im 16 and i got my lisense in feb.
i had for 2 monthes now
my moms friend says she thinks the law says i have to wait a year untill i can drive my 8 year old sister around
is that true or can i drive my sis whenever i want

It depends on the state law. There certainly are restrictions in some states on how old you can be to be driving around small children. Your best bet is to check your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website. They will have all the info you need. Good luck!


I'm 21/f. I was having a fight with my boyfriend (23/m, not that it matters) the other night because he's convinced he needs to be medicated for depression - he has been before, but he isn't acting the way he did when he had to be medicated before. Out of curiosity, I looked up a checklist for ten depression symptoms just to see if I could identify the ones he's said he was feeling, and instead I identified 7/10 that I'M feeling.
* A persistent sad, anxious or "empty" mood
* Sleeping too little or sleeping too much
* Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased appetite and weight gain
* Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed
* Restlessness or irritability
* Persistent physical symptoms that don't respond to treatment
* Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
* Fatigue or loss of energy
* Feeling guilty, hopeless or worthless
* Thoughts of death or suicide

1. I'm constantly anxious - I thought it was because I have a lot on my plate, but it never seems to go away.
2. I have serious sleep problems that no one can seem to fix - my anxiety interferes with my sleep, too. I've been taking ambien for awhile in hopes that I'll eventually retrain my body (I have almost perfect sleep habits), but every time I don't take it, I wake up every 45 minutes - 1 hour, feeling like I missed an exam, and having to calm myself back down.
3. I have absolutely no appetite lately. I used to be anorexic, but I got past that. I had trouble getting 2,000 calories a day, but I got by and I was eating every 3 hours, and all that. I'm normally adamant about eating the right things at the right time, but recently I just don't get hungry, and I always feel like crap. I can see that I've lost weight.
4. I got a guitar in July. I used to play it 5 or more hours a day, and go running every day, but I have no desire to do either of those things. I also define myself as a singer, and I have no desire to sing, or write, as I also used to do constantly.
5. I can't seem to remember anything lately. I'll go to work in the morning, and by that night, I'll forget that I was at work earlier. I feel like I'm in a fog.
6. I have absolutely no energy lately. I started drinking caffeine after months of staying away from it because I felt like I was utterly incoherent without some boost. I used to be an extremely high-energy person, and I'm realizing now that all I ever want to do is lay down and do nothing.
7. I've been getting really bad headaches for months, and nothing I do, no pain pills I take, make them go away. I thought it was from PMDD (I have that too, but there's no way I'm having those issues month-long...) I also started drinking caffeine because of these. When I was anorexic, I got headaches from lack of nutrients, but these are different. When I was in high school, I slept 2.5 - 5 hours a night on purpose, and got sleep deprivation headaches, but again, these are different. I liked the way I felt when I was running on adrenaline because I never had enough "real" energy to function.

I don't feel sad, really. I don't feel worthless, I don't want to die...I'm just...tired. I dunno.
Is there a way I can combat this feeling? I have no motivation, and I miss the person I was in high school. I refuse to take medication - I have crohn's and I'm on medication for the rest of my life to begin with. I don't want any more.

Has anyone had any experience with this? =(

Maybe you're just in an emotional slump? I've kind of been in the same situation too and get in the same rut a couple times a year. It takes one thing to throw you off-track and next thing you know, you start to notice other things off and that aren't the same. You lose morale and motivation and you just feel like you've changed and don't like it.

This is how i've felt a bit lately and it sounds the same for you. Also, do you think the stress of this argument with your boyfriend and the potential of him going back on depression medication affecting you as well?

You may be depressed, but I don't think it's enough to turn to medicine and I think it's good you're assessing the situation. Some people are way to quick to jump to the solutions of medicine before thinking if their problem is severe enough for it.

I think you need to start one by one on things and you'll find a chain reaction will occur.

-Maybe, going for a short walk when you first wake up or when you get home from bed or before bed will help you calm down and relax. Even if it's just around the block or even to the corner and back. Bring a mp3 player for musical motivation. It'll get endorphins going and perk you up (hey, that's the body's natural anti-depression dosage!).

-Cutting back on the caffeine is next. Caffeine is addictive and it might be hard to stop. Maybe get a caffeine free 5-Hour Energy Shot for the energy boost. But, getting those chemicals out of your system may make you feel a lot better.

-For even more energy, maybe change up your diet. Have more vegetables and protein and less carbs and startches as those can make you groggy.

