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If toast always lands butter-side down

Question Posted Sunday October 12 2003, 10:15 am

If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast to a cat and drop it? My first friend said that the cat would eat the toast. My 2nd friend wanted to know what kind of toast: rye, or sourdough, and when I said it was regular white bread, she bit me. I said that the cat and toast would be sucked into a rift in the space-time continuum and the world would end. Who is right?

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whataweirdo answered Thursday September 1 2005, 5:15 pm:
thats a really weird question and i dont think i can answer that but was wondering how would strap a cat to a piece of toast?

[ whataweirdo's advice column | Ask whataweirdo A Question

Sporkster answered Sunday December 7 2003, 9:50 pm:
None of you. My rabid anti-bleach socks ate the cat... and the toast. You all lose! Ha ha ha ha!

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evilgogeta answered Monday December 1 2003, 3:31 am:
The cat would scratch you to pieces for even trying to attatch toast to it.

[ evilgogeta's advice column | Ask evilgogeta A Question

Trueflight answered Saturday October 18 2003, 5:10 pm:
Well, it really all depends on weight... if the mass of the toast is not equal to that of the cat, then the cat will win. Unless, of course, you used Wonderbread.

[ Trueflight's advice column | Ask Trueflight A Question

Belgand answered Saturday October 18 2003, 4:41 am:
This is addressed in more detail <a href="[Link](Mouse over link to see full location);

Ultimately though the problem is not one of science, but mathematics and some science. The <a href="[Link](Mouse over link to see full location) of Improbable Research</a> found that cats tend to land on their feet when dropped on their back... unless the drop distance is exceptionally short.

So having established that a cat will not <i>always</i> land on its feet we turn to the issue of the buttered toast. The folk-wisdom nature of this notwithstanding this is still an issue of probability. Surely buttered toast falls buttered side-up sometimes? It is merely much more probable that it does not since it has been proven that bad things are more probable than good things. Thus instead of being a perfect 1:1 ratio it becomes skewed in favor of the butter side.

It is therefore not necessary for either the cat to land on its feet nor the toast to fall butter side down. Thus, the cat/toast array must implode.

[ Belgand's advice column | Ask Belgand A Question

Maplesyrup answered Friday October 17 2003, 8:27 pm:
It rolls around so you can't tell which one landed first, and when you quit trying to see it the cat stops rolling, it stops rolling.

[ Maplesyrup's advice column | Ask Maplesyrup A Question

downwithhydrogen answered Friday October 17 2003, 11:33 am:
This is an interestng dilemma, and several things could happen. However, if we were to write, say, a program trying to demonstrate this, you'd never get as far as the execution stage. The compiler would zap you where you stood for the contradiction. Either that or you might end up sending it into some sort of infinite loop, in which case, neither the cat nor the butter would ever hit the ground. Personally, I like the infinite loop theory.

[ downwithhydrogen's advice column | Ask downwithhydrogen A Question

MissNiceness answered Thursday October 16 2003, 7:32 pm:
I agree with the second friend...the type of bread will matter.

[ MissNiceness's advice column | Ask MissNiceness A Question

dolphinlover answered Monday October 13 2003, 8:19 am:
If you strap toast to a cat and drop it, you will never find out what happens. PETA will bust through your door and haul you away and force you to view 18 hours of animal kindness videos.

[ dolphinlover's advice column | Ask dolphinlover A Question

Valdis answered Sunday October 12 2003, 5:17 pm:
i used to think the cat would spin uncontrolably until it explodes covering everyone in cat and buttered bread.
but then i actually tried this experiment. i don't think the bread was tied very well though. the results were the cat landed on it's feet and the bread fell off and landed butter side down.

[ Valdis's advice column | Ask Valdis A Question

chocolatenutbar answered Sunday October 12 2003, 4:36 pm:
I think the cat would scratch/bite anybody who tried to strap toast to its back.

Or it would fall on it's side.

[ chocolatenutbar's advice column | Ask chocolatenutbar A Question

spacefem answered Sunday October 12 2003, 10:16 am:
The cat would land butter-side down.

[ spacefem's advice column | Ask spacefem A Question

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