn't want me to be friends with anyone but her. when i told her how i felt she started screaming at me and denyed it. Also, i never get any alone time with my boyfriend because she is always there and when i told her if i could talk to him alone she was like sure i'll walk behind you... but i wanted her to like be 100 feet away from us because he acts so much more romantic when she isn't around. How can i tell her how i feel without her screaming at me again? I want to have other friends besides her because every one i am friends with, she is friends with too... what do i do?
i rate high... sry this is kinda long (link)
when she startes to annoy you just leave with your boyfriend and starte hanging out with different people

i really like this guy...but i am afraid he wont like me and i am friends with his friends and they say he isnt into girls right now...but it feels likehe keeps flirting with me...what should i do?...should i ask him out?
ps. i rate 5's (link)
i think you should ask him out or let him know you like him like tell someone and have them tell him and maybe hell ask you out!

hope i helped xOx love becca xOx

heyyy!! well im in sort of a perdiciment .. i hav a boyfriend who is te best! hes one of the few ppl who make me happy n he was always there for me threw everythig that happend n stuff .. but .. hes ayear older than me n goes to teh highschool so we dont get to see each other as much .. problem is i think i mite styl like my ex who happens to b his best friend!! and to top that off .. my best friend likes my ex but i dotn care if she does but i feel guilty liking him .. but i like my b//f a whole lot more i just feel really guilty for liking him wen i hva a b/f n my best friend likes him ... do u think i shood just ignore these tiny feelings? or just keep them to myself? cas i dont wanna break ^ w/ my b/f cas hes the best .. but i dont know if i shood...

xo ------ xo (link)
if you dont wanna reck things with your boyfriend then i wouldnt tell him, because you could throw away love for a tiny crush. so i wouldnt say anything but if the feeling gets stronger then maybe you should say something

hope i helpled xOx love becca xOx

Lately I have been noticing that down around ,y vaginal area I have been kinda itchy... and like I went to the store and bought some kinda cream stuff but the last time I out it on it was like my skin was pelling! Can some1 plz give me an Idea on what I have?
Thanks.. I rate 5's! (link)
go to the doctor and get it checked out

it`sz been 3 months sense me and my boyfriend broke up and i havent got my period .. does that mean im pregent .?? (link)
im not sure you should take a pregence test to find out for sure

For my health class we are suppossed to find out if guys mostly prefer virgins or sluts, what do you think? (link)
i think virgins cuz their titer =) lol

ok im a girl and i get turned on very easily i guess because anytime i guy touches me in the right way or kisses me or sometimes holds my hand i get really wet "down there".. is that normal for girls to get really wet at the smallest things an to even get wet?! (link)
yepp its normal sweetii =)

Ok well i wanna pierce my belly button but my parents won't let me. So, i'm gonna do it myself. What are some good tips for piercing your belly button and wut type of needle do ya need...thnx a bunch (link)
i wouldnt perice it yourself its dangerous...

1) if it gets really bad infected then you might not be able to have kids

2) it will hurt like hell (ive tired it)

3) your parents will find out lol they always do

my 2 best friends, lets call them mary && cindy.... mary and cindy are having like a sleepover tonight, and we just finished finals so its like a celebration. but all 3 of us are best friends and i`m like the 1 being left out and i`m rele kina pissed... i know we dont have to do EVERYTHING together, but i can`t help myself.. i`m pissed. is it rong to be mad??? Ox (link)
no if i was you i would be mad to, you should say somthing to them and ask why they didnt invite you thats grimmy since your all best friends

**Just want to thank everyone who responds to this. I know it's a long post and if you give me great advice, i WILL rate you HIGH**

There's this boy that I've known about 3 years. We used to not get along AT ALL but when I started taking the bus again, he started talking to me more and more and now whenever my friend gets off, he comes and sits across from me and talks to me. He also suggested we see a movie together but I don't know if he means JUST AS FRiENDS. People say he likes me but I'm not sure. I know I like him because my heart is always racing when I think of him and I dream about him and I know I have a crush but I'm unsure about the signals he's saying. Does the movies ALWAYS signal a date? Also, I can never really talk to him about "us" because there are all these other kids listening. =(

-Crushin' (link)
go see a movie with him and see if he makes a move and if he does then he likes you and youll be alone there so you can talk about *us*

I always study for test really hard. But all the time when I get the test back I made an F. I just get nervios and mess up. How can I get over it? I dont want to study all the time like I do and all I get is an F. It will really help me if yall tell me how to get over the freakking out on the test.THanks

