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Question Posted Thursday July 1 2004, 1:54 pm

Are tampons supposed to hurt? because i hate wearing pads, but tampons hurt sooo bad that i cant even walk some of the time and im a very heavy bleeder so i can wear the small tampons. also does your eating habits have to do with how heavy you bleed? like if i eat healthy food and fruit and stuff will it make me bleed lighter?

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Peeps answered Tuesday June 1 2010, 10:02 pm:
Tampons are never suppose to hurt, actually. The reason it hurts may be because it's unhealthy for your body.

When people say it might be because you have too large of a tampon it isn't the size that is actually the problem. It's the absorbency. The larger ones suck up more moisture in your vagina. Sounds good for when you're on your period though, right? No. It actually takes the natural moisture away from your vaginal walls.

That might not sound too bad at first but when it does this it has a drying affect, too. The drying will cause some of your vaginal cells to stick to the tampon. Ouch. Sure, after awhile you'll stop feeling those cells stick or be removed when the tampon moves from inside you or you actually remove it when it's time. Why do you stop feeling it though? Your vagina becomes desensitized.

Losing sensation in the vagina? WHO WANTS THAT?!


Switching to pads will do your body a load of good. If you switch to a brand like Seventh Generation then they're made without chlorine bleach. Who wants bleach sitting on such a sensitive area anyway? Nobody.

The chlorine can actually make you bleed more because it's toxic. That being said, you best bet is to stop shoving drying, bleached things up your vagina and start wearing clean, chlorine-free pads.

Here is some more information on why tampons are bad and why you should hate tampons:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

And you can find Seventh Generation pads from their official website or on sites like VitaCost. On VitaCost the pads cost about the same as the Always brand, which isn't a bad deal, actually.

Oh, and if you just don't want to do pads or go swimming often then read about menstrual cups. Some are reusuable after being cleaned properly and can last years. They won't hurt to put them in or pull them out because they don't hurt your inside of the vagina. They're safe, affordable, and healthy. There are lots of different brands so just Google reusable menstrual cups and you'll find them.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

xxbabiiphatt4xx answered Friday July 2 2004, 12:32 am:
If your tampon is hurting you are probably putting it in wrong...if your not sure how to put it in right tho I can suggest going to:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

they have tips and a video on how to insert a tampon correctly...Good Luck

_xoxo_))<3 Sasha <3 ((_xoxo_

[ xxbabiiphatt4xx's advice column | Ask xxbabiiphatt4xx A Question

AquamarineRose answered Thursday July 1 2004, 7:12 pm:
Tampons aren't supposed to hurt at all.Sometimes you forget about them because you can't feel them.(Which is a good thing for pain but bad in the sense of TSS so try to remember they're up there.)I hated wearing pads too.But you just have to try tampons.If they hurt either your not putting it in right,your not relaxing enough,or your not inserting the tampon high enough.I honestly don't believe that eating has anything to do with your flow.Once you get into the habit of tampons you'll never want to go back to me!

[ AquamarineRose's advice column | Ask AquamarineRose A Question

lilshortnsweet answered Thursday July 1 2004, 6:04 pm:
no hun tampond are not suppose to hurt you shouldnt be abke to hurt them and whenits that "time" you are gonna wanna drink alot of water and stay away from salty food exersize helps too.

[ lilshortnsweet's advice column | Ask lilshortnsweet A Question

Fish answered Thursday July 1 2004, 5:36 pm:'re wearing them wrong. Go read the instructions on the box. If those don't make sense, it's sort of embarrasing but go ask your mom. And consider seeing a doctor, because not being able to walk from them is definately NOT normal. Food has nothing to do with the flow, it'll just either make cramps worse or take away some of the pain. Don't eat a lot of sugar, and exercize. But if I were you, I'd be going to the doctor by now.

[ Fish's advice column | Ask Fish A Question

TiNKERBELLxo answered Thursday July 1 2004, 4:47 pm:
No, tampons are not supposed to hurt unless you are wearing them wrong. Read the instructions inside the box or get tampons specifically for teens.

[ TiNKERBELLxo's advice column | Ask TiNKERBELLxo A Question

4M4ND4 answered Thursday July 1 2004, 4:29 pm:
when you inset a tampon, it isnt soposed to hurt and if it does hurt that means you put it in wrong. try sitting in a comfortable position when you insert it, like on the toilet seat with your legs open.

[ 4M4ND4's advice column | Ask 4M4ND4 A Question

xoTiNKERBELL answered Thursday July 1 2004, 4:28 pm:
No, tampons are not supposed to hurt unless you are wearing them wrong.

[ xoTiNKERBELL's advice column | Ask xoTiNKERBELL A Question

aglassbox answered Thursday July 1 2004, 4:25 pm:
No tampons are not supposed to hurt...and if you can't walk in them maybe you need to stop wearing them. I mean Heavy bleeding is just something you get and I really don't think healthy food would make your bleeding lighter..But it might help cramps a never know so try it.

