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Question Posted Tuesday August 3 2004, 9:31 pm

I Lost my period last month on tha either 1 or 3 ummm i havnt started yet n i havnt had sex none im still a virgin im scared cause my mom wants to take me to the doctor .....what could b wrong with me

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Kels answered Saturday April 16 2005, 10:38 pm:

that will help, and at the begining, and even throughout the whole thing, it is not always regular!!

thanks for letting me help you!

of you have any more questions like this, please leave one in my inbox, i am good at this!!

always there-

[ Kels's advice column | Ask Kels A Question

BiGmoneySpEnDa1117 answered Friday August 6 2004, 10:48 pm:
if you've has ur period less than a year then ur irreglar. No biggie.. wen i first started i lost mine for 3 months! lol.. it'll come back. Be happy. your not missin out on anythin but a week of hell each month.
-Rate Meh-
Hope I Helped & GoD Bless
Candi <3

[ BiGmoneySpEnDa1117's advice column | Ask BiGmoneySpEnDa1117 A Question

girdy_goo15 answered Thursday August 5 2004, 7:42 pm:
hey it's normal. i lost mine for 8 months and im still a virgin. so don't worry. but if your still worried just go see a doctor.

[ girdy_goo15's advice column | Ask girdy_goo15 A Question

jokerzgrl answered Thursday August 5 2004, 11:33 am:
There is probably nothing wrong with you. sometimes stress and eating habits can affect "that special time of the month" try to eat more iron and leafy green vegetables. Either that, or plan on going to a pool party, its bound to come, don't stress out and don't be scared. But if anything else unusual happens that scares you, let me know, and I'll try to help you work things out.
Much love,

[ jokerzgrl's advice column | Ask jokerzgrl A Question

L__A__M answered Wednesday August 4 2004, 1:32 pm:
There alot of factors that could be effecting your period like: your period could still be irregular, your not eating properly (or not eating at all), your into flexible sports like dancing or gymnastics...

[ L__A__M's advice column | Ask L__A__M A Question

sportscutie13 answered Wednesday August 4 2004, 10:16 am:
Sometimes you skip a few months- it's normal early when u start ur period.

[ sportscutie13's advice column | Ask sportscutie13 A Question

kevin1986 answered Wednesday August 4 2004, 2:21 am:
Periods can be irregular all the time,especially if you're still young like 13 or 14. I've never had the pleasure of having one,but I'm a good listener. Also,if you've recently lost a lot of weight,then that could also be a determining factor. It's not something to be worried about.

[ kevin1986's advice column | Ask kevin1986 A Question

Thickbabyie4u answered Tuesday August 3 2004, 11:14 pm:
Nothing, I been on it for 4 months, and now I completely fine. If the problem persists, then go to the doctor. The only thing they can do is put you on birth control to regulate your period. But GL! You'll be fine, I'm sure :)

[ Thickbabyie4u's advice column | Ask Thickbabyie4u A Question

Dreams1370 answered Tuesday August 3 2004, 11:04 pm:
No there's nothing worng with you it happend to me once and my doctor said thats its normal. So dont get worried ok your just fine.

[ Dreams1370's advice column | Ask Dreams1370 A Question

Karen answered Tuesday August 3 2004, 10:49 pm:
There's nothing wrong with you! The first 2 years when you get your period is irregular. Just mark your calendar when you get your period and when it ends. This happens to a lot of girls so don't worry too much :). Hope I helped! If you have any other questions, just drop one in my inbox or IM me on AIM at fAbOlOuZ x kAy 8.

<3 Karen

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

blondie75 answered Tuesday August 3 2004, 10:29 pm:
In the first 2 years of ur period its very irregular. I go months at a time without getting mine. Sometimes if ur very athletic, and active u might skip a month or two. Dont worry 2 much especially if ur in the first 2 years. hope this helps!

[ blondie75's advice column | Ask blondie75 A Question

MFS answered Tuesday August 3 2004, 10:04 pm:
stress, dietary changes, increases in physical activity, and many other things can cause your period to "tale a break"... it is worthwhile to go ahead and see a doctor - but odds are, this is perfectly normal.

[ MFS's advice column | Ask MFS A Question

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