What happens when you run a red light and there's a red light camera? I don't know if I ran it right when it turned red or what because I apparently wasn't thinking. Will they send a ticket home? Will I have to go to court? How much will it be? Will I get my license taken away?

I'm 17 and just got my license this August. I haven't had any tickets - I just got pulled over once because the light above my license plate was out but the police officer just let me go.

If you ran a red light with a camera, you will get the ticket in the mail along with the pictures of you, your car, license plate, etc. that it took when you ran the red light.

If it does happen, you'll have to pay a fine. They won't take your license away though. Inquire though if you can take traffic school instead of having to pay for it. Since that's always a good alternative too and it'll keep your record clean.


I gues sthe title pretty much says it all but just in case: I want to kinda do as much of my christmas shopping in one shot so I am looking for a complete list of all the stores that are having Black Friday Sales so that I can pick and choose the one with the most christmas presents for my list.

You can only camp out outside one store overnight so I want to pick wisely and not miss out on the best deals.

Thank you!


They organize all the Black Friday deals very well there, separated by store. I believe they have a list of the sales and actual scans of the ads with the deals.

Good luck with the search and shopping!


I'm 17 and my boyfriend's 16. Can I run into any legal trouble when I turn 18?
(I live in the US, by the way)

As Rahzie said, it varies per state. Also there is what they call the "Romeo and Juliet Clause" which gives a 3-year buffer zone if you're 18. Essentially, if your state has this clause and you're 18 and he's 16 or 17, it's fine. This'll give you the age of consent for pretty much near everywhere in the world including each US state:


Hope that could be of some help!


Okay, so i'm getting a new digital camera. It's between these two:

1.)Casio - EXILIM 10.1-Megapixel Digital Camera
2.) Nikon - Coolpix 10.0-Megapixel Digital Camera

The thing is, with both some people hate them and some people love them... So does anyone have either of these?

Also is there a site where professionals evaluate these cameras?

Both the Exilim and Coolpix series of cameras are excellent and rank pretty high for a lot of digital camera owners. I don't own either, but if you want to read reviews of both cameras check out:


they have reviews for all sorts of electronics and most all brands of digital cameras. Good luck!


Don't mean to be rude or dirty, i'm just curious.

Why do some women like being licked out?
I am a women but I never been licked out be4 nor do I want to be.
Both genders can repond.

Besides the excellent points made below, the majority of women can only climax through clitoral stimulation and not intercourse. So going down on a girl is really the best way (and most of the time only way) to make her cum.

Hope I could be of help!


nineteen, female.

why is it that i always fall for the players who always cheat on their girlfriends? why am i always so attracted to them, when i know that if i ever got close to them that there going to end up hurting me! i just dont know why i go for them, i do not think cheating is rigth in ANY way, but yet i still like the ones who do it to others? it doesnt make sense to me, yet it happens all the time

To elaborate on what Matt said, yeah, chaotic situations related to a significant male in your past has probably programmed your brain to be attracted to these sorts of guys.

You know it's wrong and you know you don't like it. So why don't you get with someone that's the total opposite (a gentleman that will treat you well) and when you start experiencing that, it may be easier. It might be a challenge though and you might have to force yourself. Just give it time and go for it or else if you keep going with the guys you get with now, it'll could only lead to horrible situations in the future. You want to avoid that as much as possible. Good luck!


so me and my boyfriend decided to get each other names tattooed on each other but i have a tatt on one wrist and neck already! i was wondering where would be a cute place for us to get them?? oh yea i also have a lil pudgey tummy so not there !
thanks =]

This is an idea that can only lead to regret. Maybe try to think of symbols for each other or something that's less obvious and less embarrassing if/when it doesn't work out. Even if you were married, I wouldn't suggest it. I always thought name tattoos are best saved for if you have kids or in memorial of a loved one that's passed. that's about it.

as far as a place, there's always your ankle or your hip bone (below the stomach)


how does community college work? do people choose a major or something?

and how do ppl at universitys with random majors find jobs? like, if you major in anthropology and sociology?

Community Colleges help take care of the general education part of your college life (essentially the first 2 years) and also let's you take some intro classes that will ultimately be requirements towards your major should you choose to transfer to a university or college. You can choose a major and meet with an academic adviser at the College to instruct you on what classes you need to take in order to transfer. Or even if you don't have a major, the academic advisers can help you narrow down a choice.

Ultimately, you can't get a Bachelor's Degree without finishing your studies at a university. You can obtain an Associate's Degree though in Community College. It is also typically easier to transfer from a Community College to a University than going to a University straight from high school.

As far as how people who study at Universities find jobs related to their major, a lot of them get internships from school and that gets them started in their field. References from any mentors or professors are a big boost too.

Hope I could be of help!


I'm 15, I'm a girl, I'm in love with a 28 year old man, he is in love with me, we have never done anything, not even kissed, but we go on dates and meet up about 3 or 4 times a week.

