Hi, basically I'm a big believer in the CD experience, aka I like buying physical CDs, and not buying music over the Internet. If I pirate something (I pirate a lottt) I'll often times burn an album to a blank CD to play in my car, and that's where my issue is. I have probably 20 CDs floating around in my car now, and it's getting to be a drag finding them when I want them. I'm starting to consider getting a tape adapter to put in my car so I can just play the music off of my Zune, but I feel like I'll be bailing on the CD experience. I know if I buy one I'll just be buying CDs for the rip to my computer then basically discarding them as far as actually using them, and I feel sort of bad about that. Should I just buckle down and buy a tape adapter, or should I be the pure music lover that still believes in playing the physical CD?

I don't have a CD player in my car so i've no choice but to use an adapter for my iPod in my car. Even then, most of the music listening I do is on my computer. So, i'll buy CDs, rip 'em and put 'em away. I look at it like this, I bought the CD,I helped the artist, and I have it for my collection. On top of that, I don't have to worry about cracked cases or scratched CDs.

As a "pure music lover" would you really want to put your CDs through the wear and tear of being played in a car, potentially getting scratched, stolen, warped, etc? On the other hand, you already have a good amount of your collection on your Zune i'm sure. No need to fuss around with all those CDs plus the sound it still pretty great (depending on how HQ your rips are).

You'll be doing your CDs a favor by not lugging them around with you and/or leaving them in your car.


hey what are some songs with a male and female singer? like singing at the same time. alternativish. kinda like "Falling Slowly" by Glan hansard or "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" by snow patrol? i think they are really pretty

Damien Rice's "O" album has a lot of songs like that. Check out the song "Volcano". Very similar to The Swell Season's (Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard) stuff


My brother really likes Snoop Dogg and I thought I might buy him some albums or something for him since his birthday is coming up. I figured I might buy something from his rap group, too (if he is actually in one of these band type things), but then I got to thinking...is he in a rap group type thing or is is strictly solo?

Eminem is in D12
50 Cent is in G Unit
Dr. Dre is in NWA
Snoop Dogg is in ???

Well he does have some side projects like 213 which is him, Nate Dogg, and Warren G. He also has a group of protégés he calls Tha Dogg Pound that he used to do songs with.


I'm 13 and I never played a guitar before, and I'm planning to start having lessons now, but the problem is I can't decide if I should learn acoustic guitar or electric guitar. Money is not really a problem, but hopefully not too expensive.
Can anyone tell me more about acoustic guitar and electric guitar? Like how long do I have to learn it for, or the difficulty of it.

I learned on an electric, but everyone tells me an acoustic is a better start. With the typically wider fretboard it gets your fingers all stretched and adjusted. After learning on an acoustic, picking up and playing an electric will feel like a breeze.

As far as how long you have to learn and difficulty, that's all up to you. Practicing with a teacher or in a class is one thing, but it's all in how much time you take practicing on your own. If you're really dedicated, you might find yourself teaching yourself new things in time after learning the basics. It all depends on what kind of guitarist you want to be. Lastly, challenge yourself. Once something you've learned starts becoming less of a challenge (even if you haven't completely flawlessly perfected it) get yourself started on something harder.

These are all tips i've learned along the way from teachers and players of many different levels and skill.

Hope I could be of help! Best of luck!


What is it about stevie wonder that catches so many peoples hearts and minds for so many years I have been listening since the 60s and never ever get tired of hearing him and when you hear that he is gonna be playing get excited what is that not much excites me?

I enjoy the sounds of Stevie on occasion, but not everyone would feel the same way. That's the great part about music though. It can hit someone uniquely different than anyone else. Steve Wonder's music seems to move you a lot. That's a good thing. Good music is anything that moves you, I say.


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