-Try to make yourself pick up the guitar even just for 5 minutes in a day. Sit down, strum some chords, play a song that feels good to play.

These are just some things that come to mind. It's the baby steps that matter. But you're gonna have to give yourself a big kick in the pants to start. But that's the best part. "Oh, i'm too tired from work" you say? Tell yourself it's a mere 5 minutes of guitar playing. A short walk to the corner and back. Pass on that burger for a chicken salad. Even if these are little tasks, they're tasks you can feel good about that you did. You pushed yourself even just a little bit in the day to do something even after working and feeling pooped. It'll give you a sense of accomplishment and hopefully you can build it up from there.

It's all about builiding morale and it doesn't take a giant leap. Just built up to it. Heck, I feel motivated just after typing all this up.

You can't just wish for something. You must do. So, force yourself if you must to spare that small amount of time. It may just make a world of difference.

I hope I didn't sound like some corny motivational speaker or something. I really believe these steps can help.

Best of luck!


I'm going to a club, and I've never been to one before. I was wondering, how many 1's do I take? I don't want to run out, but I also don't want to show up with a ridiculous amount of money lol. I was thinking 20-30 at most?

Don't worry about dollar bills. You can get change at the club. If you're planning on getting a dance or something, those can vary between $20-$50. If you just want to do the usual strip club thing and watch at a dancer on stage, $20-$30 should be more than enough. Worse comes to worse, these places typically have ATMs inside too.

Don't get yourself too addicted though! Remember, they're job is to try to get as much money out of you as possible and they'll sweet talk you however they can to get it out of you.

Good luck and have fun.


if i major in criminal justice to be a criminal/forensic investigator.. what classes should i look into for my freshman year at college?

Usually, the first 2 years of college are best spent taking your Lower Division classes. These are the all around classes that everyone's required to take (Math, English, Science, Social Sciences, etc) and entry level classes to the more advanced classes related to your major. That's really what you gotta try to crank out within those first 2 years.

You should meet with an academic counselor in your school to talk more about what classes towards your concentration you need to take. Each specific college/school has their own set of academic counselors there to help you out with anything you need. Definitely meet them to form a study plan.

Also, if your school site has a personalized Student Online Portal, explore it because it'll usually have advanced info on your required classes and stuff.

Hope I could be of help!


well i haven't done this recently, but i'd go on porn websites and stuff, and get porn from limewire and whatever.
and my mom said that she might just start taking our computers in to check for that stuff, so is there any way i can delete all of it somehow??
i have a mac if that does anything.
please let there be a way!
because i was just being stupid when i went there.
oh man.
and this is a new laptop and...i dunno.
it doesn't really get pop ups so i can't blame it on that.
ugh. oh my god.
what can i do.

All you have to do is go into your limewire downloads folder and delete all the malicious files. Also go into your web browser's preferences and delete your internet history.

If you're using Firefox, if you click on "Tools" on the menu, there's an option that says "Clear Private Data" which should do the trick.

Aside from that, go to Spotlight file search (it's the magnifying glass on the top right corner) and search for .mpg .wmv .avi files and see if it still pulls up your porn movies (or search for .jpg and .gif) if you downloaded pictures and if nothing comes up, they're completely gone.

What's good is you have a Mac. It's not as easy to search and dig through (speaking about files that have already been deleted) and try to bring back deleted things. Especially if she goes to just a regular computer store. Even if she takes it to the Apple store, I doubt they'll fart around more than with just a file search if they even do it.

You should be good and shouldn't have to reformat.

Good luck, man!


Well you see I was born in Australia, but I'm a syrian citizen (because my father is syrian)

But I live in Egypt.

Well I want to know If i want to go and live with my half brother in Australia would that be possible?

My parents are divorced and both are kind of abusive and they don't care if i don't live with them. I'm 14 years old and my Brother is 25

I have two uncles, one unte and my grandmother, and two half brothers live there, and they are Australian citizen.

I'm not sure it's possible for me to be a citizen i seriously have no clue, so I want to go and live with my half brother and he is alright with it and wants me to live with him, and take full responsibilty, and my parents don't want me to live with them well they can't afford it.

So what can I do to be an australian citizen with this information, I am under 18 so ...

Thanks for any help =]

Since you were born in Australia, it may be pretty easy to regain your citizenship or possibly obtain dual citizenship, if Australia offers it.

Your best option is to contact the Australian Embassy in Egypt. If you can't actually visit, they most likely have an email or telephone number you can contact them at to inquire. You can find the Australian Embassy in Egypt's website here:


Best of luck and I hope I could be of help.