Is this wrong? And does he just want sex? Because that is what I'd normally think, but we've been dating a few months and he's never so much as suggested anything. And we were friends for ages before that too. I don't know what to do.

And I know I'm young, and people say I'm to young to be in love, but I've never felt like this before.

There is nothing normal, right, or safe about this situation. There is something honestly wrong with a man that age going after a girl as young as you. you need to drop this guy now and stay away. Most people will expect someone who preys on young girls to be clearly sketchy and obviously dangerous, but that's not the case at all. Obviously, they're there to win your trust over. They know you're impressionable. So they will manipulate you. He is manipulating your feelings so that you will let him into your life and get close to you.

No matter what, do not get yourself involved with this man in any way, shape or form.


Ok I have written about my problem here like yesterday and I am worried that with the server moving yesterday that it got deleted or what. Anyway the problem was that I am not able to move out yet of my parents house cause the immigration has not grant my citizenship yet so I can not go to college of apply for a job. they told me that there are some college here in Vegas that will accept me but I have not found one yet. I am just worried cause lately they have been acting like I was the one disrespectful when in reality she does not know how disrespectful I think her boyfriend is too me. And I am mad that she would believe what he has to say about me. I dont even think he should talk about me like that. Last year my mom had threatened to leave me by myself and I cried and told her how you are the only chance that I could be able to get a job. And she is going to tell me that. My whole family seems to have turned on me. And it hurts that they dont understand me. Here I am in a major crisis and they can't listen. So much for them saying they love me and care for me. They love and care for that lying man not me then huh. The hell with them if I could get a job I would have moved away already. I have the most difficult situation. And just to let you know I am a filipino like you.

Who says you can't get a job or move out yet just because you aren't a citizen yet? I assume if you're awaiting your citizenship then you're already a resident/legal immigrant, no?

I don't quite understand what your mother's boyfriend is doing to upset you or make you the bad person in this situation. But have you tried talking to your mom one-on-one? You two are probably not communicating properly and something is causing tension that you need to clear up with her.

I really don't know what else to say since I don't know more.

Do you not have any friends or anyone in your family who is close who isn't against you who can be there for support? You probably should seek someone too to be on your side and have them back you up. It might help more.

Good luck


hi, i just got a new laptop and i was wondering if there was any way i could transfer my itunes library from my computer and a friends itunes library from her computer both onto my laptop?
does anyone know if you could do this or how to do it? thanks!!

Your best bet would either be an external HD that you can swap between computers or burn the data (song files) on a DVD as a data disk.

Now, if your computers are all Apple, there is a way to wirelessly connect and trade files that way too but it's not very fast if you're transferring a lot.


Hi, basically I'm a big believer in the CD experience, aka I like buying physical CDs, and not buying music over the Internet. If I pirate something (I pirate a lottt) I'll often times burn an album to a blank CD to play in my car, and that's where my issue is. I have probably 20 CDs floating around in my car now, and it's getting to be a drag finding them when I want them. I'm starting to consider getting a tape adapter to put in my car so I can just play the music off of my Zune, but I feel like I'll be bailing on the CD experience. I know if I buy one I'll just be buying CDs for the rip to my computer then basically discarding them as far as actually using them, and I feel sort of bad about that. Should I just buckle down and buy a tape adapter, or should I be the pure music lover that still believes in playing the physical CD?

I don't have a CD player in my car so i've no choice but to use an adapter for my iPod in my car. Even then, most of the music listening I do is on my computer. So, i'll buy CDs, rip 'em and put 'em away. I look at it like this, I bought the CD,I helped the artist, and I have it for my collection. On top of that, I don't have to worry about cracked cases or scratched CDs.

As a "pure music lover" would you really want to put your CDs through the wear and tear of being played in a car, potentially getting scratched, stolen, warped, etc? On the other hand, you already have a good amount of your collection on your Zune i'm sure. No need to fuss around with all those CDs plus the sound it still pretty great (depending on how HQ your rips are).

You'll be doing your CDs a favor by not lugging them around with you and/or leaving them in your car.


i heard from someone that nick hogan spent a long time in a confinement cell..

i cant really find out WHAT he did..

so does anyone know?

Basically him and his best friend were riding together and street racing. He lost control of the car and totaled it leaving his friend completely brain dead. The sad thing is they were stopped twice by police for speeding just minutes before but Nick Hogan is such a big shot down there that they pretty much just gave him a warning twice and let him go.

So, he was locked up for being found guilty on a few felonies including reckless driving and having a blood alcohol level illegal for someone under 21.

Don't make the same mistake he did. Be safe out there on the road, brother!


i was thinking about getting the new blackjack 2 cell phone from Samsung.

so to anyone who has it..can anyone give me a review on it??

If not, can you point me to some good reviews on the net?

Thank you!

I've had the Blackjack 2 well over a year and i'm very happy with it. It's a really reliable smartphone plus they just added a YouTube application for it. It's pretty sweet! I mean it doesn't have as many apps as the iPhone, but it's decent.

Make sure you get one with the most updated version of Windows Mobile on it because they've upgraded a lot since it first came out.