I rate high (4&5)
try studing for weeks ahead maybe that would help

my sisters planned a surprise party for my mom's birthday because she is turning 50! my sisters said i could bring a boy to it if i wanted. i really want to, but how would i ask him if he wanted to go? (link)
just be like... my sisters throwing this party for my mom because its her birthday and i was hoping you wanted to go with me? and then maybe we could hang out after?

this is not good at all. one of my best friends (lets call her Sarah but thats not her real name) i think is a compulsive liar. she lies about everything...or so we suspect. her cousin told me that a disease like that runs in her family. but she lies about everything. here are some of the things:
-she told me she got raped and went to court for it. one time she told me she went to court at 8:00p.m but court isnt open that late
-she told me she has a boyfriend but nobodys ever talked to him except on AIM (and she has 2 computers so it might just be her) and yeah, she gave us a picture of him but its weird because i found the exact smae picture on BuddyPic and the names didnt match up
-when i talk to her on AIM she always says i feel so sick im gonna go make myself throw up im anorexic
-she told me she had a signature of somebody famous that i really like and she said i could have it. then next day she came in with it and it looked NOTHING like the real signature and it looked like her handwriting

there are more things but im just too stressed out. i DO NOT want to talk to her about it because one of my other friends confronted her about the lying and she almost commited suicide. she's really scaring me. she lied about getting RAPED...or so we THINK cause its not 100% sure. i tried to talk to my best friend about all this cause he knows whats going on with Sarah, but he told me that he belives her about all this because nobody else will. its freaking me out...a lot. i love her so much and i dont want to lose her. but i cant believe anything she says! and im afraid that if one day something bad really does happen, im not gonna beleive her. what should i do? PLEASE HELP! i have more info if you need it...just ask for my email. (link)
i think you should tell someone so she can get help because it sounds like she just wants attention and she doesnt want anyone to know shes lieing or you can tell her parents? im not sure about that one but you should tell someone so she can get help

Hi, I'm 13 years old, and i recently started cutting. Don't think " I'm a physco Freak " or whatever you want to call me. My Friend introduced me into it. She said it really helps. so one day i was really angry, i was crying and all, and i cut all up and down on my arm/wrist. To me, i felt better, but just the next day it hurted. From then on, i have been cutting myself all the time when i am mad. the last time i did was actually last night. I use " Scissors , Razors , Saftey Pin , or any sharp objects round the house " . my mom saw my arm by acident, and i told her i fell on a side walk. well my friends are so worried about me. they think im ganna end up killing myself, because i almost did. i really do hate my life even if i have friends and a boyfriend. i JUST hate it, and i think sometimes i was just a mistake, that i ruin other people lives. well i dont know, if i should continue, and and my friends upset, or not, and stay here. I DONT KNOW?! its just really hard to stop though, cuz im so addicted to it. EHH` . what should i do ? thanks . if you wanna i.m. me on AIM ; BlinkBabex33 .. or you can email me ; (link)
wow im soo sorry for what happended to you thats terribly! i think you should talk to someone and they wont tell your parents unless you say your gonna kill yourself then they have to but it think you should tell someone about what happended to you at your friends house thats not somthing you should keep inside. and i know cutting is addicting believe me i do my arms are covered and your 13 your young things will get better even if they dont seem like it they will, some where down the line they'll get better, your life doesnt have to end. just think about what it will do to your family and friends. i almost started crying lol i feel bad lol things will get better and if you ever wanna talk just IM me bAbiixPhAtT3 IM me anytime =)

hope i helped xOx love becca xOx

Well, My friend and i are both 13 years old and girls. I asked my best friend if she would like to experiment again and she didn't mind. I was wondering could there be a possibility that she likes me or just likes what we did together because when i asked her she said it was no problem, but she also added we shouldn't do it too often , (Nothing "below the belt"). If it is normal does anyone out there know anything else we can experiment with each other above the belt and below. I'm also wondering is it common for me as a African American girl to be experimenting with my Polish American bff? I rate high. Holla back!! (link)
who cares what your race it if your friend dont care then it doesnt matter. and theres nothing wrong with experminting. alot of people have been asking that question and its ok theres nothing wrong with it!

xox love becca xox

like a week ago my boyfriend and i were messing around and i gave him a hand job (he put a condom on) and while i was giving him a hand job he was holding his penis and then when i was done he fingered me and my period hasnt started yet but ive been having cramps lately and i usually get cramps but could i be pregnant? (link)
no your not pregnant! i dont care what people say you CANT get pregnant from fingering, hand jobs, blow jobs, feeling, the only way u can get pregnant is by having sex

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