[ aglassbox's advice column | Ask aglassbox A Question

KoTaKiTtAy44 answered Thursday July 1 2004, 3:54 pm:
no they arent usually supposed to hurt unless you insert them the wrong way..which happens a lot becuase the first time that i tried tampons i put them in the wrong way and it hurt like hell! lol but all you ahve to do is read the instructions on the pice of paper that is inside the tampon box and you will learn how to put them in. and i dont think that what you eat or how much you eat can change the amount of blood you bleed..but im not fo sho
*hope i helped*! <3/Dakota

[RaTe Me PlEaSe]

[ KoTaKiTtAy44's advice column | Ask KoTaKiTtAy44 A Question

CheapChineseFood answered Thursday July 1 2004, 3:26 pm:
I've never heard of eating habits affecting your flow, but I could be wrong on that one, don't hold me against it. I actually have the same problem as you, but I know I can't use them, so I therefore don't. BUT, I know this for a fact. If the tampon hurts, you aren't using it right. Meaning you could be inserting it wrongly. Everyone hates wearing pads, but it is a brutal fact of a girl's life. But, about the healthier eating habits, that is a GOOD thing to adopt anyway because eating healthier can improve your skin, and will mantain your weight, and won't bloat you as much.

[ CheapChineseFood's advice column | Ask CheapChineseFood A Question

S_C answered Thursday July 1 2004, 2:51 pm:
Tampons shouldn't hurt unless they have been inserted incorrectly.
Although, for some people, they just never seem to be comfortable. It could be that you're too small/too tight and just can't handle them or any other reasons.

I highly doubt that what you eat would effect the outcome of your period. I'm sure if that was true than many girls would be a whole lot healthier (or at least while on their period).

[ S_C's advice column | Ask S_C A Question

XxNoxReGrEtSxXx answered Thursday July 1 2004, 2:37 pm:
Tampons don't hurt unless it's not in right! Make sure it's in right! Blah pads suck don't wear them! I am not sure about eating food to make it lighter, but I know excersise and moving around is the best thing to do when you have your period!

[ XxNoxReGrEtSxXx's advice column | Ask XxNoxReGrEtSxXx A Question

accolade answered Thursday July 1 2004, 2:16 pm:
no, tampons are NOT suposed to hurt. you're just putting them in wrong. make sure that when you insert it, you can't see any of it but the string. sometimes it hurts when you're putting it in, but once it's in place, it should hurt at all.

[ accolade's advice column | Ask accolade A Question

Kissxme1121 answered Thursday July 1 2004, 1:58 pm:
Tampons don;t hurt unless it's not in right! Make sure it's in right! Blah pads suck don't wear them! I am not sure about eating food to make it lighter, but I know excersise and moving around is the best thing to do when you have your period!
good luck and rate me plz hun!

[ Kissxme1121's advice column | Ask Kissxme1121 A Question

sexichickxoxo answered Thursday July 1 2004, 1:58 pm:
hey wen u put on ur tampon does blood still come thro cuase if it does then u dont have it in right ...and if u do have it in right u can have a infection with ur womanly functions inside ur body see a doctor or ask ur mom maybe she knows more or u can maybe find soemthing about it online hope i helped

[ sexichickxoxo's advice column | Ask sexichickxoxo A Question

MFS answered Thursday July 1 2004, 1:56 pm:
Regarding the eating habits:
Diet can potentially have an effect on that, but you're better off talking to a doctor about that... in particular an OB/GYN instead of a general practitioner. There are so many factors that can effect your period and how it behaves that I doubt you'll get anthing close to an accurate answer from anyone on this site. Seriously, talk to a doctor about that.

I will not even pretend to be able to tell you about tampons - other than it might have to do with your body shape. Others have given some good advice in this question already on that one.

[ MFS's advice column | Ask MFS A Question

AdNaMa answered Thursday July 1 2004, 1:56 pm:
maybe its the brand of tampon your using what brand is it ? I kno that when i use playtex gentel glides.. they dont gently glide in I have to use pearl i am proud to say im a PEARL GIRL .. or maybe it's because you might not be sexually active and in that case its going to hurt i fyour using the wrong size.. some people cant use them until they loose their virginty.. hope i helped rate me if you can!!!

[ AdNaMa's advice column | Ask AdNaMa A Question

HollyAnn2282 answered Thursday July 1 2004, 1:55 pm:
Maybe your not putting the tampon in right. Because it shouldnt be like that! and about eating healthy would make you bleed lighter, thats probably a question your going to have to ask your doctor or someone. Good luck with the whole tampon thing... Hope things get better
Hope I helped

[ HollyAnn2282's advice column | Ask HollyAnn2282 A Question

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