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homeocming make up

Question Posted Wednesday September 29 2004, 5:56 pm

i have homecoming this saturdayy.. and i have no clue how to do my make up.. i have dirty andd a light blue and dark blue glirtty dress.. and i have green eyes.. and how should i do my hair! any tips! plz plz ill rate ya ;]

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basketballgal answered Thursday October 7 2004, 5:42 pm:
Ok, well the way that everyone does their hair at my school is by curling it in ringletts and leaving it down. It looks really cute. As for make up, go to a beauty counter in a department store a couple hours before the dance. Go to a counter like Clinique if you want something natural or MAC if you want something a little more upbeat. Describe to them your dress and they'll do something that compliments you AND ur dress, and you get a pro to do ur makeup for free!!!! What's not to love?

Have fun babe,

[ basketballgal's advice column | Ask basketballgal A Question

ballerina04 answered Thursday September 30 2004, 3:53 pm:
for makeup- a light blue or white sparkly eyeshadow, a little blush, mascara, and clear lipgloss

hair- if you can get an appointment, get it done at the salon. if not, look up hairdos on line, or just blowdry really pretty and put it half up.

i hope you have fun!!! send me a message if you need anything else or just want to talk. x33 Kris

[ ballerina04's advice column | Ask ballerina04 A Question

dramaqueenbabeiwb answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 10:23 pm:
Pull your hair in a low ponytail. Add some temporary glitter to match you dress as well. Your makeup? Try a sheer pink eyeshadow, with glitter. Brown eyeliner would be good too.

[ dramaqueenbabeiwb's advice column | Ask dramaqueenbabeiwb A Question

xOCarrie answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 9:59 pm:
Aw wow what a fun question!! Ok so I think maybe you should where your hair half up and half down, with mega curls. just like at the bottom and maybe a few sprial curls. Really sexy. hehe Then I think you should wear Dark blue eyeshadow with a light blue shimmer to go over the top a little bit. I hope i helped. Have fun at hommcomming!! Mines in a couple weeks im pretty excited too!!


[ xOCarrie's advice column | Ask xOCarrie A Question

Mexicanchic62820004 answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 9:54 pm:
Try jsut doin sumthin simple like a light or dark brown eye liner or black and try sum of that Colorstay by Revlon, it lipstick and gloss in one.

[ Mexicanchic62820004's advice column | Ask Mexicanchic62820004 A Question

SheaStadium answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 8:00 pm:
Put ur hair in a bun/sloppy bun. If its straight curl it/ crimp it. Wear baby blue eyeshadow with dark eyeliner and thick mascara. Wear a glossy glittery pink lip gloss and a light blush. Have fun!

[ SheaStadium's advice column | Ask SheaStadium A Question

Courtney answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 7:42 pm:
You might want to wear a green necklace or earrings to bring out your green eye's, and you might want to wear a blue, diamond, or pearl necklace to bring out your prom dress more . You want to make things attractive . Something that will attract people's eye's , but something that looks neat and descent ; something that's not too in but, something that'll do . Whatever you want to wear is up to you . Remember this is your night and your night . I hope you enjoy your prom and good luck . Hope my advice was useful .

[ Courtney's advice column | Ask Courtney A Question

xoRachel answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 7:08 pm:
For your eyes you can do light blue sparkly eyeshadow. You could also do silver eyeshadow or light blue and have the silver start at the top part of the blue eyeshadow and go up to the eyebrows and kind of around your eye. It looks really pretty especially if you have a little line underneath your bottom eyelashes. Use some black eyeliner all the way around your eyes except for the top. Make sure you get the corners though =c). For your lips I would just experiment with lipgloss ((not necessarily lipstick because I don't think it would look very good with your look)) you have, especially if you have some light pinks or "bare" or "naked" colors.. which is sort of like a brown but really pretty. Cheeks- a light brown blush would look great! And for your hair.. I'm not sure if I can explain if very well but its where you have the top front half of your head pulled back in little sections, each about the size of your first of middle finger. Then it's tied back and the ponytail is curled. It also looks cute if you curl random pieces of hair on the bottom half part of your head. Throwing in some glitter wouldn't hurt. Hope I helped! Leave me one in my inbox if I can do anything else for you! =c)

Love, RacheL

[ xoRachel's advice column | Ask xoRachel A Question

here2help answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 7:04 pm:
ooh this is my specialty, dark blueish blackish eye shadow would look great and try a messy bun with a few hair glitters and try confetti in the hair. wear a pink watermelon smackers lip gloss too. i hope i helped. and good luck at homecoming. rate me

[ here2help's advice column | Ask here2help A Question

DrEaMsd0ComEtRu answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 6:42 pm:
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

i think u should get ur hair done at the salon in curlies or waves ..!! and were a dark eyeliner and a dark mascara..then for eyeshadow u should wear a very light blue with a little bit of shimer or no shimmer doesnt matter and were a very light lip gloss and bronzing blush on ur cheeks
hope i helped rate me please and leave a comment on how i helped please i want the truth lol xoxo tessa

[ DrEaMsd0ComEtRu's advice column | Ask DrEaMsd0ComEtRu A Question

Juelz2005 answered Wednesday September 29 2004, 6:17 pm:
well, if your hair is long, somethign that is cute is twist back the front, leaving down bangs if you have bangs, then pull the rest up in a ponytail and curl it, then pin up some random pieces, finish off with some sparkly blue bobby pins. or pull up part of it in like a circle around your head (this will work even if your hair is short) leavign about an inch all hte way around. then, curl the ponytail and pin it around in like a bun almost, then, with what is down, maybe you coudl twist it all the way to the ponytail thenpin it randomly, if you have bangs, leave them down and curl them. those sre some ideas i have used before, if you want it in more detail, just message me ok? hope i gave you some ideas.


[ Juelz2005's advice column | Ask Juelz2005 A Question

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