Good luck!


I tried to search Google for Michael Jackson information yesterday and it said something about me being spyware or something! What is going on? I just searched about Michael Jackson since he died and I was so shocked and Google wouldn't let me! What's going on? How do I get my spyware off?!

You don't have spyware. That's an error message that comes up on google whenever their server is overloaded on a search. You're not the only one interested in googling Michael Jackson.


That's an article about the recent overloads due to Michael Jackson search queries.


hey what are some songs with a male and female singer? like singing at the same time. alternativish. kinda like "Falling Slowly" by Glan hansard or "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" by snow patrol? i think they are really pretty

Damien Rice's "O" album has a lot of songs like that. Check out the song "Volcano". Very similar to The Swell Season's (Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard) stuff


so, i'm 18/f. theres this guy i work with who's 24. and we've been kinda dating the past couple weeks. nothing serious or exclusive because i'm going to college 4 hours away in the fall and because my on & off relationship with my ex of 3 years ended again just a few months ago, so i'm not completely ready for something new, but we talk everyday, hangout, hug, kiss, basically act like a couple so i guess you'd just call it a casual thing. it started out with flirting at work and then facebook to texting to here we are.

but, sometimes the age difference kinda worries me. i'll be 19 before he's 25, and i know everyone says it but i am pretty mature for my age compared to some people. i realize he's older and farther in life... he's done the college thing, he's a marine, and he's been married [and divorced bc she cheated on him]. BUT at the same time we get along really well, and i have a pretty rough past with guys which he knows about, and he's assured me time and time again he'd never do something like that. he tells me he sincerely likes me and cares a lot about me and does things that show it. we're not having sex and won't be anytime soon so i'd like to think i'm not just a bootycall.

my mom knows about him and says to just be careful and make sure he's a good guy. my friends think there must be something wrong with him that he can't get a girl his own age and instead goes for an 18 year old.. but i'm sure he COULD get a girl his own age. a lot of girls closer to his age at work like him and i'm the youngest girl he's ever been into. i said i'd never date anyone over 21 MAYBE 22 but here i am. in a way i see where my friends are coming from but at the same time i don't want to just brush him off because he's a little older than me, especially when he's given me no concerns or suspicions about his intentions. i have a good head on my shoulders and know to be careful, my guard is definitely up [as it is with any guy] and any signs of strange behavior and i'm gone, but i'd like some advice from the outside world... any ideas?

In a lot of cases, guys do get depicted as pretty skeezy for going out with a younger girl especially a guy in his mid 20s and a girl in her teens. But, that's to blame on legit skeezy guys in their 20s that go after teens because they're young and impressionable.

This isn't the case for your situation at all and he seems like a legit good guy who's respectful of you. It's very similar to my situation with my girlfriend (the columnist who answered previously to me). We're 7 years apart but go together very well. Expect minor hitches here and there due to the age difference when it comes to outlook on things. But, I mean if you get along well in the large scope of things, then you can overcome those moments.

Admittedly, my girlfriend is mature for her age in some ways and I am a little immature in some ways for my age. So we even out and meet in the middle.

As long as you don't feel totally alienated and un-rateable to him and vice versa (which doesn't seem like the case) don't worry about a thing. Just go with what makes you happy.


yeah so im a girl and im in the 8th grade and i have this serious medical condition! everytime i take a dump, hemroids come out! do u recommend a special doctor? i dont know what to do! ahhh help!

Your probably straining your muscles there too much. Go see a doctor and ask about it. In the meantime too drink lots of water and buy a fiber supplement to increase your fiber intake. It should help ease things in a few days. Also, try not to strain too much when you use the toilet as that causes the irritation.


For Christmas I got a new Vivitar 5100. I was really happy and ready to take pictures. When I was done I installing the CD i couln't find where to get the pictures and videos. The manual says something about a Removable Disk. What I'm asking is where do I find the pictures and what is a removable disk and where do I find it?

If you don't have a memory card reader for the camera's memory card you can plug the camera in via USB. When you plug it in, you'll notice a new icon pop up on your desktop or in your My Computer menu (whether you're on a Mac or PC) and the camera will show up looking like a disk drive. That's probably what it referred to as a removable disk. So you can go into that folder and sometimes there will be subfolders in it, but the pictures and videos should be in there somewhere. Then you just drag and drop the pictures you want on your computer to your computer's Hard Drive.

I'm not too sure about the Vivitar 500, but most cameras you don't have need to use their install CDs (it's mostly software from them that they want you to use). You can just plug the camera in directly to the USB and it'll show up from there as a removable disk drive (as mentioned above).

That should hopefully do the trick for ya.


i was just wondering where can you buy a vibrator? i am in college now and was hoping to get one because i've just dumped a two-timer and am a bit, er... horny. i was also wondering how it works exactly, do you know? thanks =)

Internet, Porn Shop, your local Spencer's gift, or just go to a department store and pick up a massager. lol. Go to a website that specializes in these items and you'll get a good idea how they work



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