Take care.


I'm majoring in Business, and I've been going to college for 3 years now. This last year I've just been so bored going through the motions. It feels like I'm wasting my life away. I think it's probably good to stay in school, but I'd like to get interested in life again. I'd like to travel but I don't really have the money now.
I'm sure other people have been in the same boat so I wanted to see if anyone had advice on things I could do?

First, I think you should stay in school. You're about one year away from finishing. I stopped school (albeit unintentionally) a couple years ago and concentrated on working with only 3 semesters left. Now, i'm finding it hard to get back into school especially with tuition going up. I can understand how college may get dull for awhile, but you're not too far from the finish. It's a small sacrifice to make in exchange for the fulfilling feeling of getting your degree.

There are some things you can do to maybe mix it up and keep yourself from feeling like you're going through the motions (while being easy on your pocket):

-Take a lighter load of coursework or even just take a whole semester off. It won't de-rail your plans too much. Consider it an extended mental health break. Take drives and explore places in your local area (shouldn't be too harsh on the gas tank). Maybe get a fun seasonal or part-time job to make some money that you can save up for a vacation of sorts.

-Mix it up and take a random, fun class that might bring a new excitement to coming to school. I know University tuition is kind of high so the local community college might be a good place to go to.

I know exactly how you feel and have done all of the above at one time or another and they helped me greatly. Just don't lose focus too much where you stop altogether for an extended period. Best of luck!


I have a really good friend. We are basically "online" friends, although we go to the same school. The thing is, he is too shy to talk to me in person, what should I do?

Why not just go up and say hi? Since he's the shy one, maybe you should take the initiative. You don't have to expect an extended conversation like you might have online at first, but maybe it'll get the ball rolling on things. If you're that good of friends, i'm sure you can get him to open up in time in person. :)


I have a goooood canon camera, but everytime I upload videos that I made with it to youtube, the quality looks terrible. Even videos that I use macro on. Why does youtube do this to videos and how can I fix it?

Have you double checked your video settings? Video size and frame rate can have a big impact on the quality.

640x480 is the most ideal video size for youTube videos.

No matter what camera setting you use, it's all about what the video settings are.

You can find a more advanced tutorial here for more YouTube video upload tips:

Hope I could help!


Okay I know this is ver t commonly asked but I'm curious.when your making out with someone what exactly do you do. I mean when he sticks his tongue in your mouth do you just basically rub them together or is there more to it. And if you never done it before are you usually bad at it?

People have different approaches to things. It's all about what's comfortable with you and your partner, and let me stress that if you're uncomfortable with anything your partner's doing or how they're doing it, let them know. If you're new to it, don't fear about being bad. As long as you have an idea of how it works and can work off your partner, it'll be all right.

Making out doesn't always have or need to involve tongue. Alternating between deep kisses and light pecks is nice. Being playful can be good too. This is an especially good start if it's your first time.

If tongue does get involved, i've always been against what I call "porn tongue" which is when someone is just trying to shove their tongue down your mouth and slobbering everywhere. EWW! Go light, just the tip of your tongue, kinda swirling around your partner's. If it gets more heated and deeper then that, then feel free. But start out slow and easy. Practice on a lollipop. That's what someone told me when I was younger!

And finally, don't suffocate each other. Pull back a little to allow air to come in.

You'll figure it out and get it in time with practice. Good luck and good on you for asking around instead of going into these things blindly because that could just sour you on kissing in general. Best of luck!


okay so as we all know christmas is right around the coner and me and my boyfriend have been together going on 9 months i know is not that long but considering im only 17 i think its a while well this is our first christmas together and im so unsure on what to get him i had this same confussion on his 21st birthday and he wouldnt tell what he wanted so he ended up getting nothing..what shold i get him for christmas?

Do you know what his interests are? Sometimes, people ask me what gifts I want for Christmas or my birthday and I can't decide either, although i'll usually tell them my interests and they'll find something along the lines of that, and i'll usually be pretty happy.

Figure out his favorites and stuff that's special for him and get something related to that. Or you could also go to the mall with him and observe closely what he looks at and get an idea from there.

If all else fails, make him something nice. I don't know how artistic you are, but maybe a sweet handmade card, or a picture of you two in a nice frame. I dunno. I'm a romantic guy and appreciate those sentiments more than anything that could be bought.

Hopefully some of those suggestions should help.

p.s. Don't ever resort to a gift card, especially for a significant other. It's tacky. Just be creative!


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