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I have always been the one that my friends came to for advice or just to have a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. To this day I give my advice to those who are in need and I love it.

I am a stay at home mother of 3 boys. I also work from home. My husband is in the Army and I also used to be in the Army. I have so much experience in my life that I feel I can use to help others in times of need.

I have, from the time I was very little, always been a people person. I have always looked for ways to help those in need and I always found that giving my advice seemed to help the most.

Check back later for some testimonials from my friends, they will be posted within the next few days. I hope to get some questions from you all and be able to pass on my experience to you to help you get through the problems that are hard to solve on your own.
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Well, if you read my other questions, you know me and my "bestfriend" both 'like' the same guy, although i don't think she ilkes him. .. but whatever.
So now she's being a complete witch(if you know what i mean) to me. And she doesn't think so. But i know so, everyone says she treats me bad, but she thinks opposite, that I treat her bad.
We've been bestfriends since second grade, and I don't want that to end. But i don't know if i can handle how rude and witchy* she's been to me. I tell her about it, but all she does is 'backfire' it, and say it back to me. HELP! What should i do ? :/ (link)
First of all let me say I know how you feel. I've lost friends over boys and it's the stupidest reason to lose a friend. Don't let a guy come between that kind of relationship. However, if it has and she is refusing to talk to you or doesn't see it your way then I will offer you this advice. SPACE! Sometimes people need space and a lot of it to begin to think clearly. If you continue to bombard her with all this stuff she won't have the time she needs to cool off and get it together, put things into perspective. I'm sure over time she will see that this guy isn't worth losing you over. Good luck =)

Two Terrible Two questions...

Can you explain what the terrible twos are, exactly?
My toddler is not two, yet his behavior makes me wonder if this is what the terrible twos is.

And if it he is experiencing the terrible twos at not yet a year and a half old, do I seriously have this to look forward to for another year?
He's a very sweet boy, but my word, does he have his moments...

Please... Share your experiences and your advice.
I just don't know what to do some days. (link)
OH the toddler years =) I believe them to be some of the funnest years with my kids but also one of the most stressful times in my life as a parent. As a matter of fact I am currently going through this stage with my youngest, except he waited untl he turned 4 to start this stage in his life.

My youngest, Trae, is turning into what I call a "smart mouth brat". Don't get me wrong I absolutely love him with all my heart but to be honest I hate the backtalk,I hate the "thinking he's boss", it drives me up that wall and he does sound exactly like a smart mouth brat ya know?

Here is how I deal with it. Whenever he starts to backtalk me or become disrespectful in anyway, I simply put him in his room. Now keep in mind he is 4 so with a 2 year old I would do time outs. I know a lot of people claim time outs don't work for them but it's simply a matter of sticking to it and following through. Unless there is a possible medical condition, for example my oldest has ADHD so time outs didn't work with him, then a time out for 2 minutes should do the trick. It will take a few times before he starts to understand and connect the the time out to his behavior but it will work.

Just know that this is a phase with every child, at different ages apparently =), and he will get passed it. Keep your head up and keep pressing on.

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